“Horses” is a layout pack for a basic website. Although it can be used in other areas, This is designed with a horses theme.

All images and background video become yours. All images were taken by myself, family, friends or staff. All rights to these are yours with purchase of this layout.

Pages included are



About Us

Contact Us

Home page has a header and an optional video background header is also available on the home page.

CSS tweaks have been added to this site.

  • Grey scale images change to original color photo on hover.
  • Another image section allows for one image changing to another image on hover.
  • Gallery page has a code box added for a cover-fit setting to allow many sized images.

The home page has mobile sections, but are disabled on all device types. Enable these mobile sections if you wish to have a dedicated mobile page with two blurbs side by side. Be sure to disable the other full site sections on mobile when enabling mobile sections.

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You may install this product on any number of websites that you build for yourself or your clients. You may not install any of these products as part of a hosting offering. Any abuse of these license terms will result in the termination of your account and the licenses that are attached – no refund will be offered or awarded in such cases.  You will get basic support – premium support charges may be incurred. Updates are for the life of the product. All Images in this layout are yours to use anytime and anywhere with the purchase of this layout.

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