To utilize this plugin you will need a copy of Divi by Elegant Themes
CURRENT RELEASE: 0.8.7 – see Description Tab below for changelog

COMPATIBLE WITH DIVI thru v.3.19.11 – NOTE: modules in this plugin are fully functional in Page Builder (Backend Builder). Modules added in PB are viewable (gray block only) but can be modified in Visual Builder. This is a constraint placed on third party modules in Divi3. Future versions of KK Divi Mods will be fully compatible with Divi3+ when applicable.

  • NEW IN 0.7.3! HORIZONTAL TABS – all of the functionality of VERTICAL TABS EXTENDED including the capability to use Divi Library items in the tab content.
  • NEW IN 0.7.2! VERTICAL TABS EXTENDED – all of the functionality of the original Vertical Tabs but has more styling options AND the capability to use Divi Library items in the tab content.
  • BLOG INDEX – list posts and/or projects content in full or excerpt mode with three different title/meta layouts.  Has many different thumbnail sizes to choose from.
  • NEW IN 0.7.0! BLOG INDEX EXTENDED – same features as BLOG INDEX but has one additional layout and more styling options including default Read More button and Divi Button Designer capability. NEW IN 0.7.5! In addition to the Archives filter introduced in 0.7.0, there is a Category filter. Also, it is now possible to have meta-data category linkage display categories in same module instance. NEW IN 0.8.0!  You can now include Custom Post Types and their taxonomies. Certain conditions apply.
  • BLOG GRID – list post and/or projects content in full or excerpt mode with three different title/meta/content MASONRY grid layouts.  Two or three columns depending on container width. Thumbnail sizes can be mixed including portrait and landscape modes.
  • NEW IN 0.7.1! BLOG GRID EXTENDED – same features as BLOG GRID but has new Overlay/Hover animations, new default Read More button plus Divi Button Designer plus column control in single column sections. NEW IN 0.8.0!  You can now include Custom Post Types and their taxonomies. Certain conditions apply.
  • CONTACT FORM – quick contact form with Name, Email, Subject and Message fields.  A tiny-mce editor is provided for composing a success message for the user.
  • CUSTOM CONTACT FORM – build a custom contact form using several field types including text, text area, select lists, radio button, check boxes and more.  Compose a success message for the form user.  Drag and Drop fields to arrange or change layout. NEW IN 0.7.5! option added for redirect with delay setting.
  • FEATURED SLIDER – current choice is the Nexus Slider that shows title/content of four recent posts or projects.  Thumbnails provide background imagery all in a masonry format.  More slider choices to be added soon.
  • FULLHEADER w/ VIDEO BACKGROUND – construct a full width header with title/sub-title/CTA showing before/during or after completion of a non-repeating full screen video background.  Inconspicuous controls are provided to replay or mute.
  • FULLWIDTH SLIDER w/CAROUSEL NAV – conventional image slider with background image/video, foreground image/text/video with an optional carousel navigation panel below.
  • STANDARD SLIDER w/CAROUSEL NAV – all of the choices and options of the Full width Slider but for Standard Sections.
  • VERTICAL TABS – just like Horizontal Tabs, but rotated 90 degrees with unlimited tabs.  Usual MCE content editor provided for each tab.
  • FEATURED CPT SLIDER w/CAROUSEL NAV – both FW and Standard versions. Select a registered Custom Post Type from the list and a slider is constructed from posts having a FEATURED category.

NEW IN 0.8.0!  A WP Admin menu has been added for options outside of any options set within the modules.  You can now Enable/Disable any of the modules to control what is loaded into memory.  There are fifteen modules in this package, so, to provide a little more control of the performance of the Builder, you can disable any that will not be used in a particular site.

Also, within the admin menu, you can select a featured image size for the single post and project templates.  These sizes are predetermined by the theme and this plugin.

License information: Once purchased, you are free to use this Plugin for both personal and commercial use on as many sites as you like for as long as you like.

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      I’m not familiar with Polylang, but it seems to have created a Languages taxonomy that KK is finding to include. Two things may be able to help:

      1) check the KK module settings for Categories chosen. You may see Languages there. If none of the cats are chosen, tick those that you want to include.


      2) check the KK settings under the Divi admin menu group. There is a choice in the KK admin menu to include only Categories that have category in its admin definition.

      If neither works, then use the Support form located at the bottom of the KK module description within EMP. We can discuss in greater detail.

