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The Best Way to Fix Widows In Divi

In typography, widows are words at the end of a sentence or paragraph that sit on their own line. They cause the design to look unbalanced, unprofessional, and awkward. This happens a lot, and many users don’t even realize it. This is due to all different screen sizes used to view your website every day. Some web designers will tweak the word count or add soft returns to text to make it look great on their desktop while forgetting that at any other screen size could look very bad. The problem seems impossible to fix.

This plugin will fix widows in your Divi website. It works in every Divi module! It even has a setting to choose how many words to allow on the last line!

How does it work? This plugin adds a non-breaking space between the last 2, 3, or 4 words of a paragraph. This eliminates those ugly and unprofessional single words left on one line.

This plugin is very easy to use! Just install the plugin, activate it, and head on over to the settings. We have conveniently located the settings in the Divi menu of the Dashboard which makes it easy to access.

There are two settings to choose from which eliminate widows in all headings and paragraph text on your website. The first dropdown is the number of words allowed on the last line of a headline, which applies for all h1-h6 headings. The second dropdown is the number of words allowed on the last line of any paragraph, whether that be in a text module, blurb module, accordion, blog post, or anywhere else on your Divi website. You simply choose a number from the dropdowns for the heading and paragraph styles to fix, and the Divi Widow Fixer handles everything else.

A Solution That Actually Works

Many Divi users find themselves trying all kinds of tricks to eliminate widows in text. There is no obvious way to fix those pesky single words that are on their own line. Some of the solutions people try are shirt-returns, resizing text, or CSS methods that simply don’t work. All of these are time-consuming and make your website design inconsistent and sloppy. That’s why we developed the Divi Widow Fixer, an easy way to prevent widows throughout your website with one click.

More Benefits of the Divi Widow Fixer Plugin

Edit with Peace of Mind

No need to keep adjusting the word count or soft-returns every time you type. This solution automatically adjusts to any word count!

Quickly Pays For Itself

Considering all the time you will save, Divi Widow Fixer pay for itself easily on the first website (you can use it on as many sites and you want). Spend less time worrying about how your text looks across different devices and spend more time being creative!

One-Time Price, Unlimited Sites!

Use this on any WordPress site. There are no limits! Once you purchase your copy it is yours to use on your site or any client sites! NO ANNUAL FEES!

Free, Automatic Updates!

Any time we need to update this plugin you will get a notification in your Dashboard and update with one click! Pretty cool, huh!

Use With Any Theme or Page Builder!

While it’s true we love Divi and even named this plugin “Divi” Widow Fixer, we could have just as easily called it “WordPress Widow Fixer.” The concept behind this works with literally any theme or page builder!


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