This is the 21st century and the popularity of the internet coupled with technological growth means that most businesses are online. Online marketing or digital marketing is now a very important part of the marketing strategy for any kind of business. The digital marketing strategy that you adopt is important for the ROI of your paid adverts and organic content, as well as your ranking on the search engine results page. 

Digital marketing is no doubt, very effective. With an average person being online for over 6 hours every day, the chances are that they will stumble upon your product or brand online. With a good digital marketing strategy, you can easily drive website traffic, get large conversions, and generate enough revenue. However, there is the possibility that you go wrong with your digital marketing campaigns as well. If done well, digital marketing can grow your business exponentially. But there are many digital marketing mistakes that you can make that will totally mar your business if you aren’t careful. Here are some of these mistakes. 

No Clear Marketing Goal

Before you decide on what digital marketing strategy to use for your business and start focusing your time and money, you have to, first of all, have a marketing goal in mind that you are looking to accomplish. As a matter of fact, your marketing goal is what will define the marketing strategy that you use. You are very likely going to do every other thing wrong with digital marketing if you don’t have a clear marketing goal. 

According to Rudy Giuliani, a content writer at dissertation writing services, your strategy can’t just be “hope.” It is also not a function of whether you’re into digital marketing or not. It is more about the goal and strategy you have for your digital marketing campaign. 

In 6 months, what do you want to achieve? You should ask yourself questions like this before you start your marketing. A report by co-schedule claims that the possibility of success in digital marketing is 376% more for marketers that have a clear goal than those without goals. 

So, it is important that you set goals. Not just any goals. Your goals have to be specific, realistic, aspirational, measurable, and time-bound. That is the only way you can achieve anything. 

No Defined Target Audience 

The target audience of your digital marketing campaigns is as important as the campaign itself. You should be running a specific campaign to reach out to specific people. Firstly, your business has to have a buyer persona. You need to have an idea of who your customers will likely be based on the product or service that you offer. These people become your target audience and your marketing campaign should be directed specifically at them. 

Running a marketing campaign without defining the target audience just means that the marketers are clueless and don’t know their onus. This is, in fact, a recipe for marketing failure. It is impossible for you to reach out to everybody because you can’t be everything to everybody. 

Before you start marketing, know your target audience. This will also help you to find the right marketing strategy to reach out to them. Otherwise, you would just be marketing blindly with no impact. Once you define your target audience, then you try to understand their wants, needs, and preferences. It is based on this information that you create your marketing strategy because you already know the best message to pass across to them and the best way to pass it across. 

Poor Content and Distribution Strategy

The common marketing cliché “content is king” should count for something when you’re planning your digital marketing strategy. Developing quality content, and custom papers are the first rule of digital marketing. 

With digital marketing, you are reaching out to people and your means of reaching out to them is through content. The type of content that you will adopt will be determined largely by the service you render and your target audience. But what is most important is creating high-quality content consistently. When your content is not sound enough, they will likely move on from it very easily. 

Another mistake that marketers make in content marketing is wrong content distribution. Most of the time, businesses distribute their content through social media but in the long run, they do not create content that is optimal for social media. Blog posts are not the most effective type of content for social media. But surprisingly, it is what most businesses adopt and distribute on social media. So, they do not get as much as they should. 

If you are really going to distribute your content via social media, then you should be creating visual content such as videos, infographics, and using images. Long texts on social media are not so effective. 

Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

Many businesses place their emphasis on reaching a particular number or putting out a specific amount of content over a period of time. This isn’t bad in itself. It only becomes a problem if you make this your priority at the expense of the content’s quality. The truth is nothing beats quality content. Your target audience expects to get quality content from you and they expect you to also be consistent with it. So, even if you are making 10 pieces of content per week, all of them must be very high quality. It is this kind of consistency that attracts people. According to content writers at professional writing service, if you are so fixated on the quantity of content and you end up with poorly developed content, you will start to lose credibility with your audience. If you then make this a practice, 10 pieces of content weekly, but only one or two are high quality, you will see your numbers reduce drastically. At the end of the day, you will keep creating content with very little to no audience. 

If you can only create one or two pieces of content weekly and ensure they are high quality, stick to that. It pays more dividends than focusing on quantity without quality. If you can have both, then that’s great!

Not Tracking Marketing Results

The common practice for business owners to determine the effectiveness of their marketing is to look at their income revenue. Of course, an increase in revenue can be linked largely to marketing but the problem with doing this is that digital marketing involves different strategies and tactics that you can run simultaneously and you will not able to tell which marketing strategy is working and which one is not. 

It is important for you to separate effective strategies from ineffective ones. This way, you know what to focus on and what to leave behind. And the best way to know this is by tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns. There are many tools and software that you can employ to give you the necessary assignment help for determining effective marketing strategies. These tools make use of KPIs (key performance indicators) to help you determine whether your tactics are doing well or not. 

If you fail to track marketing results, you will have little to no idea of how your campaigns are doing or if they are working or not. This might cause you to focus on a strategy that you should forgo and forgo the one you should focus on. 

Not Optimizing for Mobile Devices and Social Media

It is now common news that more than half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. If you really want to have effective digital marketing strategies, you have to optimize your strategy to fit in for mobile. One of the most important things you must ensure is that your website is mobile-friendly. This will help to drive a lot of traffic. You also have to check your email newsletters to see if they are compatible with mobile devices. 

Social media is also a tool that you must focus on strongly. It provides you with an audience to reach out to, so, you must leverage on this. With social media, your business can easily reach out to your target audience and interact with them. It is also an avenue for you to get feedback from them. 

Developing a marketing strategy that is optimized for mobile devices while also embracing social media is important for your business growth. 

Digital Marketing Is Complex

Digital marketing is an important part of marketing for any business but it has to be done right. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider and put in place to run successful digital marketing. Otherwise, digital marketing will just be a money pit for your business with little to no return.

Tobias Foster
Tobias Foster is a journalist and editor with more than 5 years’ work experience at college paper writing service and paper writing websites, with very big ambitions. Philosophy, marketing, and business are his passion, and he has a wealth of knowledge in that field. He is a master of his craft.