600+ sales in all marketplace 

Build beautiful Divi websites with DiviBooked. You can even use it in your premium child themes.

Book day – our clients view the information in a beautiful front end interface.

Book hours – The booking system offers complete control to time you want to book. Can be customized anyway you want.

Responsive – Front end interface is responsive and can be viewed, by your clients, on all browsers and devices.

Woocoomerce support – Use DiviBooked with WooCommerce to allow your visitors to purchase their appointments and checkout using WooCommerce..

Reservation Management – Reservations can be added, approved, cancelled, deleted…

Multiple Agents – Calendar can be assignet to “Agent” Allow administrators to create booking calendars and give access to different Agent.

Custom time slots – Add vacation day, special day…

Agent Fronted – Your “Agent” can manage their own calendar from the front-end

User Fronted – Your customers can manage their own appointments from the front-end

Custom Fields – Create any number of custom fields to collect additional information.

Multi language – With Poedit, you’ll be able to translate any part of it quickly and easily.

Multiple Calendars – Create any number of calendars

Your use of the purchased item is unlimited license to use on live website.


Wp Event integration for divi.


  • Set up events with:
    • Quantity (number of tickets)
    • Ticket Price
    • Start date / End date
    • Location (Google Map Integration)
    • ShortCode – to embed into other posts, other places on your site.
    • Featured Event Image, Event Category – Easily group and manage events
  • Manage Users : Who join what event
  • Currency manage: You can choose the currency of your own with Thousand separator, decimal separators and more.
  • Send notify when user register events, send notification when user register accounts, …
  • Payment/Checkout option:
    • Checkout with Paypal
    • Set up Cancel Payment status
    • Limit number of times people register

Create layout for events and second layouts for loop in divi library…

Select the layout in the plugin settings.

This integration works with a free plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-events-manager/

Unpack .zip after install.

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  1. rosa mora

    Hi guys,
    I have a question, is it possible to configure different custom fields in the same calendar? That is, in a calendar I show different products and in each of them I have different personal fields.
    Could it be possible to see a backend demo?

  2. Víctor C.

    Does anyone have a manual to make it work?
    I can not make it work

    thank you

  3. stakanovist


    Is this plugin compatible with WP5 ?

  4. Stephen Russell

    Hi, i am getting an error with the plugin now: Warning: session_start(): Cannot find save handler ‘memcache’ – session startup failed in /wp-content/plugins/booked/booked.php on line 413

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at public_html/wp-content/plugins/booked/booked.php:413) inpublic_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1219

    Any idea what’s going on and how i can fix it?


      • Caspar Steinebach

        Hi Andrew,

        I send you an e-mail, but there is no reply. can you please answer me? The plugin is not working and I feel robbed of my money!!

    • rafaljosko

      This is an error caused by memcache – you can cut content from line 413 in the file booked.php – // Start a session if none is started yet.
      if (! session_id ()) {
      session_start ();

      and put this to the beginning – just behind the comments wp – but if it doesn’t help, you need contact to the hosting company and check memcache.

  5. Alex Lp

    Hi, i need to change a word in the plugin, the word is “Appointment/s” for “Tour/s”, i tried locotranslate to do the change but since it is a new language, it is not working. Any ideas of how to quickly do these changes, all words appointments for tours. Or maybe you should add an option to change this throughout the plugin, like the text in the button

    • Matthew Ford

      I would also love to know the answer to this as I also do tours.

  6. Mandy Elion

    Did this update include the promised CheckIn/Checkout feature? is one able to select multiple days to book??

  7. Jorge David


    1) Is this plugin multisite compatible?

    2) Is this plugin WPML compatible?

    Thank you

  8. Stephen Russell

    Why are the appointments in 2 hour blocks starting at 8am? If my working hours are 9-6 how do i make the first appointment start at 9am instead of 8am? any help would be much appreciated.

  9. bo lange

    Getting an “undefined index”- module_id ad module_class error in DcmBooked.class.php on line 322 and 323

    • rafaljosko

      Can you send message to rafal.josko [at] gmail.com

  10. stakanovist

    Hi, it would be very nice if the plugin creator could answer my last question and tell me how I can translate the product description in the checkout page (time, date and calendar), or just tell me I cant, if not possible. Thank you.

    • rafaljosko

      Can you send a private message to rafal.josko [at] gmail.com with the address of the site

  11. Nicola Concas

    the license is for how many sites?

  12. Aloha Surf S.L.

    Hi, How can the customer book several days in the same appointment?

