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Round Up: Favorite Plugins

Plugins are the first place Web Designers & Developers look when wanting to add a bit of functionality or style to a WordPress website.

Plugins are also the first place we all look when something has gone wrong with a sites performance.

At the time of writing this post there are 50K+ plugins in the WordPress.com repository.  This doesn’t even consider many of the premium plugins that so many of us heavily rely upon.

All of these options pretty much means there is a plugin for everything (except that exact thing you are looking for probably).  I thought it would be fun to do a Plugin round up, share what people are using & loving.

The goal was to share things you may not have seen before and the favorites that people just can’t seem to live without.

This list is in no order of significance and by no means conclusive.  It’s meant to hopefully turn you on to something you were unaware of or let you know what the community is finding useful.


All in One SEO (free).  This seems to be the plugin of choice for search engine optimization.  I highly recommend Andrew Palmer’s course if you are using the plugin.  There are so many settings and options, maximize your results by spending a little time learning the proper set up.  https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/

Duplicators / Backup

WP Clone (free).  This plugin is helpful if you need to duplicate a site or even back it up.  https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-clone-by-wp-academy/

Updraft Plus (free & premium).  Backup into the cloud and restore with one click. https://wordpress.org/plugins/updraftplus/

Restaurant / Food

My Food Press http://myfoodpress.com ($39) For Menus & Restaurant Reservations

Show/Hide Content at a Set Time.  My buddy Michael The Tech Guy shared this one.  He is using it for a restaurant client.  At lunch they will show the lunch menu, dinner, lunch automagically disappears and you see the dinner menu.  Fun.  Also use it to We Are Open / Closed, etc.

Show/Hide Content at Set Time

WP Ultimate Recipe – a must for food bloggers.

WP Ultimate Recipe

Conditional Logic 

If Menu allows WordPress Menus to be displayed based on logic, such as if a visitor is signed in, show certain pages.

If Menu


Divi Layout Injector ($10) We hear daily that this plugin has changed the life of a designer.  There is a suite of injector products, which you may find in one big bundle with a discounted price, King & Queen of the Jungle.

Divi Extended Google Fonts ($9) – This little $9 powerhouse of a plugin serves two roles:1. take your font selection from the 50 built in fonts offered by Divi to over 700. 2. Gives you the ability to set height & font choice for your H2, H3, H4, H5 size.


Caldera Forms (free) https://wordpress.org/plugins/caldera-forms/ Many people prefer the reliability of Caldera Forms over the default Divi contact module.

KK Custom Form/CRM ($15) all the great features of the bigger guys at a fraction of the price.


Foo Gallery (free) – lots of options and great reviews.

Anything Slider (starts at $30) – slide literally anything.This has just launched and has rocketed to best seller status.

Enhanced Media Library (free) this let’s you put your images into categories.  Super helpful for searching. I need to suggest this one to my interior design clients.


Loco Translate (free) – offers in browser editing.

WPML (starts at $29) – I have used this.  Not going to lie, bit of a learning curve.


Add Featured Image Column (free) 

This one caught my eye as one I had never seen before.  In your dashboard you will see the featured image. It let’s you know which posts are missing one, and of course, if you are a visual person, it helps you quickly identify your posts via images.

Add Featured Image Column

Admin Page Spider (free)

Admin Page Spider

Publish Press (free) I use this plugin on this blog.  It allows me to create post ideas in a calendar view.  Drag the dates around, put things into different status levels (pitch, assigned, schedule).  One issue I ran into when I first started using it, was I wrote a post and forgot to change the status from Pitch to Draft when I saved it and the post didn’t save.  Annoying – but I can’t blame operator error on the developers, if you have multiple authors, or like a calendar view of what is scheduled for when, take a look.

Featured Images in RSS & MailChimp Email  I love this plugin and use it on any website that has MailChimp as their blog delivery platform.  It grabs the featured image and includes it automagically into the MailChimp newsletter.


FacetWP – ($79 for one site) – allow your visitors to filter their searches based on a variety of options (size, price, color). There are 11 different filtering types including: checkboxes, price sliders and geolocation.


SPAM Fighter

Spam Protection FireWall, AntiSpam (free)  Skip the captcha, and other hoops required to complete a form.  This cloud based spam fighter kicks out the bad guys before they hit your site.

Spam protection FireWall, AntiSpam by CleanTalk

Phew, I could keep at this all day.  As I mentioned earlier, I combed through the massive list to pull out some that I thought may be news to you and then included a few of the most popular, as a plugin round up list just doesn’t feel complete with some of the old stand by’s.

By all means, please comment below and let us know which plugins you find indispensable when working in WordPress.

Blog Admin
EMP Author is our generic name for contributors on this blog that are no longer associated with the company but have added content in the past and the content is seen as valuable.

A little about the author, Blog Admin

EMP Author is our generic name for contributors on this blog that are no longer associated with the company but have added content in the past and the content is seen as valuable.


  1. Don

    Excellent. I always appreciate a good list, and maintaining quality plugins at the ready is a bonus!

  2. Jaide

    Great resources and plugins! Some are very interesting! Thank you!

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