      • Annemarie

        Thanks, neither of those options helped. However, when I turned off Categories in meta, the language went away as well. I can live without displaying the category, and I don’t have time to troubleshoot any further right now, so I’ll just have to live with it like that.

        • James

          No need to go it alone. Submit a Support Request on this page and we can have a dialogue.

  1. Mitch

    I am almost certain at the time i purcahsed i got a lifetime non expiring license, when i attempted to do a support request its saying its expired.

    Having said that we have found a bug that causes WordPress to break if using 0.8.7 and also 4.9.7 Wp and Divi v3.10.1 togther with Divi Body Commerce by Divi Engine. These 2 plugins together cause a massive break.

    When clicking on NEW PAGE or OPTION or almost any core feature of WordPress misc errors occur. We are unsure which plugin is causing this specific issue because it only happens when both are enabled together.

    I will be sending Divi Engine this same message and you guys will need to sort this out at your earliest convenience.



      Yes, you have lifetime updates but the renewal is only for continued misc support. If something breaks, we surely want to know about it. The general support ticket might be a better method of reporting this type of thing.

      That said, we’re not familiar with Divi Body Commerce so it’ll take some doing to ramp up some kind of collaboration with Divi Engine. I’ll attempt to contact you via another means.

  2. Eric Coenders

    Howdy James,
    seems I’m running into a couple of problems with the KK Blog Extended. They occur on on the bottom of the home page and on the news page, I use this module. Issues:

    1. Seems that no matter what screensize, the thumbnail never rescales. Is that standard Divi behaviour? If so, I’m going to work something out, maybe scale it just a little. Either way, text is the only thing flowing, and see 2. why that is a problem

    2. The text and title don’t flow at all on lower resolutions (tablet et cetera). It starts to run over other content. I see it has to do with me manually setting the overflow to visible for the article container; but if I don’t, the thumb gets cut off because of the somewhat rude manner the Limit Article Height is working. Any suggestions?

    4. The Read More button does not appear

    Hope to be hearing from you, thanks!

    • Andrew Palmer

      If you look at the top of the links on this page, you can fill in a a support request, James can get to you quicker that way. 🙂


      Eric, I’ve responded to you elsewhere. If anyone else is interested in my comment, let it be known here.

      • Liam Trubshaw

        I am also encountering this issue. What was the fix please?

        • James

          If you have issues that would be better handled with a support request, please, submit one above.

          As for this case, the “fix” was to use custom css to apply a width: 50%; rule to the thumb container or img.

          As for the Read More button, this will be based on a module setting that either disables it or another where it has been chosen that content will be limited to the height of the article container. In the latter case, the button will appear on hover.

  3. Thibault de Changy

    Can’t find any demo or video. Do you have any link to include in this description ?


      Yes, there are links on the product page to the demo site.

  4. Sean

    How do I change the color of the Captcha label (the auto generated numbers you have to add, 6+3, etc.)?


      There is a Custom CSS panel ( Captcha Question: ) in the Advanced tab within module settings. You can insert css there, as in:

      color: blue;

      or, of course, any color rule you choose.

  5. Eric Coenders

    Hi there,

    might be I’m not the only one with this issue: since maybe 2 or 3 weeks, none of the modules in KK Mods can be switched off anymore. They are all on by default, the buttons to deactivate a KK module are screenwide (so actually very wide swatches) and don’t function. If I’m not mistaken, before there were also the KK mods options in the WP Customizer, but those are gone too. The KK mods themselves work just fine, though…

    Only other Divi tool I installed is Divi Booster.


      What you are experiencing is due to recent Divi updates and changes to CSS therein. There is a new release of KK and you may download a copy from EMP for keeping. You can auto-update the plugin within WP->Plugins for any affected sites.

  6. Piotr

    It looks like it was a Divi update issue. Now everything works fine, thanks. 🙂
    I have another question about the carousel. Is it possible to scroll to the end and to stand there? Now the pictures scroll in circles.


      Not quite sure what you mean by “scroll to the end and to stand there” and “scroll in circles.” Please elaborate. I think I know what the answer will be from me, but I want to make sure it matches your questions ;^)

      • Piotr

        Is it possible for carousel nav panel to contain the gallery thumbnails, but without duplicates? Now it scrolls endlessly, and when you get to the last picture, it starts from the beginning, showing the first photo, so it is an endless loop.