  13. eniko hangodi

    The plugin works just fine for me. I was wondering if there is a possibility to integrate it with woocommerce POS so the bookings would appear as customers in our POS system. thank you

  14. imike

    I would like to ask if there is a possibility for a user to delete themselves?


  15. Labádi-Fébert Andre e.v.


    I have some questions.

    – How can I add more field in the registration form? For example: telefon number field
    – I edited the booked.pot file. I was created the hu_HU.mo, and hu_HU.po files. I uploded the languages folder, but the translation does not work. Have you got any idea?
    Thanks, Imi

    • Rafal

      1. Appointments > Settings panel and then click on the Custom Fields tab.
      2. Please put .po and .mo languages/plugins and name: booked-hu_HU.mo

      • Labádi-Fébert Andre e.v.

        1. I would liket to insert more input field for this registration form: https://ibb.co/hspc0x
        Is it possible?

        2. Thanks, it’s work now.

  16. Petr

    Hi I needed to export the data from the form for each day, can the plugin generate exports? Is there a demo administration somewhere? Thank you.

  17. unqiho

    The plugin is not working anymore with the newest divi version:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/xxx/beispiel.seite-website.de/wp-content/plugins/booked/class/DcmBooked.class.php:374) in /www/htdocs/xxx/beispiel.seite-website.de/wp-content/themes/Divi/includes/builder/functions.php on line 2454

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/xxx/beispiel.seite-website.de/wp-content/plugins/booked/class/DcmBooked.class.php:374) in /www/htdocs/xxx/beispiel.seite-website.de/wp-content/themes/Divi/includes/builder/functions.php on line 2456

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/xxx/beispiel.seite-website.de/wp-content/plugins/booked/class/DcmBooked.class.php:374) in /www/htdocs/xxx/beispiel.seite-website.de/wp-admin/post.php on line 198

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/xxx/beispiel.seite-website.de/wp-content/plugins/booked/class/DcmBooked.class.php:374) in /www/htdocs/xxx/beispiel.seite-website.de/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1216

  18. Ryan

    Another month has gone by and not a SINGLE update on this apart from – it’s coming. This is actually just getting ridiculous, I think maybe you guys should look at refunds for a dead project. Communication is key – the dev has not said anything – new version was promised in Aug. I’ve messaged the dev on facebook and on their website multiple times with questions and zero response. Warning to new buyers…DO NOT purchase this. You will not be supported.

    • Andrew Palmer

      Updates are coming and the developer is working through the many updates within Divi and WordPress to make sure all works well.

    • Rafal

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any messages from you on facebook … I’m not respond to messages sent from divibooked demo page. I apologize for not answering… I created the plugin for my own projects and wanted to share it with the divi community. However, I have so many own projects that I can’t offer full support for the plugin. The project is alive. I’m still working on a new version of the plugin.
      So someone else will offer support… In the new version of divibooked you will get the best support and answer for every question. And finally you will receive documentation.

    • Trevor

      Seriously, I don’t mind paying for software but when PROMISED updates (it’s still in beta) and add-ons never appear and the developer ignores my requests for support then I’m not happy.

      It’s time for Elegant Marketplace to sort this out.

        • Zac Hansen

          Another month… Any updates?

          • Andrew Palmer

            Updates will be issued as and when they arrive.

          • Mandy Elion

            @Zac I guess we took a flyer and our money flew away along with the developer! It sure spoils it for other devs 🙁

          • rafaljosko

            I don’t have a free time at this moment. I can’t finish the new version of the plugin. Therefore, I found a company that will finish the project and release add-ons, and will continue develop divibooked. New company should publish a small update ( WooCommerce integration, divibooked and others small bug fix) in next week and finish the new version of plugin.

            I don’t want to leave customers alone, so I think it will be the best solution to finish the project. It is a professional company employing programmers, so the quality and speed of work should be at the highest level.

          • Martine Corthesy

            HELP PLEASE – I have been mesmerised by the beautiful promises of this plugin and spent hours to try to find how to open several time slots for several different providers on the same date (i.e. same time slot need to open several times for several providers) – but nothing worked. Can I kindly ask you to let me know how to manage this?

          • Mandy Elion

            Still Nothing!!! What happened to the Check In/Check Out Add On??

    • Stephane Lemay

      With the recent update to WooCommerce, an updated version of this plugin and its add-ons are in order… https://prnt.sc/ibvv6w
      What is the developper doing??

