…är som att plocka lösgodis i affären, as I say, or, freely translated: is like picking candy in the candystore!
My first attempt on WordPress came around 2009, when I bought my first domain.

Actually, to be frank, I really dissed WordPress first, comparing WordPress with *another CMS!* and since WordPress was presented more like a blog-tool and *the other CMS!* more for websites, I decided to give *the other CMS!* a go. Granted, articles warned me about the fact that *the other CMS!* had a higher learning curve, but hey – I had been working with computers for the last 10 years of my life, learning new programs at every company I worked for – how hard could it be? And I had no interest in a blog, I wanted to make a website.

So, after trying for two weeks without accomplishing anything except changing the theme, I decided to drop *the other CMS!* at that time. (I am now trying to be friends with *it!* again, but this time I have a uni-course with tutors to back me up).

Somewhat reluctantly (please forgive me) I installed WordPress, and within two HOURS I had a pretty ok website up and running!

Since that day I have considered WordPress a close friend.  Of course we’ve had our ups and down, what relationship hasn’t, but I know our foundation is strong. 😉WordPress logo with pink heart

What amazes me the most is the community surrounding WordPress. Being a ridiculously proud part of Elegant Marketplace that allows me to “swim with the big fish”, that is the people I admire, I’m amazed of the skills and generosity of the people that so kindly shares their tips, tricks and code lines that makes all of our jobs so much easier.

Entering elegantmarketplace.com or wordpress.org, to me like entering a candy store, with plugins and themes that can make your WordPress-site into almost anything you need, without having all the knowledge of CSS, PHP, JavaScript and so on.

Of course you will hit some sour or tart ones on the way to building a perfect website (or bowl of candy), but you will learn along the way, and you will find your favourites!

I love the fact that you can build so much with free plugins and themes (although a theme-incident burnt me from anyting but premium themes, such as Divi of course), this makes it easy for anyone with a dream or vision to start out somewhere and learn.

Eventually you will find that some things are worth paying/donating for and as I see it, this encourages these skilled developers to continue their work.

They are, in fact, the factories to our candy store!


WordPress logo with heart from wordpress.org, picture from candystore from Huskyherz on Pixabay.com.

Veronika Berg