          The nav panel images depend on the type of KK slider. If you use any other than the CPT slider (which will rely on featured images), you may set the nav images to any image. In other words, those don’t have to match the slide image.

          As for the endless loop, I’m afraid that is how it is ;^)

  7. Bjarne

    For how long is it possible to update this product, when i buy it ?

  8. Piotr

    Divi 3.0.75 and KK Divi Mods 0.8.5, module SLIDER w/CAROUSEL stopped working together after Divi update. I can not add a new module to a page and I can not open a previously added module. Please help urgently.. .

  9. Frank Weber

    Look for a tool to redesign only the single post pages? Have You?


    i look only for a tool to redefine some things in the view of the single post pages for my new blogdesign with divi

    – Title first and big
    – Featured Image smaller and centered

    Have You something?

    Kind regards Frank Weber


      There is no specific KK product or module that deals with single post displays. There is a setting in the KK Blog modules to adjust the size of the featured image in single, but it doesn’t necessarily fit the bill for every occasion.

      There are other plugins within EMP that may worth checking out, like the Injector plugins.

  10. David Pita

    I’ve used this plugin on two different projects and love it. I bought it primarily for its Divi blog extension and find it’s a real nifty plugin that helps me achieve the cool layouts I’m after. Thought I’d leave a comment here as the plugin maker has been super helpful in answering several of my support request emails.


      Thanks for the kind words, David.

  11. reinerpfeil

    nice plugin. I’ve been working with KK Vertical Tabs Ext since today. I have a question about this. Is it possible to include icons or graphics in the tabs in the vertical tabs? And also in the horizontal tabs?


      Out of the box, it is not possible to incorporate this. However, using Custom CSS, it is possible to a point. How are your skills with CSS?

      The most obvious way to do this is by employing the :before or :after pseudo CSS selectors. By their names, these selectors allow inserting content be it text or image and with positioning rules, place the content above/below/left/right.

  12. Richard

    Hi love this divi mod plugin. Just got one major concern: both horizontal and vertical tabs do not support mobile (responsive) mode. I ended up with a third party tabs plugin as my client requests that it’s a must to have mobile support.

    When would you guys add mobile support to the tabs module?

    Many thanks.


      Mobile (responsive) mode is a perception rather than an absolute. True, some modules have been coded to be responsive absolutely, but still, the coder decided what that looked like. I did the same to a point. From there, I was hoping the designer would take over or contact me for some suggestions. Like some other types of modules, mobile rendering involves using the device controls within the module settings.

      That said, how would you expect both KK Tabs (Ext) Mods to look on mobile? It might be possible to provide some Custom CSS or advice that satisfy your needs from client to client. Or, your suggestions might can be included in the next release.

      I sent you a separate note. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  13. EDS


    Is there a way to add a sorting option (A-Z) to the blog extended and grid extended module please ?



      I’m sorry. There is no current option to modify the sorting scheme from within the module settings. The listing is by recent date by default.

  14. Alana

    I’m using the KK blog module, with the layout set to KK Left Thumb Title Right and the Thumbnail size set to KK featured 270×192.

    I’m wondering if there’s a way I can adjust the padding between the right hand side of the thumbnail image and the left had side of the text?


      Yes, there is. You will need to do some Custom CSS, however. Care should be taken where you place this depending on whether you want this site wide or a certain page, etc.:

      .et_pb_kkblogext .blog-thumb { margin-right: 20px; }

      The default is 15px. You can specify any value or unit you like. The above will affect all devices equally, so, if you need something different for each device type, then media queries might be in order.

      • Alana

        Thank you. Where would you suggest I add this CSS? I’ve added it to the custom CSS field in the Divi Theme Options but it doesn’t seem to have changed the padding. Should I add it to the CSS box in the advanced tab for the actual module? And, if so, which CSS box should I add it to? Thank you.


          Alana, I’ve sent you an email, so, look for that and then we can work this out directly.


            Got it and responded ;^)

          • Alana

            I’ve looked for your email but I still cannot find it. I’ve checked junk emails too and it’s not there. I can see the email I sent you but I’ve not received a response. Very strange! Is there another way we can communicate as this doesn’t seem to be working.


            It may be that the email I’m using is not accurate. I found it in the initial comment you left that was forwarded to my email address. Go to the KK Divi Mods demo site and use the Contact Form. I’ll respond to that.

