If you use Divi and are running an e-commerce site chances are you are using Woo.  Woo is great, and we thank you Woo developers, and thank you for the amazing fact that the basic plugin is FREE!   Over in the Elegant Marketplace shop we have so many helpful plugins and beautiful Child themes for Woo commerce, that designing an awesome eCommerce site with Woo is totally possible.

I am going to share with you a few of the most popular products on Elegant Marketplace which can make your

Divi Shop Extended  was created to facilitate you the styling process of your online store, and Divi Child themes created with Divi or Woocommerce.

Main features are:

Custom Shop Module (including):

  • Product Display as Carrousel (Fullwidth & Standard)
  • Product Display as Grid
  • Product Display as Grid with filter by categories
  • + 9 other customizations

15 Custom Woocommerce Modules (including):

  • Add to Cart Module
  • Image Product Module
  • Cart Notices Module
  • + 12 others

Divi Shop Settings Panel (including):

  • Products Tab
  • Recent Review Widget
  • Price Range Filter
  • + 5 others

My favorite feature is showing the products as a grid.  You can see the overlay info.  >Read All the FeaturesDivi Shop Extended

Divi Awesome Woo Products

  • All advantages from the Divi Builder on product pages
  • WooCommerce Elements as modules and shortcodes
  • Style WooCommerce Elements within the modules

My favorite feature is that the Divi Awesome Woo Products plugin comes with free layouts.  Talk about making your life easy 🙂 > Learn more.

simple woo commerce importerSimple CSV Import

Import hundreds or thousands of products from your csv or xml file to your WooCommerce store quickly and easily with this simple CSV & XML Importer. Comes with user friendly interface and clear instructions.

This plugin has a higher price point than most – BUT think of it in terms of value and you would be willing to pay 4x the price.  For someone like me who doesn’t fancy herself as a data entry queen, a one click, bring ’em on in is worth everything!

My favorite feature: avoid duplicate records, because what’s worse than adding something once, doing it twice!

Check out the plugin and it’s features > click here.

woo products for mailchimpWooFeed for MailChimp

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically send an email to all your customers every time you added a new product to your WooCommerce shop? Well now you can with WooFeed for Mailchimp – integrating WooCommerce and Mailchimp to automate product announcements!

This $8 plugin will take you about 20 minutes to set up, so make sure you budget a little time and energy to make sure it is set up correctly.

My favorite feature: What’s the point of having an e-commerce shop if not to SELL stuff?  Let’s think about this – do we like more work or less work for ourselves?  I am guessing less, so think Tim Ferris and automate!

Child Themes

nutritional woo commerce divi child themeNutritional contains five pages (home, company, contact, products, charity).

Nutritional contains custom woocommerce products pages, contact form, beautiful images, icons & graphics, responsive videos, beautiful action buttons.

View a demo at https://gdo.com/nutritional/
For help & support view at https://gdo.com/nutritional/help

Check out the product page of the demo.  If you have an e-commerce site, with a few products this theme showcases them so beautifully and boldly that you can’t help but be drawn to purchase (remember, the point of e-commerce is to sell stuff people).  The colors are great, the fonts are clean and simple, the product is the real star. > View the theme


Perfect if you have one innovative product and want to showcase it with a cool layout, see it here.

Luxury ecommerce is a high quality DIVI eCommerce Theme which comes with the most important eCommerce features. luxury eCommerce child theme

You will find three Home layouts with the best design standards, so you


can choose the one which fits your business perfectly.

List of key features:

  • Mega menu
  • Quick view of products
  • Quick add to cart
  • Wishlist
  • Live chat
  • Quick search for products
  • Ajax add to cart, so the page dont refresh
  • Shopping cart in sidebar
  • Ajax loading of products
  • Filters
  • Product gallery
  • Color switcher
  • Multi step checkout

If you don’t quite see what you are looking for in this post, don’t fret, visit our eCommerce section and I promise you will be impressed with the number of options of pre desgined sites that will save you time on the design.

Same with the plugins. I just pulled out some that have been helpful to me when I work on eCommerce sites, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other great ones that could be exactly the life saver you need.

EIleen Lonergan
Eileen Lonergan was an integral part of this company. Unfortunately, Eileen Passed away on the 31st of October 2018 after a short battle with Cancer. She leaves behind the legacy of the Divi Theme Users Group and hundreds of people that she helped through coaching, building outstanding websites and just being - accessible. We miss her every day!
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