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Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PryWNaPs-FE

VRYN Library Shortcodes is a plugin created for Divi.  This plugin generates shortcode for module/layout/section/fullsection/row that is available inside “Divi Library”.  Additionally, the shortcode will be generated for newly created items too.

How to use

Please check the video out

Is this the only use?

Technically speaking, it has multiple uses.  You can use the shortcode inside a widget, inside an accordion, inside a Divi Tab, inside a Divi Text Module and inside WooCommerce product descriptions.

Another aspect is that you can use it inside the theme as well.

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  1. Chris Hauman

    Hi there, I am trying to install our team.json as a layout and am getting t following error

    This file should not be imported in this context.

    Any idea what may be the cause? Thank you!

  2. Carol Snelten

    Not working with Divi Version 4.0.3. Once the section (FULL-WIDTH BLURB STYLE 5) is pasted into page the page won’t save it.

  3. Andreas

    Hi there, may i ask is this plugin still compatible with the latest Divi Version of May 2019 ?

  4. dave e

    The plugin does not work correctly when i am using two shortcodes in tab module. I need help or refund

  5. Carin Nelson

    Hi. Like a user above, I am having trouble installing the plug in. When I try installing with the zip file I downloaded, WP gives me an error that says:

    “Installing Plugin from uploaded file: VRYN-Library-Shortcode-and-Bonus-1.5.zip

    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the plugin…
    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.
    Plugin installation failed.

    Return to Plugin Installer (link)”


    • vryn

      Please unzip the file first in your system. Inside the extracted files, you can see the plugin file. Because we give lots of freebies with plugins, we have added plugin zip inside zip,

      • Carin Nelson

        Ah… all set now. Thanks!

  6. Paula Mackey


    I just purchased the VRYN Library Shortcodes Plugin from the Elegant Themes marketplace.

    I activated the plugin and was able to use it to insert another module into the Tabs module successfully.

    However, now when I try to create a new post or page it says that it cannot load the Divi Builder – I immediately get a time out error. If I deactivate your plugin the Divi Builder is then able to load. However, your shortcodes now become visible on the site instead of the content.

    How can I resolve this conflict?

  7. Brock Reinhart


    I’m looking forward to using this plugin but I am receiving the following error when I try to activate it:

    “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in *hidden for security* wp-content/plugins/vryn-library-shortcode/library-shortcode.php on line 36”

    Please let me know how this can be fixed, thanks!

    • Brock Reinhart

      Nevermind, I fixed it by putting apostrophes around the code that was causing the issue.

      The new code on line 36 reads:
      function fn_vryn_layout_shortcode($atts = ‘[]’, $content = null)

      Works great so far.

      • Brock Reinhart

        Would just like to add that the developer contacted me almost immediately to help offer a solution. I appreciate the excellent support, even though I had already found a solution. Thank you!

      • vryn


        Thanks for your comment and solution. This is the first time we face this issue. But thanks for the solution. Probably this could be due to PHP version? But We shall fix it,

        Thank you,

        • Brock Reinhart

          Thanks for your help, however I’ve since found another issue that I’m hoping you can help me solve.

          I’m trying to display 4 blog items each of my 4 tabs. It works perfectly on desktop, but is very buggy on tablet and mobile. Can you take a look? You’ll have to use an actual mobile device of some kind as shrinking the page on your desktop doesn’t make a difference. Thanks!

          Dev location: http://imagefactormedia.com/grisdaleautosales/

          • vryn


            I have sent reply to your email. Please check and reply there,

          • Brock Reinhart

            Amazing support once again– went above and beyond! Highly recommend this plugin and the developers behind it.

  8. Ashley Agler

    I could not get this plug-in to install. I’ve tried several attempts with different browsers and no such luck.

    • Mahesh Pandey

      Please let us know what error you are getting while installing the plugin. If possible please also provide a screenshot. We have sent you an email regarding the same, please reply there. Thank you.

    • vryn

      Hi, I am the developer and I have replied to your email id. Please reply to my email id so I can solve the issue. What kind of errors you get while installing the plugin please,

    • vryn


      Thanks for your mail and glad you are happy with our solution. Thanks for your support,

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