  19. webiliko

    same as romain idont evenknow how to use poedit.please help me out, how can i translate the whole txt/ thks

    • Romain

      It’s quite simple and you will find several web tutorials to help you.
      Basically, you will have to open the file booked.pot choosing “create a new catalog with e pot file” (I dont know the exact words in english). And you will be able to generate both booked-fr_FR.po and booked-fr_FR.mo files (if the translation is in French).

      It worked well for me.

      However, it would be very nice if the plugin creator could answer my last question and tell me how I can translate the product description in the checkout page (time, date and calendar), or just tell me I cant, if not possible. Thank you.

  20. ROMAIN


    Thank you for this nice plugin !
    I could translate the frontend text thanks to poedit except the product description in the checkout page (time, date and calendar). How can I do it ?

    • ROMAIN

      I need some help, please.

  21. Kim Østergaard

    Still waiting and looking forward to receive the new version.
    Where and when will you pronounce the update?

  22. Jonathan Ruzek

    Hi, I’m in need of documentation and resources for this plugin. I have it (the latest available) installed but am not sure if I have the “new” version that’s supposed to be super special that it gets documentation or if the developer has dropped this project. Thanks.

    • Andrew Palmer

      The developer has not dropped the product and is working hard on updates and better documentation. 🙂

  23. James

    Is there an option for the client to add a comment to their booking?

  24. Zac Hansen


    Will you please add a place on the calendar letting visitors know what time zone the appointments will be made. I just had this issue come up for the first time. :/


    • Mandy

      Hmm, me too! I purchased back in September with the add on expectation of October. I’m prepared to wait for a good product, and I am even prepared to put in a little more $ upon delivery if it works! But my hope is waning and I’m thinking I may have wasted $ instead of supporting development.

    • Andrew Palmer

      We are working with the developer to get these additional items added. With all the divi updates, its ready and then… its not. We have to do our best to make it bullet proof 🙂

      • Zac Hansen


        Thanks for the update. I agree with Mandy that I will wait for a solid product I just want to make sure I’m not waiting and investing for nothing.


  25. Andrew

    @Andrew, Rafal.

    2 or 3 weeks with no response to questions about this product. It looks like a new version was set to be released about a month ago – no updates, dev is silent. Is this the kind of support we can expect moving forward with this product? I haven’t purchased because of the lack of response…doesn’t look good if you can’t support your product.

  26. Ryan Mason

    how the heck do I get the module to display on my website I feel so stupid

  27. Drew

    Are there any plans to integrate this with stripe payments instead of having to install Woo?

  28. Elyas

    Hi, where can I find the documentation or guide for divi booked? Thanks

  29. Andrew

    Is there a backend demo?

  30. Alex

    Do you have any releasing date? I’m interesed to buy before launch

  31. puntorosso

    In one of your images I see that the add-ons will be free for the current buyer.
    Is correct?


  32. Zac Hansen

    I sent you a bug report in the form of a video on your contact form. I didn’t get a message saying you received my request. Please let me know if you got it.


    • rafaljosko

      I received a message

  33. Zac Hansen

    Will the custom time slots over right the standard time slots?

  34. Daniel

    How can I change the background colour of the month name box. and the buttons…

    • rafaljosko

      In divi module option,

      Month Row Color:

      Button Color (before click):
      Button Color (after click):

  35. siva prasad

    can we perform any search operation for the available slots on given criteria?

    • rafaljosko

      Unfortunately not.

      • Zac Hansen

        Will this be added in the future?

        • Rafal

          First we need to finish the coming addons

  36. Zac Hansen

    Do you plan on adding MS Outlook and Google calendar Sync in the future?

    Please do! 🙂

    • rafaljosko

      Google synchronization works one way. You see reservations, but you can not manage them with ical calendar.

      • Richard

        Which way? View Google Cal in plugin? Or view appointments made via plugin in Google Cal?

        When the plugin is integrated with Google Cal, will the plugin detect if dates/time slots are unavailable based on information input via Google Cal vs plugin?

        Thank you,

  37. Zac Hansen

    Is there anyway to keep each calendar separate per agent (WP User)?

    Some examples would be:
    To select an individual agent in the Booked Agent Frontend Module Settings.
    Be able to select/create custom email messages per agent.

    On the back-end can we assign a calendar to an agent(WP User) so that the whole team cannot see all of the calendars?


    • rafaljosko

      Go to —-> calendars ( in plugin menu) —-> click edit—- in the right bottom Assign this calendar to: choose agent

      • Zac Hansen


        I did that already. When im using the front end plugin I can see everyones calendar appointments.

