There are 500 Million plus daily active Instagram users, and these numbers are continually growing. Instagram is one of the best spaces on social media for big and small brands to gain exposure and connect with their target audience. There are shortcuts that you, as a small business owner, could take like using buying an audience or using automatic Chatbots. These shady tactics work for a short period.

Along with posting a well SEO-optimized article in WordPress, there are some other easy ways to grow your follower count sustainably. We’ve come up with the best Instagram strategies you need to be aware of in 2020.

You can grow real instagram followers massively with these eight tips.

Create Your Own Instagram Style

Developing a repeatable Instagram aesthetic that your audience can expect in every post is very important. People don’t follow an account because of its content, but because of what they think that the upcoming episodes will look like. There are numerous styled Instagram templates from which you can pick one. Once you create your brand voice, make sure you stick to it in all your comments, captions, and content. With a unique visual content style, your posts will be recognized at a glance. No matter what your brand wants to achieve, make sure to have a consistent brand outlook. 

Post Regularly 

The common question is, how often should I post on my Instagram account? Experts suggest that posting consistently increases organic followers and the best frequency is the one that you can maintain forever.  We recommend you to post at least once a day. On the other hand, if you post a few times a month, your audience will start to unfollow you, and you will begin to produce less engagement per post. 

Don’t forget to interact with your audience through likes and comments. When users interact with you, it appears on their activity tab, allowing you to reach a new audience. 

Cross-Promote Your Posts 

While there are many do’s and don’ts of Instagram marketing, one essential tip is to make it easy for people to find you.  Make sure that you promote your brand on highly popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Cross-promotion is a smart tactic and can drive users to your account, but make sure that each platform has its own best practices. For example, you will find Instagram posts loaded with hashtags will the same thing will not work for Facebook. Play offline as well by using the dedicated hashtags on your receipts, print ads, packages, and profile info. 

Play With Videos and Stories

I know this sound like a typical way to gain followers, but it isn’t. Here’s why: animated videos and graphics really grab human attention. They are more impactful as compared to textual posts. Brands can use features like Instagram live videos, stories, and graphics to produce different types of appealing content for their account. Moreover, it is easier for brands to share their brand message and product details in a single go without posting lengthy written content that most people ignore. 

Use Trending Hashtags

Using quality hashtags is quite essential when it comes to Instagram because it can expose your name to the intended people. If you use niche specific hashtags, you made it easy for your relevant, targeted audience to find you. If you are out of ideas, then a good strategy for you is to study your competitors. You might get revealed to hashtag ideas that you haven’t imagined. Long story short, you need to explore a bit to inform your own hashtags. There are some exciting Instagram tools like AutoHash, and Display Purpose, you can obtain fantastic hashtag ideas for your posts. 

Include User-Generated Content 

You can reach out to more people by encouraging user-generated content as part of your contest. UGC produced by users can help potential customers learn more about your product and the competition. It is a suitable way to build trust with new people and achieve your bottom line. People respond better when they hope to get any incentive out of the relationship. The most common strategy used by most brands is to simply ask fans to submit their cool photos with the product to win a gift hamper or gift card in reward for participation.

Go For Collaboration

To get more eyeballs to your Instagram page, you have to try new things like collaborating with influencers and other brands. Most restaurants and eateries reach out to food bloggers while a personal healthcare brand may choose health-conscious fitness freaks. Make sure that your influencer genuinely supports the idea of your brand and products. A mismatch between your brand idea and personality of the influencer will not work. 

Use Instagram Analytics 

You will get access to Instagram analytics tool for free when you create a business account. This feature basically tells when your audience is most active. Companies use it to see insights on post reach, top posts, and engagement scores. You can also find details about your followers, including their age, gender, and interests. With this data available on your and, you can improve your posting schedule. You can make a partnership with other Instagrammers, and this will be a mutually beneficial relationship. You can simply share their content on your page and ask them to do the same for you. 


Acquiring and growing the number of engaged audiences is no easy thing. You need to be consistent with your efforts and patiently wait for results as good things take time. With robust research and your passion, you’ll be on your way to having a huge fan following on your Instagram account. 

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