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Divi Anything Popup

$19.00 - $329.00

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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Convert any Section or Row on your page to a Popup with just 1-Click.

This plugin is 100% Visual Builder Compatible.

This plugin is 100% compatible with the Divi Visual builder and really simple to use. However, you won’t preview the Section/Row as Popup in the visual builder. And that’s intentional as you need to view & edit the content of the section/row as you normally do. So in the visual builder, it will remain as it is now but will have additional options to convert the section/row into Popup. Once enabled all the section/row will become popup on the front-end of your website. Easy huh?

A really simple way to create & edit Popup Content directly on the page.

You are not limited to put simple text in your popups or leave the page editor to create your popup content via divi layout and insert it via some hacky shortcode method. You can now create & edit your complex popups directly on the page. You can use any divi modules within it as you create the section as you normally do while creating your pages. The Possibilities are endless.

Plugin’s Main Features:

  • Super easy to use. Fast and furious.
  • Convert any standard divi Section/Row into Popup with 1-click.
  • Advance Trigger Options.
  • Edit your Popup content directly on the Page visually.
  • Use any divi modules within the Popup.
  • Fully responsive and customizable.
  • Visual Builder Compatible.
  • more features to come…

Usage Instructions:

Simply upload and install the plugin. Once activated, you will see an additional option on your divi standard sections/row setting to convert it to popup. Simply enable that and your standard section/row will be converted to popup. There are other options too which are simple and self-explanatory. This plugin is unlimited use and the license is for one year for updates and licensing, after that period you may repurchase at 50% of the original price you paid at the time of checkout.

Check out the use case and simple way to build a pop up. 

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  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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  1. Greg Hadley

    No documentation. Product not even viewable on the developer’s website. Doesn’t work.

  2. Annie Skovgaard Christiansen

    easy enough making the popup but how do you trigger it??? Can’t you just explain instead of me having to download and import things in a clients web site? Please anybody can explain how you do or show me a link to a tutorial?

  3. Matt Southam

    Did you ever work out how to do this? It is what I am trying to do

  4. neoprofessor

    How do I create a link to trigger the pop up? You don’t have a single example. You should really make a better tutorial or provide some docs. Also your plugin always thinks it needs an update, but it is the current version. I need a response fast.

  5. Mike Barker

    I just bought this plugin and can’t find a license key anywhere. The purchase key on the invoice doesn’t work. I can’t find any instructions on the site and can’t find anywhere to put the popup content. Could you not make the process a bit easier? After paying for a plugin I expect at least some instructions to help us get it working without having to go through a complex process of discovery?


    Is there more detailed instructions on how to set up a custom trigger?

  7. Georgi Dimitrov

    can any more detailed instructions (Bottom Right Popup)

  8. Ryan Gromfin

    Can you please let me know how you connect a popup to a button in a different section. You said you have done this and showed us it works in your video, but there is instruction on how to do this.

  9. Greg Allen

    Hi – this looks like a great plugin! My question is about the license. If purchased, what is the recurring yearly fee for, and will the plugin continue to work if not renewed at the end of the year?


    • Andrew Palmer

      Yes, the license is for updates and support so you do not have to renew your subscription if you do not want to.

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