        • tani

          You use admin account? Create agent account and assign to agent. Login to agent account in fronted agent/user module

        • rafaljosko

          You are logged in admin account? Administrator can manage all calendars. Sign to your agent account. Create new user- “Agent” role.

          Sign in via agent / fronted user.

          If you still see all calendares email to me

          • Zac Hansen

            That is working as intended.

            Although, as it is now, there is now way to create custom email templates for each user/Agent. (Unless I dont understand how to set this up)

            Please add the ability for each user/agent to create there own custom email response. My agents have different names and phone numbers. Here is some examples.


            Hey Bob!

            This is just an email to confirm your appointment with me Sheila. For reference, here’s the appointment information:

            Date: October 17, 2017
            Time: 5:00 pm–6:00 pm
            Phone: 315-677-XXXX

            Here is all the special information you will need for this appointment.


            ex 2.

            Hey Tracey!

            This is just an email to confirm your appointment with me Zac. For reference, here’s the appointment information:

            Date: October 17, 2017
            Time: 5:00 pm–6:00 pm
            Phone: 315-677-YYYY

            Here is all the special directions you will need for this appointment.


  38. Jeroen Hardenberg

    I am using the plugin for tours. (I haven’t activated Woocommerce products). I want it to work as followed.

    1. I pick a date (for example 18 october).
    2. 2 time Slots are available (morning 06.00 – 10.00 + Afternoon 12.00 – 17.00). I choose morning
    3. 6 Spaces available
    4. Click on it, it opens and i click ‘book appointment’
    5. I enter ‘Your Information’ like first name, second name + e-mailaddress
    6. I want to reserve 2 spaces for me and my wife
    7. I want to pay via payment provider like Mollie
    8. The ticket is send via e-mail to me.

    How can I achieve the above?

    Hope to hear from you.


    • rafaljosko

      Multislots are not supported. You must submit two separate bookings. (We are planning add multislot functionality in the future).

      Plugin only supports woocommerce payment

      Plugin sends the booking confirmation via email. Not ticket

      The only possible scenario

      1. You pick a date (for example 18 october).
      2. time Slots are available (morning 06.00 – 10.00 + Afternoon 12.00 – 17.00).
      You choose morning
      3. 1 Slot ( hide information in panel) is available You click ‘book appointment’
      4. Click on it, it opens and you want to reserve 2 spaces ( use woocommerce pay) 1 space 5$, 2 space 10$, 3 space 15$, 4 space 20$.
      You enter ‘Your Information’ like first name, second name + e-mailaddress
      You click ‘book appointment and pay in woocomerce payement. (The booking confirmation is send via e-mail to you.)

      But the slot disappears, no one else will be able to buy morning time slot. It will only be Afternoon slot active.

      Or reserve the slot twice.

      • Jeroen Hardenberg

        Hi, Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at it.

  39. Zac Hansen

    How does the plugin handle time zones?

    • rafaljosko

      In wordpress settings, you set the time zone

  40. Zac Hansen

    This this the best place to report bugs and recommendations for updates?

    • rafaljosko

      Go to the demo page, there is a form at the bottom of the page

  41. Zac Hansen

    Is there a users manual for this somewhere?

    • rafaljosko

      In a few days we will release a new version plugin. New plugin page
      with support, and a tutorial.

  42. Roland

    I don’t find the opportunity for the customer to cancel an approved appointment .

      • Roland

        May be I didn’t explain my question correctly. I mean, in the appoitment confirmation email that a customer receives after booking an appointment, there should be the possibilty for the customer to cancel the appoinment. May be by means of a link, a button or something else.

        • rafaljosko

          We will add this idea for further updates.

          • Roland

            I installed booked-5 and have access to two Divi modules “Booked Calendar” and “Booked Agend Frontend”. How can I create “Booked User Frontend”, as you mentioned on 5th Oct 2017 above, in order to allow a user to cancel his appointment.

          • Roland

            my problems with user frontend, see below, is solved. I had a problem with another plugin that requires a manuel approvement of the registered user. Your Divi plugin is a brilliant solution, congratulations. Cheers Roland

  43. Daniel

    You have said that a new version will be coming soon… do you have a date confirmed? If I purchase the current version will an upgrade be free?

      • Daniel

        Thanks, and will the new version sync with my outlook exchange calendar? or even two way with Google Calendar?

      • Daniel

        Thanks for your reply… will the new version sync two way with calendars – particularly outlook exchange, but also google calendar

  44. Mario Diaz

    How can I change the skins in the calendar widget? Background colors ,headers color ,font.

