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**********Fully Compatible with Classic Builder**********

Pods is a great (and FREE) way of getting custom post types and custom fields into your WordPress site. It comes with a whole raft of templating options and components to do a number of things in a really clever way. However, what it doesn’t do well is integrate into the Divi Builder. You need to use shortcodes or custom templating and it can get confusing and messy really easy.

In this plugin, the Pods module for Divi, you get two Divi Builder modules to add both a single item or a table of items. The table module allows you to select which fields you want and it will show them in a nicely styled way. This works well for general text, numbers, dates, website addresses etc. The single field module is, as it sounds, a module to output one of the fields only. This is especially good for images, files and relationship fields.

Every field type you will find in the Pods list is supported by this plugin including relationships which provides a linked list of related items.

The video shows in more detail how to use the plugin and what it can output. The styling options on each module also allow you to tune the content to suit both your brand and the context in which you are showing the fields.

How to use

  • Install and Activate the plugin
  • Create some fields against a post type using the Pods plugin
  • Visit a page using the Divi builder (one that had the Pods fields present) and click ‘Add Module’
  • You’ll see two modules there, “Pods Single Item” and “Pods Items”, select the one you want and then select the Pods field to output
  • Save the layout/page and view it.
  • That’s it!


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  1. Gautier Colasse

    Can you update this plugin please ? Because :

    “This third party module is not fully compatible with the latest version of the Divi Builder. You can still edit the module, but a preview will not be rendered in the builder. You can contact the developer of the module to encourage them to update it. Click here for more info.”

    Thanks you !


    Hi, I have problems styling the CPT Read more button. I’m writing to the support e-mail in order to be forwarded to the developer. Thanks.

  3. Cain Lazenby

    Hi Guys,

    I’m liking it, but I’ve hit a few walls, possible my methods so I’m wondering if someone can make some suggestions. I’m using DIVI builder, pods, CPT layout injector, and DIVI pods module – bought today.

    Main issues are around hyperlinking –

    1) is their a shortcode, ID or something which can be used inside the simple code for hyperlinking?

    ex. Website

    *Note/Tip – I had a css spacing issue with images inside my template but was able to resolve this with:
    .ni_pods {line-height:0em !important;}

    and using the DIVI module CSS field.


  4. belin cyril

    don’t work

  5. Christine

    I had so much fun playing with Pods, this plugin and CPT layout injector yesterday. I was able to efficiently customize the CPT layouts using the Divi Builder and my clients are going to love creating new pages without loading from library, opening modules etc.

    I was able to knock out most of a portfolio site quite quickly. I can see uses for this efficient plugin in so many of my projects. Wish I could travel back in time!

  6. webandpress

    Thanks for this useful PODS solution. Fast and easy to use.


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* V1.1 * - Initial version * - Works in conjunction with Pods, a free and popular plugin for WordPress - https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/pods/ * * V1.2 - 16/02/2018 * - fixed picking a single item in the relationship field or the image field as both were showing the wrong info. *

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