We like to offer everyone the best value, our customers get great prices on all the latest products and our vendors enjoy a commission whilst we pay for all hosting, PayPal and Stripe charges, payment charges and advertising.

Now in our 4th year as the first and leading Divi Theme Marketplace – we thought it was time we changed it up a bit. All marketplaces in the WordPress space charge commissions. From the get-go we wanted to be transparent on what we charged our Vendors and what they got from us.

It’s plain to see that the Page Builder world has some great opportunities for an entrepreneurial spirit. There is no doubt that we as a marketplace have benefitted greatly by promoting our vendors as best we can and in turn, some vendors have ended the nightmare cycle of private client work – but, there is a limit. We do not have bottomless pockets,  our growth has also meant an increase in hosting, staffing, accounting and advertising costs as competitors have risen around us, vendors have their own stores and the facebook groups are pretty much spammed to hell and back with – BUY MY PRODUCT.

As a WordPress vendor marketplace, we want to expand our offering to all vendors – WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and of course all page builder related themes, layouts and plugins. To do this quickly, efficiently and fairly, we decided to offer all vendors an 80/20 deal – its the best out there but, comes with a commitment from the vendor. If you have faith in your product and in us – it’s a no brainer. The larger marketplaces can charge up to 70% commission unless you reach a certain sales level, plus a buyer fee – we did not want to go there – it’s not fair, it’s not equitable and it stifles innovation and devalues vendors efforts. Plus, charging the buyer a transactional fee is just plain rude in our view!

We think this offer is outstanding and gives a fairer cut of turnover and incentivizes us and our vendors to do an even better job of serving the WordPress community with better products and more visibility of solutions customers have available – right now.

To help us run the site, our commissions go towards all the costs associated with the above. But, we want to make it even better and have an even bigger budget for advertising, staff costs and of course give a better deal to our vendors. (Most theme marketplaces charge between 30% and 50% when they sell your products plus transactional fees when they pay you). When we pay our vendors whether it’s via PayPal, Payoneer, or Western Union, we take on that cost.

Currently, our commission rates are 60/40 if non-exclusive (if you have a shop of your own or are listed elsewhere) and 70/30 if you are exclusively listed here.

But, if you want to receive 80% commission on all your sales – you can now do this by joining our Vendor Subscription package and help us finance further advertising of your products on our marketplace including regular placements in our newsletters, a blog post highlighting your products one month after signing up and featured listings on our facebook fan page that will be boosted to our audience as an advert placement on a permanent basis.*

Sound good? We think so. Sign up today and help your marketplace, market your products better and more cost-effectively.

You can sign up to be a vendor here – we welcome all WordPress related products – you can also offer services if you so wish.

This offer is open to all Vendors of Divi Child Themes, Plugins and layouts and All Vendors of any WordPress related product.

*Should you cancel your subscription at any time, your commission rate will revert to what it was prior to joining up (or the standard rates as previously mentioned) and advertising on a permanent basis will be canceled. The new rate is applied on the 1st of the month after joining the vendor subscription package.

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the owner of Elegant Marketplace, Layoutscloud and civitas e learning and looks after the Developers, product updates and general maintenance of the Elegant Marketplace Websites. He also runs his own Online Consultancy in the UK under the banner of Somebody's Hero.

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