The default Divi Countdown Timer Module is extremely lacking. It is essentially pointless. It is missing the features that every marketer needs. There is no option to set it to restart once the timer stops, and there is no way to set the timer to start when a user lands on the page. The Divi Timer Pro plugin solves those pain points and has these features included!

  • Evergreen refers to a timer that starts counting down when a user lands on the page.
  • Auto-Restart refers to the timer starting again after it has finished.

Divi Timer Pro is a unique new Divi plugin with auto-restart and evergreen functionalities that can be used on your sales page, landing pages, popups, and promo bars. Trigger your customers’ Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) so hard with the evergreen timer that they can’t resist buying the product or service they are interested in.

Take Advantage Of All The Benefits!

This plugin has everything you need to increase sales and drive conversions with scarcity and FOMO on your Divi website!

Shipping Deadline

Restart countdown timer every day at a certain cutoff time for next day shipping

Limited Time Offer

Count down to the deadline of a discount or sale that ends soon

Product Availability

Promote a limited-stock or first come first serve product for a limited time

Promote Impulse Purchases

Inspire shoppers to buy quickly before they change their mind or miss outte a limited-stock or first come first serve product for a limited time

Flash Sale

Show urgency and increase the fear of missing out on a limited time sale

Email Optin

Run a promotion to join your email list and receive download or offer

Enjoy These Incredible Features!

This unique plugin is the answer to the missing features your landing pages and product pages have been needing to be effective!

Post Expiry Actions

  • Redirect
  • Show Message
  • Hide Timer

Set Start Date & Time

  • Date
  • Hours
  • Minutes

Set Timer Duration

  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes

Two Types of Timers

Choose to use the recurring Auto-Restart option or the amazing Evergreen option

Visual Builder

Use this custom module in the Visual Builder just like the default Divi modules

Customize The Style

Use all the Divi module settings to customize and adjust the style

Choose An Action When The Countdown Ends

Our automations help convert your visitors into customers when the countdown timer reaches zero. Choose to redirect the user to another landing page, show them a custom message, or hide the timer.


Set a custom URL redirect and transfer your user to another page

Show Message

Display a custom message to let your visitors know the offer has ended

Hide Timer

Remove the deadline by hiding the countdown timer completely

Content Features


Choose the type of timer you want.

  • Auto-Restart
  • Evergreen

Auto-Restart Option

Start Time

This is the date and time the Divi Timer Pro is counting down to. This is based on your timezone settings in WordPress General Settings.

  • Date
  • Hour
  • Minute


This is the total duration of the countdown timer that will restart over and over.

  • Expiry Days
  • Expiry Hours
  • Expiry Minutes

Evergreen Option


  • Expiry Days
  • Expiry Hours
  • Expiry Minutes

Ending Action

Choose what you want to happen to the time when it ends.

  • Redirect To URL
  • Hide
  • Show Custom Message

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  1. david carr

    I’ll buy it if it’s unlimited sites

  2. David Jennings

    unlimited sites?

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