Personal trainers and gyms are popular business and they need a strong online presence. Divi is a great platform to build websites for any type of health and fitness business. Fortunately you don’t have to build them from scratch. There are lots of child themes and layouts to help you get started.

In this article we’ll take a look at 12 Divi child themes and layouts for personal trainers and gyms. While most are available right here at Elegant Marketplace, 5 of the layouts are only available in Divi Cloud. The child themes and layouts are sorted but are in no particular order.

Divi Child Themes for Personal Trainers and Gyms

Child themes come with their own PHP and CSS files and are installed just like regular themes. Here’s a look at 3 Divi child themes made specifically for fitness centers.

1. Strength and Fitness

Strength and Fitness is a 5-page theme with lots of custom styling and animations including wobbly button hovers, text overlays for images, zooming testimonials, zooming trainer images, and color changes for client logos. There are plenty of styled modules such as blurbs, number counters, toggles, etc. It’s e-Commerce ready. It comes with lots of specialized icons made for fitness. It also includes a styled menu and styling for Bloom.

Price: $59 | More Information

2. Divi Fitness

Divi Fitness includes 7 pages and adds a color picker so you can change your highlight colors site-wide with a single click, giving you control over text, backgrounds, and more. It includes custom icons, a before and after image showcase, and clickable phone number and email in the menu. It also has lots of styled modules including a new person module, number counter, pricing table, testimonials, map, email optin, contact form, and more. I especially like the training schedule made with blurbs- one for each day.

Price: $67 | More Information

3. Fit

Fit has 9 pages which includes 3 home pages and 2 blog pages. It comes with a before and after image slider, custom modules such as blurbs for services, testimonials, pricing tables, contact form, blog, person, social follow, bar counter, number counter, map (that doesn’t scroll automatically) and more. It also includes a custom back to top button. I especially like the about page with its alternating split screen in parallax and the team page with its full-screen team-member focus.

Price: $97 | More Information

Divi Layouts for Personal Trainers and Gyms

With layouts you don’t have to over-ride your current design. You can use them to create specific pages or just use specific sections if you want. Here are 4 Divi layouts that are available in the Elegant Marketplace store.


FITT is a 4-page layout with a dark color scheme and light blue and purple highlights. It also includes theme customizer settings, theme options settings, and a file for Divi Booster if you use its custom icons and blurb modules. It includes section separator styling, custom number counter, person module, contact form, map, countdown timer, image gallery, pricing table, and map.

Price: $20 | More Information

5. Divi Crossfit

Divi Crossfit is a one-page design that includes theme customizer settings and Custom CSS. The header includes a slider with CTA. Blurbs include images with hover effects as links to pages and to display classes. It has several dark sections with CTA’s. The team is displayed with images and text. The Timely Events Calendar is embedded to show events. It also has a styled pricing table.

Price: $10 | More Information

6. Fitness Gym

Fitness Gym is a one-page layout with a red color scheme. The header displays a background image with a title and CTA to join. The next section displays images with red overlays, titles, fitness icons, and CTA’s. A full-width section shows images on the outsides with two CTA’s in the middle. Two person modules are shown in full-screen with images that overlap the next section. Information is shown in toggles. Galleries are displayed in alternating sliders. It also includes a styled contact form, map, and social icons. Custom CSS is included.

Price: Free | More Information

7. Your Gym

Your Gym is a one-page design with lots of styled sections and modules. The header is a slider with title, tagline, and CTA. A two-column about section shows information in one column and an image in the other. The information is displayed in boxes and uses hover effects. Classes are displayed in styled blurbs. Tabs are used to create a daily calendar. It also includes styled testimonials, person modules, a filterable portfolio, pricing tables, and contact form.

Price: $37 | More Information

Divi Cloud Layouts for Personal Trainers and Gyms

Here’s a look at 5 more Divi layouts. I found them in the Divi Cloud using the search words gym, personal trainer, and fitness. You can browse through the layouts in the Divi Cloud in the Load Layout screen of the Divi Builder, or you can see them at the layouts page at the Divi United website. These layouts are only available in Divi Cloud.

8. Gym 1

Gym 1 is a one-page layout that includes a full-width slider, a section with 2 CTA’s, blurbs to provide information, a number counter, a parallax section with information, a section with embedded video, styled blurbs to create bullets within an about section, images of trainers with code to display social icons, styled pricing tables, and testimonials over a video background. It provides custom CSS with instructions of how to apply it.

9. Gym 2

Gym 2 includes a full-screen hero image with title and text, a two-column section with image and CTA, blurbs with stylized icons for fitness, and a two-column CTA. A contact section has a contact form, information, and map. It also includes a custom footer with information, social buttons, and links. I especially like the icons, title fonts, and colors.

10. Gym 3

Gym 3 displays a full-screen hero image with title and tagline, an about section with an overlapping image, a section of blurbs in an overlay to show services, another section of blurbs to show classes, a section of styled images to show trainers ad trainees, and a styled contact section in two columns that shows an overlapping image, footer menu, and contact info. It includes custom CSS with instructions and code module to supply animation code. I like the features section with its angled section separation.

11. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer uses a full-screen video header with title and CTA, a section of blurbs as CTA’s, images of trainers to show services, and the various types of workouts are shown in blurbs. Information is shown within a two-column section with an image, a section in parallax, and in a full-width slider. It also has styled toggles, pricing tables, and contact form. It includes custom CSS with instructions. I like the styled backgrounds that create angles behind several of the modules.

12. Fitness

Fitness is a homepage layout with a slider, two column about section with blog, blurbs for classes, person modules of coaches with read more button, number counter, testimonials, a blog and information section in multiple columns, contact information, and a map. It includes custom CSS with instructions. I especially like the trainer’s section with its unique design and the alternating blog and text section with its multi-column layout.

Ending Thoughts

Divi is a great choice for building websites for personal trainers and gyms, and there are lots of excellent options for Divi child themes and layouts in both the Elegant Marketplace shop and Divi Cloud. No matter what type of health and fitness website you want to build, one of the child themes or layouts in this article are sure to have what you need.

We want to hear from you. Which of these layouts or child themes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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