WooCommerce Show Single Variations

Display product variations on the shop page as though they are separate products.
Improved customer experience and enhanced product browsing.
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Improve the browsing experience of variable products
  • Display product variations on the shop page, and in the filtered and search results.

  • Display variations when using WooCommerce shortcodes.

  • Mark specific product variations as “Featured”.

Configure variations individually
  • Configure each variation individually to ensure you’re presenting your product collection in the best way.

  • Create “dummy variations” which only appear in the shop pages – perfect for displaying one of each color.

Accurate filtered and search results
  • Filtering products will show relevant variations and imagery, rather than a generic “catch-all” parent product.

  • Searches will return much more accurate results leading to more sales.

Add variations to the cart from the shop pages
  • Save your customers from numerous clicks by enabling them to add a specific variation to the cart, directly on the shop pages.

  • Ability to enable the “add to cart” button per individual variation.

  • Improved customer experience by making it easier for them to get what they want, quickly.

Customise your variation titles
  • Enter custom names for your variations for when they’re viewed in the shop pages.

  • Increase chances of a sale by getting a descriptive product title in front of them more quickly than before.

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