Last year at WordCamp Boston of of the points the keynote speaker mentioned that would become increasingly important for the web designer was accessibility.

As a web designer I was curious to know what I would need to better / differently from a technical standpoint to deliver an accessible product and as a human I want to be respectful of the needs of all.

So when Christiane Reichwein posted in the Facebook Group that she launched a website using Divi and it passed the compliance testing for web accessibility, I wanted to speak with her.

As a bit of background, Chirstiane’s client is blind.  When her children were young she would would sit with the family as they played board games and wanted to participate.  She asked her husband to develop a product which would allow her to feel the game board and HE DID!  This lead them to wanting a website for the product and tasked Christiane and her partner with the task.  Of course they wanted it to be accessible for those with a screen reader and the result is a beautiful website.

I chat with Christiane the process of searching for a theme and working with Divi.  Spoiler alert: the Divi theme for WordPress is coded in a way that is compatible with a screen reader and the user experience for her blind client was met with rave reviews.

Info on web accessibility:

If you have tips, guidelines or websites that will help us all develop websites that are accessible please share in the comments.  Especially if you have something that is specific to your country,

Thank you for your time and help Christiane!

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