    • rafaljosko

      This version you can’t change the color scheme of the widget. We are preparing a new version of the plugin.

  45. funnypurple

    I cannot understand how to use this with Woocommerce?

    I only see a checkbox on product settings (“Booked Appointment Service”) but it seems to have no effect. I would like to unregistered user able to book an appointment and use the Woocommerce checkout page to register the booking and customer info (we will charge the payment on arrival). Or another option would be without Woocommerce but able to collect more info from customer (billing address and stuff).

    Another thing is that how can I translate the plugin? My .po and .mo files seem to have no affect. I need it in Finnish and English (using Polylang on my site).

    • rafaljosko

      Check on product settings (“Booked Appointment Service”)

      Next step
      Go to Settings in calendar admin panel—> Custom fields and add paid selector.

  46. Kelly

    I originally bought this for a Real Estate website so it can be used to put events in the calendar but found out that it doesn’t have this ability.

    Can this be on the map for a future release?

  47. daveo@designsbydaveo.com

    Can this be used or an Events Calendar/Registration for an event? Upcoming Events? Are there different views or just a calendar view.

    • rafaljosko

      After the release of the new plugin version. We will start work on add-ons. Check in / check out and event. The event add-ons have two views. calendar, and a list

  48. Arturo

    One of the problems I have found is that if there is a customer in another country with a different schedule, you can not schedule your appointment because my schedule is different. Here you can do this? Thank you.

  49. Leandro Seabra

    Does it sync with Outlook calendar?

  50. Sarah

    Shoot me! OK, I found the Module; obvious now, but still it would be nice to be told a bit about the what, where and how …

    • rafaljosko

      Instruction will be made public after the release of the new plugin version.

      I apologize for the problem.

      If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you

    • Ryan Mason

      Tell me how you found the module please I’m so lost

  51. Sarah

    Hello, I just purchased the plugin and have set up a calendar – but I can’t find any information on how I can display it in my Divi website! No documentation at all, and no clues … weird ?? Please can someone tell me if there’s a shortcode or ??

  52. Jessica schultz

    hello, is the WooCommerce option part of the plugin or how does that work? I read “add-on” but how do I get it? How much is it? or is is just part of the plugin. I would like to purchase today but I don’t see any documentation, video, or screenshots of the admin area. Do you have any documentation or support?

    • Rafal

      In September we will release a completely new version of the plugin. It will be more flexible in the future.

      The demo version of the backend and instruction will be made public after the release of the new plugin version.

      WooCommerce option is included to plugin

    • rafaljosko

      Payments for payment under the grants are included.
      If you have any questions , please send me an email. (On the demo site) I have a terrible delay in responding to emails. Work on the new version takes a lot of time.

      By the way, I’m working on a complete documentation and new technical support page.

    • Rafal

      In September we will release a completely new version of the plugin. It will be more flexible in the future. For this reason, work on add-ons will be moved to October. We plan to implement support for multiple slots, services, check in/ check out and events.

      multisite compatible

      Wait for new version 🙂

  53. Jim


    Plugin looks great, still trying to figure out how to use it. Will there be documentation in the not too distant future?

    • Rafal

      Check the demo calendar. I created a payment module.

      1. (Payment on arrival) custom fields
      2 (Payment online) woocomrece addons

  54. William


    I just bought this plugin looks great so far.

    There are 3 questions I would love answered 🙂


    Can i change the name text within the plugin from “appointments” to “Slots” as I will be selling deal slots to hotels and travel businesses and not necessarily selling my own time.


    Also can you bundle appointments together to make a package, i.e 4 appointments for 99dollars?


    Could you add an “upload file” option to the custom fields?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Rafal

      1. selling deal slots to hotels and travel businesses wait for comming addons 🙂 or Translate plugin – only “appointments” word –
      2. When we finish the addons. We will begin to expand the main functionality of the plugin. Currently the plugin not support multiple date.(wait for comming addons 🙂 check in / check out addons
      3. When we finish the addons.

      • William

        Thank you so much for your quick response and answering all the questions.


  55. Daniel Brienza

    This looks great. Is it Multi-site compatible? Would you need a new license for each site in a multi-site?

  56. David Farr

    Does it send confirmation and/or reminder emails to the person who books an appointment?

      • David Farr

        Are the email templates customizable? Can it send HTML emails?

  57. Ray

    is the licensing for unlimited sites as is for most plugins or one one site?

    • Rafal

      One way – display in calendar

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