I do a lot of support for both Elegant Marketplace and Divi United – most are general questions, some are product related and some are – can you help me with this or that.

What I do not see very often is:

My account details are

The theme/plugin I bought is

A link to my site is here

Here is my exact issue

Here is my transaction record from my payment

Here is my invoice number

Here is the Paypal email address I used

Our support like many is secure, you can input your email, images, transaction numbers and a whole host of other information. All of our support engineers are fully trusted and will deal with your issue as promptly as possible. So, if you want optimum help, give as much information about your issue as you possibly can – we can really help you so much better.

We may also require a login to your site to help you, if you are developing on a desktop server or locally, then it is almost impossible to give you the best of our support.

Let us serve you better by supporting us and our requirements, so we can meet yours. Oh, and be nice please, SHOUTING at someone will not get a better or quicker response. Remember we are dealing with a complex theme and also WordPress which has many foibles and although we test our products, we cannot test against every single WordPress plugin, Hosting Server or Local server.

Don’t forget, we have a phenomenal Facebook Group with over 25000 members who just love to help if it’s not Elegant Marketplace related. If you’re looking for Professional help you can go to www.divifixr.com or find a developer in our Directory

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.