It’s drop day at Divi Cloud and I love it so much I need to talk about it.

Brief backup: What is Divi Cloud?  It is a plugin by Divi United which adds a whole other layer of functionality to your Divi Library.  Non-Plugin owners are familiar with the Divi Library, which you can access through the Divi Builder on any page or post or via the WordPress navigation bar on the left-hand side of your site when you are logged in.  If you access the Divi Library via the Page Builder you will see Predefined Layouts and your personal library.  With the Divi Cloud plugin you get all of that AND a bag of chips (kidding of course because if anyone was handing out chips their plugin would be a #1 most downloaded and you would already know all about it!)

What you see with the Divi Cloud Plugin 

divi cloud | pre made layouts

PLUS A WHOLE LOT MORE. That’s because each month we add at least 20 new layouts, and with our latest release, we are nearly at 300 design elements: layouts, sections & modules for you to simply click into your pages and posts. Just add your images and text, and poof, site is designed!

There is another feature which allows you to save to your personal cloud, or you can share your work with the community of plugin owners.

Now to discuss what we created for you and is available as of today with the plugin.

We wanted to address the issue of sets and are delighted that this month there are three sets for you:

  • One set has two pages (Home & About for a business)
  • One set has 3 pages (Real Estate themed pages)
  • One set has 4 pages – (This one is a WooCommerce site, so if you are looking to build an online shop, we’ve got you covered!)


  • My favorite is a super pretty About Page.  You will find drop caps, a slider, testimonials section and subtle, yet specific calls to action (think Marie Forleo).  You will find a second About Us page which is part of the set Level Up (business orientated).
  • One of the layouts uses the trending look of rainbow colors and icons and graphics instead of photos (software landing page).
  • We have one layout for agencies (if you are thinking of redoing your site, check this one out.
  • One with a great capture form, which is super helpful if you are giving away an ebook or some other offer to build your mailing list.
  • A landing page for a webinar.
  • Some asked for a site for a hair salon.  With this layout, you can add on the plugin Booked so your clients can schedule themselves for appointments.  This is the layout that all levels of Membership will see in their Plugin.
  • There is a landing page with a video.

To help you better serve your clients:

  • I was requested that we create a layout called A La Carte – which is basically the Layouts Page without any branding.  This way you can download the layout to a page on your website and present all of the options to your clients and they can select what they like, and you are off to the races.  We will update this one each month with each new set of layouts.

Here is the layout that all plugin owners will receive, and even if you don’t need each section, you may download the layout and delete the sections, rows or modules that don’t fit your design.

divi cloud | hair salon

All of this is added to the layouts, sections and modules that are already completed and in the cloud, just over 275 items waiting for you.  Check out all of the layouts and for plans and pricing visit the Divi Cloud website.






EIleen Lonergan
Eileen Lonergan was an integral part of this company. Unfortunately, Eileen Passed away on the 31st of October 2018 after a short battle with Cancer. She leaves behind the legacy of the Divi Theme Users Group and hundreds of people that she helped through coaching, building outstanding websites and just being - accessible. We miss her every day!

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