DIVI UPDATE NOTICE if you find that after the recent Divi Updates Rebrand DE breaks your site, please try the following steps:

  1. Deactivate the plugin
  2. Re activate the plugin
  3. Reset and save your Rebrand settings
  4. We have included two companion plugins with Rebrand to take into account hiding the divi help videos from the front end builder and disabling the pre-made layouts. Support is only offered on Rebrand from this page.
  5. We also recommend using the divi role editor to hide the new support function as well.

Rebrand DE allows you to create the ultimate white label solution for your Divi or Extra theme powered website and is a one time unlimited use lifetime license – support is offered for 6 months from purchase date.

  • Rebrand the Divi Builder and all Divi Builder related Settings
    • Recolour the Divi Builder
    • Resize (full screen) the Divi Builder
    • Change the word ‘Builder’ in the Divi Builder screens
    • Hide Divi in pages and posts Dashboards
  • Rebrand the Div/Extra menu and Divi/Extra Theme Settings
  • Hide the Divi/Extra menu item
  • Hide the Rebrand DE plugin from the plugins lists, or hide the plugins menu entirely
  • Hide Appearance sub menus (themes, customizer and editor) or hide the Appearance menu entirely.
  • Hide the Updates menu item
  • Hide the Rebrand DE menu item
  • Hide the Div/Extra theme from the front end of your website
    • Rebrands any instance of Divi in the source code, including paths to style sheets and javascript files
    • Rebrands any Divi specific element attributes in the source code, including font and style sheet element ids (eg <link rel=’stylesheetid=’divi-style-css‘)
    • Option to Minify HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • Settings are not applied to the user who installs/uses the Rebrand DE plugin for the first time (Rebrand User)
    • Optionaly you can set it to apply the settings to the Rebrand User as well (for testing purposes)
  • Works with both the Divi and Extra themes
  • Support added for NGINX servers (by way of NGINX configuration instructions)
  • Updated theme detector engine
  • Developed using Divi 3.0

IMPORTANT NOTE: If hosted on an Apache server, this plugin requires that your WordPress install can edit to your .htaccess file and write to your Divi/Extra theme directory.
See the following articles for further information

It is suggested that you have either a backup of your site or your .htaccess file should anything go wrong. The plugin is currently untested with multisite installs.

If hosted on an NGINX server, the plugin contains configuration instructions to replicate the .htaccess changes on Apache.

While Rebrand DE will hide Divi in your source code and therefore may fool some theme detectors, it will not hide your theme from all detectors. Theme detectors are updated from time to time we cannot guarantee that your Rebranded site will always stay undetected.

Rebrand DE was developed using the Divi and Extra themes, but I cannot support issues related to other 3rd party plugins or child themes. If you are using Rebrand DE and it conflicts with a 3rd party plugin or child theme I am prepared to offer paid support in order to investigate and fix the problem, which I will charge at my hourly rate. You may contact me beforehand to enquire about this rate.

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  1. hotel crux

    how to change the divi logo from left side?

  2. cloudandculture

    Is Rebrand DE still functioning well with all the new changes to the DIVI builder and WP 5.0?

  3. Victoria Islas

    Your plug in is not working on my site. Any refunds available? I have the latest Divi Theme installed. None of the settings are appearing to save or work.

    • Andrew Palmer

      Recent changes to Divi may have affected it’s operation. Happy to refund however, if you put in a support request. I’m sure the vendor can update it to reflect those changes.

  4. evielutions

    Hi, I’m very interested but noticed in the changelog it hasn’t been updated since April of last year. Any plans of updating?

  5. AB

    Great tool! I think that its better than divi ghoster! one suggestion is to add font selection to overwrite page builder fonts as you do with colors. Also it would be cool to change “ET” strings to something else from code inspector. It works for multisite installations? im working on a project to showcase my child themes with motopress demo builder and uses wp network multisites. thanks in advance.

  6. Grant Pretorius

    Hi Jonathan, great plugin.

    Just one thing after I update the Divi theme, the site looses all its formatting, all content is displayed down the left hand side of the web page.
    I have to uninstall the Rebrand DE plugin, then reinstall, then it works fine again.
    This also happens if I move a site using Duplicator, to a new domain, the site looses all its formatting, it is as if the CSS is not being loaded?

    Dropbox link to my screennshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k0dj6885kvgx62b/Untitled-1.jpg?dl=0

  7. Adam

    Is it Possible to change the “Brick Icon” that replaces the Divi “D”? This would be amazing!

  8. renanalcala

    “You may use this on any and all sites that you develop for your clients. Support is for 6 months after purchase, after which you will have to purchase a support package. Updates are for the life of the product. ”

    May you please confirm what is the support package that we have to purchase after 6 months and the cost?

    • Andrew Palmer

      We replied via support ticket on this and the support cost for renewal is 50% of the original price you paid.

  9. Emile Reynolds

    What does the $18 give me? – lifetime? do I have to pay annually?

    • Andrew Palmer

      Updates are for life, support is for the first 6 months. We will amend the license terms to make it clearer.

  10. Jonathan Bossenger

    Hi Isabel

    At the moment, when the plugin is installed and settings activated, it will render a custom theme-screenshot image, not the default Divi one.

    I will look into if I can make this customisable.

  11. Isabel Clever

    Hi there,

    nice plugin!
    Is it possible to change the theme-screenshot (Divi-Logo on purple)?



  12. Jonathan Bossenger

    Hi Leonardo

    The plugin has not been abandoned, the last update was in April of this year, fixing some new bugs that appeared after an Extra update.


  13. Leonardo Lorca

    Hi, will you update this eventualy? Seems abandoned.

    • Daniel Green

      Once I hide the rebrand plugging how I opened back? also Why I can’t see the changes on my end?

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= 1.3.1 = 2019-04-04 *tested with Divi 3.++ and WP 5.++ *added function to hide Divi and Gutenberg on pages and posts dashboard (Thanks Bruno) * 2018-07-27 * Fixed a bug which causes a fatal PHP error when using minification tools = 1.2.9 = * 2018-03-25 * Overall speed improvements * Fixed a bug where words that include 'divi' or 'extra' (like individual or extramural) are not rebranded = 1.2.8 = * 2017-04-09 * Fixed bugs related to the latest Extra Theme = 1.2.7 = * 2017-03-07 * Fixed bug where theme name displays on At a Glance block in Dashboard = 1.2.6 = * 2017-03-07 * Updated theme IP blocks * Implemented auto updates via EMP = 1.2.5 = * 2016-10-14 * 'Smarter' theme detector hiding (credit Andrew Palmer) = 1.2.3 = * 2016-09-06 * Added an option for the 'rebrand' user to test the settings * Fixed a bug in the hiding of the plugin from the plugin list * Bug fixes = 1.2.2 = * 2016-08-12 * Minor bugfixes = 1.2.1 = * 2016-07-25 * Ability to change Page Builder Colours, fullscreen, bugfixes = 1.0 = * 2016-06-25 * Initial release

Checkout the documentation first and if you still need help open a support ticket.

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You may use this on any and all sites that you develop for your clients. Support is for 6 months after purchase, after which you will have to purchase a support package. Updates are for the life of the product. 

*Support is provided by vendors directly.

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