In our Divi 3.0 class, Richard Anderson of Electric Pixels asked a great question and I figured I would answer it in a blog post.

Q: If I have a global element in a layout on multiple pages, can I disable it on one page, and leave it active on all of the other pages?

A: Yes.

I figured I would make a video to show you how it works in case you are like me and enjoy a bit of evidence before you start disabling, deleting, etc.  I try not to brag about it too much, but I am a total delete phobic person.  It’s probably why I am so full of joy over the Divi Cloud, I can save everything “up there” and find it again because YOU NEVER KNOW PEOPLE.

A little rewind:  With the Divi page builder you have the ability to make an element of your design (section, row or module) a Global element.  When you save that section, row or module to your library, you can reuse it any place on your website.  If you need to edit something in the global element, change it one place, and it automagically updates across your entire website.  This is perfect for things such as store hours, email sign up boxes or contact information.

Here’s a quick overview in case you don’t like watching videos.

  • Create your section / row / module
  • When you save, make sure you check the box “Global” – you will know it’s Global because in the builder it will become a lovely bright green color.
  • Use the layout / section / module liberally throughout your website.
  • When you come upon a Global element on a page that YOU DON’T WANT to be global simply right click and select Disable Global.
  • Go on into the module and edit.  It will not have an effect on the other Global elements on the site.

disable global in divi page builder | elegant marketplace

I hope this helps.  If you would like a tutorial on something, by all means just ask, if I can figure it out, I am happy to post it here so we can all learn from one another.

PS Keep in mind that if you use the Divi Layout Injector, then you can easily delete a section, row or module with one click, instead of going page by page.

EIleen Lonergan
Eileen Lonergan was an integral part of this company. Unfortunately, Eileen Passed away on the 31st of October 2018 after a short battle with Cancer. She leaves behind the legacy of the Divi Theme Users Group and hundreds of people that she helped through coaching, building outstanding websites and just being - accessible. We miss her every day!
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