          • Alana

            Okay, thanks. I’ve submitted a contact form.


            Got it! Responding.

  15. Percy


    I wonder if I can hide the pause and audio icon. I will decide to buy the plugin if this is possible. Congratulation for you works, do not stop.


      Yes. The are no control settings to hide the buttons in the KK FW/FS Header w/BG Video module, but you can do this with Custom CSS.

  16. eds

    Using KK blog or KK blog grid module display ALL the posts form all the categories. Not only the ones I select into the options.
    It works normally using the divi blog module. Any idea ?
    FYI I’m using s2member plugin too.


      The s2member plugin’s filters and hooks may interfere with KK’s query code as opposed to the Divi module which uses a slightly different and conventional approach. This will be reviewed as time permits.

  17. Harry Stoddart

    I’m using the extended vertical tabs module. It works as advertised except for two items: 1. The content background override isn’t working. When I inspect the tab and turn off it’s background colour, the override colour is revealed. I’m wondering if it is somehow a z-index issue with the override.
    2. I like the spacing of the tabs when I use a border but the border is rendered with a slight gap in the corners between it and the tab background that lets the tab control background colour show through. If that can’t be fixed, I would be fine with using no border but having the tabs spaced the same rather than being tight together when the border is removed.

    Thanks in advance.


      1) the background controls you mention work well when the tab colors are not changed from their default. When the tab colors are changed, then that color also becomes the background of the content area. This to give the appearance of continuity. However, there is an additional background control in Extended Settings that will override this effect.

      2) when using a radius for the border, there is an anomaly where the tab also is given radius to its shape. This can be counteracted with Custom CSS by reducing the amount of radius styling to the tab or set the background of the

    • element identically to the tab color.
  18. Raphaël Abadie-Moreau


    I just bought the plugin and installed it to my EXTRA themes.

    The module appear on a simple page (with the divi builder)

    But in the layout system of EXTRA, i do not have the module which is very sad, is there a way to get them here ?


      No. At this time, KK Divi Mods is not supported for use in Extra and particularly in the Category Builder.

  19. Civittas


    in custom contact form it would be great that we could have the possibility of having a custom subject, much better if this could get info from the form:

    Example: CustomSubject + Email
    CustomSubject + Date & time


      I’ll take this under advisement for future releases. I recognize that some additional flexibility might be welcomed by some, but I’ll need to weigh that against how many may use it it.

  20. danbilabs

    Just now, I bought this plugin and started using it!
    Thank you for your awesome features.
    However, some of module like ‘KK Horizontal Tab’ do not work with Mac Safari. It work well with Chrome.


      If you could highlight what you mean by “not work,” we could certainly investigate why that may be. Leave a Chat message or contact us through the demo site.

  21. Barb Baranski

    Anybody else have this issue? I’m using the Horizontal Tabs and the Divi Library. I create a Layout for the Divi Library, save it. I go to my horizontal tabs, add a new tab, set it to “Yes” for Include Divi Library Items, and then click on the dropdown for Library Layouts, and my layout doesn’t appear.

    I’ve closed the page and reopened it. I’ve cleared the cache. I’ve created another Library item (because one time, when I created two library items at the same time before going to the Horizontal tabs to add them, one of the Layouts I just created appeared and the other did not).

    I’ve checked the Divi Library – the Layout is there, and it is a “Layout” – not a Section, Row, or Module.

    This has happened a couple of times, and almost always, if I wait a day or so, all of a sudden they will magically be there.

    Feels like a caching issue, but clearing the cache doesn’t help.

    Frustrating – I work on some deadlines, and this is really annoying. Any thoughts on a remedy?



      The latest release should have improved this (v.0.8.3). Let us know if you still have difficulty.

  22. John Scott

    Hi James, loving the new functionality of the extended modules, especially being able to use Divi Library content in tabs – is there any chance that you may extend that functionality of being able to use Divi Library content in the accordian/toggle modules in future editions? I have been doing it the long way round to date, but having that functionality would be great. Cheers!


      John, that’s a good idea, though KK Divi Mods is already bursting at the seams with 15 modules. Even then, I’m putting it on my list.

  23. Richard Ginn

    I have a request to expand on your custom contact form module..

    Count the amount of times the form has been submitted.

    What I was hoping and thinking is that a new module could also be created that could output that number in a bar counter format.

