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What’s a Taxonomy you ask? Well let me tell you!! A taxonomy is what WordPress calls your tags and categories. When you categorise content and then view the page containing those items you will see maybe ten on a page with a next/previous button at the bottom. The layout is awful and not configurable…until now! This plugin features a number of custom Divi modules that allow you to make your own archive template in the Divi Library (it’s really easy! NO coding knowledge required!) then just ‘assign’ it ONCE in the settings page and you’re done.

It does SOOOOO much more than that too. Read on for more info or watch the video for a basic walkthrough…

Taxonomy Layout Injector allows you to edit the layout of the Category, Tag and any other registered taxonomy including those registered by nearly any other plugin, In addition it will change the layout of the Author pages. Divi/Extra, by default, do not allow any configuration at all on taxonomy archive/author pages. You are given a list of items and a fixed sidebar with no styling or layout capability. You can use a child theme but then you have to code and even then it can take a long time to achieve the desired result.

This plugin allows you to create a layout using the Divi library in any column/row format and using any modules you see fit. Add a couple of new modules created for this plugin and use their settings to make your taxonomy archive pages and author pages really stand out. In short this plugin adds a number of custom modules to the Divi Builder and a settings page to link the two together. You have the freedom of the Divi Page Builder which we all know and love to construct a layout to suit your needs.


– Install and Activate the plugin
– Visit the ‘Divi Library’ page on the back end of your website
– Click add new (towards the top of the page) and choose ‘layout’ from the little popup. Give it a memorable name (this is for reference only and is never used elsewhere)
– Use the page builder to create your layout and save it. Make sure to use the Taxonomy Loop Archive, Taxonomy Archive, Taxonomy Essential Grid Archive in conjunction with any of the built in Divi modules or custom modules that come with this plugin to integrate the loop properly
– Visit the settings page for the plugin and simply choose the layout you just created from the dropdown boxes next to the type of taxonomy you want to style (category, tag, project category etc…)
– If you want to override the default Injector layout on a per taxonomy term/item/author basis then you will find several options to do so on the settings page.

That’s it!

Each time you want to make a change to the layout just visit the Divi Library page and edit your layout as before. No need to relink or anything else. This really is a set and forget plugin.


  • Taxonomy Title. Adds the name of the taxonomy term (category, tag or author name essentially)
  • Taxonomy Archive (Basic). Similar to the blog module that comes with Divi. Just include this and choose your settings as normal. As a bonus you can choose the image size and the layout type (a new layout type called ‘List’ is provided which looks really good as per the screenshots included adjacent)
  • Taxonomy Essential Grid Archive. If you use the essential grid plugin then you can use it to power your archive pages uses this handy module
  • Taxonomy Loop Archive. This is by far the most powerful module you’ll see for archive layouts. Simply create a layout for the archive page and another layout for the archive items and it does the rest. Using this module you can display your content in truly any format.. list/grid, include other plugins, images, custom fields etc..
  • User Avatar. This will take the author avatar of the page and show the image. Module includes size and animation options also
  • Post Title
  • Post Content 
  • Featured Image


Adding the new modules to a normal page builder page are unlikely to work. The modules are designed for use on an archive page only via the Divi library. Please contact us if you are unsure about this or have a problem setting things up.

For any support issues, please visit this link http://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk/

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  1. Beth Nicol

    looking at buying this plugin. using Divi itself, I can create a single post “box” for a category on a page using the blog module (1 post, grid layout, 1 post, 1 category). What I want is this sort of box except for an author, instead of a category. can this plugin do this?

  2. Russ

    Can this be used to customise the SEARCH results page as well?
    I want the search results and category pages to have same layout as the BLOG page, so that it shows excerpts of each post in grid rather then the entire post.

  3. Pierre Legrand

    Hi Sean,

    Just buy your plugin after seeing your video.

    Love the idea but sadly the loop archive only show 2 posts every time and i can’t find any settings to change that.

    Is this a bug or a normal behavior ?


    • Pierre Legrand

      Ok i just find it,

      Theres is a paramaters on the divi settings page for number of post to show.

      I’m a little sad cause i was thinking that the plugin give the choice for every layout not globally.

      • Sean Barton

        Hi Pierre, it does give you the flexibility of doing it for every layout. you can click the ‘toggle terms’ button on the settings page and it will show you a list of your categories if you wish to override the layout for each one


  4. Ryan Grieco

    Hi, pre-sales question. Does this work with WooCommerce product category pages? I would like to add a different header image to every product category page.

    • Sean Barton

      Hi Ryan, This may do yes although you could use Woo Layout Injector for that otherwise.


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* Changelog: * 1.6 * - Bug fix. Removed issue whereby a site with LOTs of users wouldn't be able to save layouts. Limited author layout selection to certain roles * - Feature. Added post date archive layout option * * V1.7 * - Fixed responsive text size/line height issues * - Added more configuration options in advanced design settings across all modules * - Added Taxonomy Loop Archive module for far greater control over your archive pages * - Added title, gallery and content modules to work in conjunction with the loop archive module added also in this version * * V1.8 - 10/2/17 * - Added licensing and auto updates * - Tidied up the settings page to make it more user friendly with handy links to Youtube and documentation * - Removed superfluous layouts from all layout dropdowns on the settings page * - Fixed grid columns setting in Loop Archive module showing even when full width was selected * - Added text colour and alignment options to title and content modules for ease of use * * V1.9 - 22/2/17 * - Added option to hide module if no results in loop archive * - Removed error around show categories in the archive module * * V2.0 - 5/6/17 * - Fixed default date in title module * * V2.1 - 17/8/17 * - Updated single function output for supporting third party plugins (adding the 'the_content' filter on output) * * V2.2 - 22/9/17 * - Fixed Tax Archive module grid view * - Added Tax Archive grid view column selector * - Renamed modules to remove redundant "ET" prefix for clarity * - Fixed PHP notice in loop archive module for show_pagination * * V2.3 - 13/10/17 * - Updated modules to use a new toggle group to separate them from the background setting which was introduced a few versions ago * * V2.4 - 03/11/17 * - Fixed auto update process * * V2.5 - 06/12/17 * - Added filter to content module to allow you to only show the excerpt when it is explicitly defined. * - Added maximum terms constant and filter to be able to define the number of terms to override in the settings pages * - Added better support for the design tab in the taxonomy archive module * - Moved to bulder_ready from init * * V2.6 - 09/02/18 * - Added new Essential Grid module so you can use essential grid for archive pages within the injector layouts * * V2.7 - 12/02/18 * - Added class="entry-content" to the main container to restore it's associated styling * - Added new custom css and styling options dor the taxonomy description in the taxonomy title module * * V2.8 - 13/02/18 * - Fixed Typo in Taxonomy User Avatar module * - Renamed Taxonomy Title to Taxonomy Post Title for clarity * - Added custom css box for taxonomy title meta * - Added plugin page action links for support, settings etc.. * - Fixed individual author override setting * * V2.9 - 28/02/18 * - Added new Read More module for when you want to show a read more button but without any excerpt or content * - Fixed bug whereby the essential grid module showed even if essential grid wasn't activated *

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