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A reliable, beautiful, easy to use date counter

Date Counter for Divi is the first animated day counter module to be used in the Divi Builder. Count days, weeks or years instead of numbers. The benefits are clear:

  • Seamless integration into Divi Builder
  • Simple installation and ease of use
  • Beautiful animation like the number counter
  • Powerful controls

Simply set the date from or to which to count and Date Counter for Divi will do the rest. The module is fully customizable to your liking. You can:

  • Add titles above and below the counter
  • Add a pre- and suffix to the number
  • Chose what you want to count:
    • seconds or
    • minutes or
    • hours or
    • days or
    • weeks or
    • month or
    • years
  • Select if the start date should be included when counting
  • Use it as a countdown as well

Each part of the counter is fully customizable on its own and we even give you the option to customize  logical groups of the appearance:

  • Use light or dark text color
  • Style the number including prefix and suffix
  • Style the title above the number
  • Style the title below the number

But that is not all. For your convenience, we added custom CSS fields for:

  • Title (Above & Below)
  • Title Above
  • Title Below
  • Number (Prefix & Number & Suffix)
  • Prefix
  • Number
  • Suffix

Of course you can also use the usual Divi Module settings, including:

  • Background Color
  • Backgorund Image
  • Border
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • CSS Classes
  • CSS ID
  • Disable Module on certain device classes

Are you missing something? Having a problem? Do you have questions? Is there a feature you would really love to see in the next update? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Date Counter for Divi is being actively developed.

Are you looking for a feature rich number counter which fixes all the limitations of the Divi Number Counter module? Check out our Better Number Counter for Divi. Or maybe you want to count posts, pages and custom post type? Check out our Post Counter for Divi.

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  1. Rangel

    To make this plugin really different from the native Divi countdown module, it would be the option to configure a message after counting, or even be able to hide the module when reaching zeros! There are a ton of similar requests to this in the Divi forum

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Version 1.4

  • Fixed compatibility for Divi 3.0.53 / Divi Builder 2.0.15

Version 1.3

  • Implemented update mechanism to provide future updates via WordPress Plugin Updater

Version 1.2.0

  • Added support for custom margin
  • Updated settings sections to match the new Divi Builder style
  • Changed name from Day Counter Pro to Date Counter Pro
  • Discarded base version - nobody should settle for less than the best

Version 1.1.0

  • Pro version now has separate advanced style settings for title above and title below the counter
  • Pro version now has separate css settings to address each component (title above, prefix, counter, suffix, title below) as well as combined settings for the titles (above and below) and the counter (prefix, counter and suffix)
  • Counting days is now the default type when creating new counters

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

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