    Great for dealing with petition sign up forms.


      I have a new comprehensive release coming out hopefully this week. In it, there will be a hook defined that will allow the sharing of the form submission with other functions or plugins. I won’t be able to do it this release, but it would seem that a count of submissions could be meta-data for a form.

      Conceivably, any of the Divi counter modules could be modified to query a value stored in the db to effect the tabulation in the counter display. The last time I looked, the counter modules had to be manually updated, but that could be modified.

  24. mjdauphin

    thanks for your quikly reply, i have buy your module but i have an problem with the module blog index(kkblog), when i choose different thumbnail size in the menu of the module, the size of the picture not change . there is not change in my website.

    Thanks in advance
    Tino (sorry for my english i am french)


      Without more info, I’d be only guessing the cause and the resolution. My first guess, assuming that you had posts before installing KK, is that you may need to use a plugin to “resize” your thumbnails. Or, depending on the number of posts you have, you may only need to re-upload a Featured image for each targeted post. This will create the various thumbnails that are represented in the dropdown list in the module.

  25. mjdauphin

    There is “nexus slider” in this product?

    Thanks in advance


      Yes. It’s in the Featured Slider module. Careful; there are two modules marked Featured ;^)

  26. Ilse Oosterlaken

    Hi! I was wondering if this plugin also works with the Extra theme from Elegant Themes? Or is that is what meant with currently no “extra support” in the comment by Andrew Palmer?

    • Andrew Palmer

      HI, as the developer particularity made this to work with Divi, he does not offer specific Extra Support. However, it is hooked into the Divi Builder of which Extra utilises. There is no reason why it should not work with Extra, it is just untested in Extra.


      Though Extra uses the Page Builder. it is subtly different in a lot of respects. The main difference is styling of the layouts and modules. Classes and IDs particular to Extra are not accounted for in the KK modules and the accompanying KK css.

  27. Gille

    Hi , great plugin but can you see at the KK contact module , don’t seems to work. The emails are not coming in. I tested with different emails, nothing works. Thanks for checking. Ps: I have the latest DIVI and the latest KK plugin version.


    • Aaron

      I’m having same issues. Custom contact form not working. messages not going through and the success message doesn’t show.


        This is generally due to mis-naming the fields and not having an Email Address field type within the form. There could be some other mitigating circumstances, but they will generally be somewhat unique to the situation.


      Just to note, I believe Gille found an alternative to his problem before he and I could resolve his situation off-line.

  28. Ludovic


    Nice plugin.

    But when someone fill the form, the message is sent to my address with the email of my client in the From email. So it goes directly in spam. Is it possible to have my email address in the from and have the email address of the client in the reply email ? In this way, it would avoid spam.

    PS : I write here because I don’t know where is the support.

    Thank you.


      Spam involving a TO: email address when you are the TO: can generally be handled in the email account setup. I would think that in the case of forms known to the TO: address can be exempted per IP or domain.

      If you need to add a Name to the recipient address to avoid spam (there are strict rules per email exchange), then the email address given in the module settings could be:

      My Name

  29. Andy

    Trying to decide which product I need, but not really sure of the difference between these two: KK DIVI MODS and KK Divi Blogger

    It looks like the Divi MODS product is the Divi Blogger product with some extra modules included with it?



      KK DIVI MODS includes the two modules found in KK Divi Blogger. Blogger was created for those only interested in the functionality the latter provides.

  30. Tim Wheatley

    Loving the plugin, thanks
    How do I expand the width of the captcha box as it only shows 1 digit at a time?


      Tim, the plugin CSS width should be adequate for two digits. I will assume that you didn’t enlarge the text size. Regardless, you can enter the following into a Custom CSS panel of your choosing i.e. page or theme options:

      .et_pb_kkcontact_form_container .et_pb_contact_right p input.et_pb_contact_captcha {

      max-width: 60px;


      Adjust the number or units to your liking. James

  31. David

    For the KK Fullwidth Slider w/Carousel Module Settings plugin…
    Is there a way to:
    1. change the size of the thumbnails?
    2. center the thumbnails? Give Padding to the thumbnails?



      David, try this…

      in the Page Custom CSS panel, override the current CSS by entering:

      .et_pb_kkcarousel_items .et-carousel-group { float: none; width: 80%; margin: 0 auto; }

      Adjust per your taste. As you adjust the width, the thumbnails will automatically adjust. The margin will center.


