WooCommerce Quickview

Speed up the buying process and boost your conversions with WooCommerce Quickview.
Preview and add items to the shopping cart, directly from the product listing pages.
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Less clicks, more sales
WooCommerce Quickview makes it easier-than-ever for customers to browse through your products and make a purchase.
Shopping made faster
  • Let your customers quickly preview items and add them to their shopping cart through a simple modal window.

  • Add Quickview buttons anywhere in your store and easily customise what appears in the window.

  • Reduce the number of clicks needed to make a purchase, helping boost conversions and increase sales.

Browse without leaving the page
  • Quickly navigate between different products in your store – straight from within the WooCommerce Quickview window.

  • Save your customers from having to go back and forth between different product pages, greatly improving the browsing experience.

Easily customise the design to suit your store
  • Get full control over what appears within the WooCommerce Quickview by easily adding, moving, or removing components like the product description, image gallery, rating, and much more.

  • Includes a variety of action and filter hooks to make it easier for developers to insert additional product information.

Add WooCommerce Quickview buttons anywhere
  • Add WooCommerce Quickview buttons anywhere within your store using simple shortcodes, or trigger the preview modal from your own buttons.

  • Customise the position of the Quickview button, the button text, colours, and so much more.

Seamless integration
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