Working as a developer or web designer can be a much harder job than a lot of people realize. As a consequence, it pays when you know how to work smarter and stay healthy on the job. Below, you will find ten tips that will help change the way you approach your typical working day:

Always have a plan

Every day should start with a clear idea of what you’re going to do. Make a list of any projects you have and order them based on importance. This will help you get your most significant tasks done first, keeping your most valuable clients happy.

Take regular breaks

Sitting at a computer all day working on a new development project or designing a website is terrible for your physical and mental health. Every hour or so, get up and walk around for a bit. This mini break from your workstation will do you a world of good and help you continue at your peak efficiency without burning out.

Stay social

You may think that the smartest way to work is by cutting yourself off from all social activities. On the contrary, having a chat with a coworker at the water machine or seeing a friend during your lunch break is great for you. It helps relax your mind so you can return to work with more focus.

Delegate tasks

We developers and designers are often given projects that include many different tasks. If you want to work smart, then you need to learn when to delegate tasks to other people so you can concentrate on your specific strengths.

Automate more

A very easy way of working smarter is by automating more of your tasks. If things can be done and decided automatically, then this will streamline your workflow and help you be more productive.

Meal prep

Prepare healthy meals every evening, so you waste less time at lunch and eat good food that fuels your brain.

Focus on stress relief

Take time on your breaks to relieve some stress with meditation or self-massage. This works wonders for your physical and mental health.

Streamline email communications

Every web designer/developer should have a specific email set up that’s only for business use. This gets rid of any spam emails right away, making life much easier. Alongside this, only check your emails three times a day; in the morning, at lunch, and after work. This helps prevent time wasting by constantly looking to see if your clients have messaged you.

Reuse elements of your work

Instead of trying to come up with brand new creations for every client, reuse some of the aspects of your previous work. Use the same coding, build sites based on similar themes, etc. It saves time, energy, and makes you work smarter.

Make use of online resources

There are so many great online resources that developers and designers can use to get jobs done a lot quicker. Make use of what’s out there instead of spending hours trying to create things from scratch.

Follow these ten tips, and you will start working smarter and staying healthy. As a result, you will find each day less stressful, and you may be able to take on more clients and make more money!

What do you do to work smarter? – Besides using elegant marketplace that is 🙂 All comments welcome.

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