As Divi Super Users we got 
​some fantastic news the other day. 
Elegant Themes opened their own marketplace!

As a consequence we got a number of personal messages that basically said this….
​​ ​”Wait, what – as a Divi Marketplace that has got to be affecting your business!”

Well, as a consequence of the announcement – we actually saw an increase in sales – weird right?  Nope! 

As in the bricks and mortar world of business when a major thing happens like a new restaurant or new curtain shop opens and they are in your niche, generally, sales are either not affected or they slightly increase​​. Its just the way of things. 

​​The simple fact that ET opened their own store has been mooted for about  5 years – literally as soon as Elegant Marketplace was started – so – its not as though we did not expect it. In fact it was so expected that we now offer any WordPress Developer the opportunity to sell their products on our marketplace be they Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder or Gutenberg and even images and other resources. 

As a Marketplace that started off specializing in Divi – we are as excited as anyone that The Divi Team have at last opened a vendor community store – Yes, their criteria for submission is very strict but, they are at last helping vendors with an enhanced API ​that allows better use and knowledge of how the Divi Builder framework actually works – this means that some of our plugins and themes that rely on the Divi Builder will be updated to be fully compatible with the Divi Visual Builder and if they are so obsolete or the vendors cannot update them for any reason, they will be removed from sale in due time. 

As with all businesses, we decided long ago to focus on WordPress as a whole and ​​with the recent acquisition of Elegant Marketplace by InMotion Hosting via Web Ventures we are making some progress in that arena and you will see a lot more WordPress Products being featured in our Marketplace. 

Soon, we will be offering WordPress .org plugin and theme vendors an opportunity to ​​have inline upgrade facilities so that they may list their products on WordPress and upgrade through our secure platform. This will help vendors and customers alike with an easy upgrade path that includes premium licensing and subscriptions options. Of course, if a developer does not want to offer their products on WordPress – they can always list them as a free download on Elegant Market Place too and even have in plugin upgrades for multiple pro attributes. 

As a customer, you can rest assured we have strict rules for uploading products to our store and have from the beginning, tested, retested and made sure that plugin and theme developers use the latest security protocols as advised by WordPress – this will obviously continue. 

It just leaves me to say, thank you for supporting the marketplace and here’s to Elegant Themes and other Page Builders building out their own marketplaces – the more, the merrier – we say 🙂 

Whilst mentioning security, look out over the next few weeks for an email on an awesome addition to security, spam and malware protection for your WordPress and Shopify stores – its awesome and we are just working out a few niggles on how to get these products to you this week. ​​

Oh, did you know we now offer an affiliate scheme across a variety of Web Venture properties? No, well, click here to find out more. 

See  you soon

Andrew – Founder 
Elegant Marketplace ​​​​​​​

PS – Don’t forget, we have over 1,000 Divi, Elementor and WordPress products in our store – right now 🙂 ​​

PPS. if you are thinking of building out themes for Divi, Elementor or Gutenberg and want a great solution for ​​a theme installer – Look no further than Sitepresser – we use it ourselves and its phenomenal! 

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.