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The only “Coming Soon” plugin for Divi that…

Allows you to grant access to your site through your own custom URL which you set. People you give the custom link to can access the site normally. Everyone else on the internet sees your placeholder page. (no more asking clients or friends for their IP address so you can whitelist it… unless you want to. This plugin does that too.)

Returns proper HTTP headers to the search engines letting them know your site is under construction so you don’t hurt your SEO while you’re building.

How It Works

Design a page on your website to act as your placeholder page. This could be an ‘under construction’ page or a ‘coming soon’ page or any other type of page you’d like to use this plugin for. Maybe you have content you only want people with the custom link to access.

In the plugin settings page, set your newly designed page as the ‘placeholder’ page you’d like to use.

Next, choose how you’d like to grant access to your site. You can create your own custom URL slug so only people with the link can bypass the placeholder page and view the site normally. With the custom URL slug, the user’s browser gets a cookie which allows them to view the site normally until the cookie expires (you can choose when the cookie expires). They can always revisit the custom URL to get re-cookied.

If you prefer the old school way of asking people for their IP addresses and hoping they send you the right one to whitelist, this plugin does that too. You can create a list of IP addresses that can freely access the website normally and bypass the placeholder page.

You also have some additional options such as hiding the header or the footer of the page. For coming soon pages it makes sense to hide the header (and the navigation) but maybe you want to leave the footer intact with your designer credits.


None of the other Coming Soon plugins I found for Divi did anything to protect the SEO of your site (perhaps I just missed them if they’re out there). This plugin returns the proper HTTP headers when the placeholder page is active to let the search engines know that the site is actively being worked on and that they should check back (and not penalize you for the content of your placeholder page.)


This plugin is compatible with both the Divi and Extra themes.


As always, you can expect the same great support I extend for all of my plugins. I want my plugins to be the best they can be so if you find a bug or you’re just having trouble with a plugin, please let me know about it on my support page over at

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  1. Philippe Normandin

    Hello, your plugin is very interesting. I only have one question. I have a little trouble understanding the terms of the license. Can I install this plugin on as many sites as I want with a single license? Thank you for your attention to this message.

    • hello33

      Hi Philippe , thanks for the comment! The license is for unlimited websites, lifetime updates. Hopefully that helps clear things up but let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks again!

  2. Luca


    At the moment it works great, I had already bought DUC of Superfly but this plugin is more complete!
    Keep updating it and I will continue to love you ❤️ ????

    • hello33

      Luca, thanks so much for the comment the kind words! I’m humbled and I appreciate it more than you know and I definitely plan on continuing to update it.

      If you think of any features you’d like to see in the plugin, let me know! I strive to make all of my plugins the best they can be!

      Thanks again!

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