  32. Dev

    Does this plugin let you disable the slider fade-in animation?


      Fade-in is the only transition style available. There is no toggle for turning the fade-in off or a control to select a different animation style.



    I have problem of layout of the builder, on the “blog extended module”. I have two lines instead of one, to display the “general settings”, “extended design settings”, “advanced settings” and “custom css” nails.
    And then, I do not see the first options of the module.
    For info, my interface is in French (maybe the headings are a bit longer than in English).

    thank you in advance for your return


      Yes, translation is the source of the problem. It’s not just French, however ;^)

      There is a remedy if you are comfortable editing the plugin admin stylesheet. I’ll attempt to “correct” this in the next release, but if you want to do something before then…

      Locate the admin stylesheet: wp-content/plugins/kk-divi-mods/admin/css/style.css

      Add the following to the bottom:

      div[data-module_type=”et_pb_kkblogext”] .et-pb-options-tabs-links li { font-size: 16px; }
      div[data-module_type=”et_pb_kkblogext_grid”] .et-pb-options-tabs-links li { font-size: 16px; }

      Change the font size to your liking. The Divi default is 18px.


  34. Peter

    This plugin looks like exactly what I need. Does it work on sites in other languages also, specifically Russian and Swedish? I’ve had problems with other Divi blog plugins.

  35. Guy Cedorge

    Nice plugin, and I’d like to know if categories can be selected or excluded in your KK Blog


      Yes, Guy, you can select categories from the Post post type with the Index module. You can select categories from the Post and Project post types with the Grid module.

      There are plans to include all post types including Custom in a future release.


      • Guy Cedorge

        Sorry, but I’m not sure to understand your answer.
        I don’t see anywhere on the screenshots how to select or unselect categories to display on a blog page (WordPress Archive Template).
        I’ve a dozen of categories and I would like to display only three of them on a page with your Blog Extended layout, can I do that ?


          If you haven’t visited the demo site, there are some images on the following page that will describe more about Blog Index. You can, in fact, choose which categories you want to present:

          Specifically, see the second page of the gallery.


          • Guy Cedorge

            Thanks for your reply, I had visited the demo and saw this page .
            I want to choose categories displayed on a page, not the visitor as I see on your gallery.
            So my question is : are they parameters in your Divi Blog Module to select or unselect categories ?


            Yes, Guy. Revisit the demo and particularly peruse the image gallery on the tutorial page for Blog Index Ext. On page 2 of the gallery (you can view the gallery in popup mode), or the last image, there is a depiction of checkboxes enabling what categories will be included.

            The categories you see are for my demo site. Your list will depict your site.


          • Guy Cedorge

            Oh yes, thanks James, I did’t see page 2.



  36. Barb Baranski

    I love this! One issue I’m having – I’m using the extended blog grid, and I’ve got it set so the offset is 0. However, the display shows one less that it should.

    Any ideas?


      Barb, I would need a little more info, like, what value (if any) do you have set for Posts Number? Any settings in Theme Options for layout that would limit number of posts? Check Settings->Reading for any post number limits.


    • James heath

      Maybe a post is marked as ‘sticky’. I had something similar (possibly not even a divi usage), and ‘sticky’ was the culprit.

  37. Suzan

    Does the Blog module work with custom post types? It’s lovely, but I need custom post types…


      At present, the Blog Index does not provide for CPTs. The Blog Grid allows for Posts and Projects but not other CPTs.

      I do have plans for CPTs in the near future. James

      • Peter

        James, does it work in different languages (for example Cyrillic Russian)?


          Peter, I’ve tried to incorporate the same level of translation as does Divi and the Builder provides. So, if Divi provides the translation you need, then you can expect that KK will also. That’s not to say that I have exhaustively made sure every control or output is translatable, but I have strived for it ;^)


          • Peter

            James, thanks for your comment. The reason I’m asking is because I had problems with another plugin that modifies the appearance of the blog module. It works fine in English, but on a Russian site misalignments occur between elements and dates don’t display properly. I guess this might be because of the Cyrillic font.


            Peter, KK provides unique modules in the sense that some are modifications of the core modules and others are original in concept. Hence, the translation aspects of KK are modeled from the Divi Builder core.

            I can’t speak intelligently about Cryllic, but if you review the .po files in the lang and languages dirs in Divi, these are primarily what you can expect. There may be phrases, etc., that don’t translate well. I can also imagine that the font may not play well in a full bodied post. I can also expect that the browser will have some play, as well.


