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Calling all WordPress, Divi, Page Builder Designers and Developers

Elegant Marketplace gets just over 250,000 page views a month – yup, that is a lot right?

We have a global audience of over 50,000 users which grows everyday and our criteria for selling themes and plugins is changing to keep up with the WordPress world as of now and the future.

We therefore, welcome applications from WordPress developers of all kinds including Full Theme Devs, Child Themes for Divi, Layouts for Gutenberg, Divi and Elementor and of course any page builder that accepts json files as uploads.

Our Divi Products and Vendors are the most popular in the divi ecosphere and as such dominate the market. We are now opening our doors to general WordPress plugins and themes that add to WordPress as a whole.

We are also tightening up our approval process to ensure compatibility with WordPress, other popular plugins and of course Divi and Elementor . Our growth since 2015 has been phenomenal and although we pride ourselves on getting the best of the best out there – its time to up our game.

If you are proud of your work, can offer supreme support and want to sell your products on our website – please apply here. Our payment terms are simple and often misquoted by our competitors so here they are:

Exclusive vendors enjoy an immediate rate of 70% of the sales price paid to you on the 1st of each month come rain or shine via PayPal and from the 1st of September 2018, Payoneer and direct bank transfer via our forex partners. In Each case, you do not pay transfer fees. If you are charged a currency conversion rate by any of these payment gateways, that is beyond our control, but as a service, we do not ever, charge you a transaction fee other than the 30% we take to cover Marketing, Our own PayPal and Stripe conversion costs and our internal hosting and staff costs. Its the best deal we can do.

Non Exclusive vendors are on a 60/40 deal as you or another marketplace is our competition, sales can be less and you are still taking up real estate on this very busy site.

There is no payment ceiling so you do not have to make a certain amount of sales to reach our commission structure. All products are capable of updates and licensing with the exception of layouts and PSD layouts.

A good number of our 200+ vendors enjoy a sweeter life due to their ever popular products sold via our site and have ditched client work for the benefits of a recurring income. Isn’t it time you thought about joining them in our success?

We also offer training opportunities on our Learning platform so, if you have a training course, life style advice in a training course or even productivity and client relationships – hit me up via our support channel and lets talk about creating a course that you can be proud of. Commission rates are the same as all vendors and we even host your videos on our own Private Vimeo Channel.

I look forward to connecting with developers from all areas including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and other popular CMS systems.

Look out for an announcement soon on our marketplace offering opportunities for Creatives and Layout Specialists.

Join our exclusive Facebook group to keep up with news, lend a helping hand and get an insight into our community.

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew Looks after the Developers, product updates and general maintenance of the Elegant Marketplace Websites. He also runs his own Online Consultancy in the UK under the banner of Somebody's Hero.

A little about the author, Andrew Palmer

Andrew Looks after the Developers, product updates and general maintenance of the Elegant Marketplace Websites. He also runs his own Online Consultancy in the UK under the banner of Somebody's Hero.


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