Divi Pre made layouts (pre 3.0.100)


Sometimes we can miss stuff when its no longer there. Because of the new layout Manager in Divi, these layouts are not available in the Divi Theme any more – so, feel free to download and use as you want to on each page using the import function in your divi builder.

If you have access to the Divi Cloud Plugin – all these layouts are now available in the community section

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  1. Randy

    This is very nice of you.
    However, the link to the live preview has gone 404
    And there is no way here to see what’s available.
    I have Divi Cloud (free) and if I think if it when I’m doing something, I’ll look.
    But I’m a visual person so if I see it NOW, I’ll remember it later when I might need it.
    Hope you can make this happen.
    If you do, will you let me know?

    • Andrew Palmer

      Sorry about that, the site we used to host that changed server and the files were nor brought across. However, they are all viewable in the Divi Cloud and you can download them all from here as well.

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