  38. Sarah

    Love KK Divi Mods, and this latest version has some great additional features. Well worth the $20 purchase price. Just one issue; on the Blog Index Extended and Blog Grid Extended the featured images are not hyperlinked to the post, only the title & button is. I think a lot of readers instinctively click on images so would like to see that changed. Otherwise, good work KK 🙂


      Thnx, Sarah. Yes, you are probably correct in most instances and it may be an oversight on my part.

      Until I work out a solution, you can revitalize image clicks using the following CSS in Custom CSS for the page:

      .ovrly { display: none; }


      • Suzanne

        Hi James,

        I have the same challenge that Sarah mentioned above. I’ve added the CSS to my custom CSS, but my images are still not clickable when I use the Blog Extended Grid. I’ve tried checking in incognito mode and clearing caches etc. but no joy – any ideas on how to recover the clickable image feature that is the DIVI default?




          There was good reason why the link was removed, but I can’t remember what it is ;^) The CSS I suggested to Sarah works only for the Index. For the Grid, I’ll need to modify the template. I’ll try to get that out by New Year’s Eve. I can now see that it’ll be useful where the Title Overlay is NOT is play.


  39. Andrew Palmer

    The module developer is looking into Extra support but their focus is currently on Divi and 2.6 enhancements.

  40. Frank Weber


    sorry for the question (my english is not all the best). I will only use it in Divi. I have not Extra. I’m swiching from a total different Theme to Divi and I’m not happy with the design of the Single Post Pages. For the Bloglayout … I bought “Divi Blog Extras” and “Divi Custom Modules”.


    Please see my reply to your previous comment.

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version 0.8.7
-fixed plugin stylesheet enqueue problem due to recent Divi updates

version 0.8.6
-added code to filter yoast pro taxonomies
-fixed CSS for Blog Grid Ext
-fixed CSS for KK ePanel

version 0.8.5
-corrected white screen with FW Header w/BG Video module due to the Divi 3.0.52 release
-corrected styling issues in various KK modules due to the Divi 3.0.52 release

version 0.8.4
-modified stylesheet and code to correct Divi stylesheet problems with KK Custom Contact Form group fields

version 0.8.3
-additional modifications to Blog Index and Grid Ext for more consistency
-modified Horizontal Tabs top strip to remove phantom line in active tab
-modified the Divi Library selection lists in Vertical and Horizontal Tabs to be dynamic and contain more than ten items
-modified localization problem showing categories and tags in meta data

version 0.8.2
-revised Blog Index layouts for more consistent display of linkages
-with category list toggle in admin menu, eliminates display of Tags in meta-data

version 0.8.1
-corrects bug in select thumbnail size for single posts/projects from admin menu

version 0.8.0
-added plugin admin menu
.select thumbnail size for single posts
.toggle enabling strict category list for modules including categories
.toggle enabling each module in plugin
-added "disabled_on" setting for each module
-various styling improvements to modules
-added capability to include Custom Post Types to Blog Index Ext and Blog Grid Ext modules
-added a more consistent featured image linkage to Blog modules

version 0.7.5
-various improvements to styling issues in modules
-improvements to Custom Form module: smoothscroll to message area on submit, redirect option with delay
-improvements to Blog Indes module: added Category filter and added option for category meta-data linkage

version 0.7.4
-corrected missing Newer/Older Entries page navigation in Blog Index Ext
-hardened code in Blog Index Ext Read More linkage
-hardened code in function.php to conform to Divi3.0 Visual Builder

version 0.7.3
-added KK Horizontal Tabs Module
-modified functionality of KK Vertical Tabs Extended Module

version 0.7.2
-corrected Vertical Tabs module font styling in Advanced Design
-corrected Featured Slider (Nexus) module font styling in Advanced Design
-corrected Custom Contact Form module Success Message font styling in Advanced Design
-added KK Vertical Tabs Extended Module

version 0.7.1
- corrected WP DEBUG message pertaining to enqueue hooks
- added KK Blog Grid Extended Module

version 0.7.0
- added auto update feature in admin
- added KK Blog Index Extended Module
- minor corrections to various modules
. added provision to Custom Contact Form where a "name" field will provide Name for Sender address
. some module output did not have correct spacing for class="" declarations

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