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This handy method of showing content to your users is ideal for a lot of things. Using this plugin you can create what I call Slide Ins, highly configurable trays which can be triggered to reveal from ANY SIDE of the screen (top, bottom, left, right). The size of the tray (slide in) can be configured as can the trigger itself. You can use the Divi Builder to make your tray content or just type directly into the WordPress WYSIWYG.

Scroll down to see the screenshots for this product which will explain what it does… or, of course, Watch the video 🙂

The slide ins can be configured to show using a variety of types of logic (post type selection. homepage, global, archives etc..).You can have an unlimited number of slide ins active at any given point and they can prove very useful indeed.

Slide ins can be used for many things, for example

  • Sign up forms
  • Additional information for a post type item (eg product data in woocommerce)
  • Contact Forms
  • Maps
  • General text
  • Terms etc

How to use

  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Visit the Slide Ins page within the admin area of WP
  • Add a new Slide in Item and add your content either using the Divi Builder or using the text WYSIWYG directly
  • Scroll down and configure each of the settings although the defaults provide an attractive slide in without any configuration
  • Set some visibility options so you know where the slide in will show on your site
  • Publish and visit your website
  • That’s it!


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  1. Ian Sterne


    Handy looking plugin. I need to display the slide in based on user level once they are logged in. Managers and admins will see different slide ins on different pages.

    Would be great to use icon instead of text on the tabs to keep them nice and small.

    When using multiple slide-ins it would be great to position with more precession. Example slide in one at 30% and slide in two 30% + 20px so the relationship stays the same.

    Thanks as always

  2. alexandra Mogilevsky

    Hi Sean,
    Can I display different slide ins in projects? I want to have unique slide in per project ?

  3. ArtistJoyful

    First, I just want to say I love the concept of this plugin, as well as the functionality. I just have a problem when setting the color of the tab on Divi Slide Ins. Are we limited to the colors displayed on the hexadecimal chart? If not, how do I go about setting it differently? I tried putting in the correct hexa code for the color I wanted. It would show up on the settings section, but not on the actual tab on the page. If we are limited to those colors, is there a workaround, or any hope of that changing? Thanks.

  4. Kyle Jones-O'Connor

    Is there a way to trigger with a divi button module? tried copying the class from the built in button and im still having trouble.

  5. Michael Soboll

    Hi. Looks really nice. How about responsiveness?

  6. Dieter

    Hi Sean

    It´s possible to trigger the slide ins with an button and a anchor link (without the buttons on the right / left / top / bottom) ?

  7. Martin

    Hi Sean,

    Is there a way to get the text to be vertical on the open button… So if you use the right side placement and the button says “Book Appointment” it should be vertical and not horizontal and take up a lot of space on the page…

  8. schawki

    Awesome news Sean, thank you for the feedback.

  9. schawki

    Awesome job, but will it work only with divi or with any theme? I wonder if I could use it with Astra theme, maybe with the divi builder!

    • Sean Barton

      Hey there. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 yes it should work with any theme actually. The divi builder plugin would need to be active although I could easily make it so it’s not necessary to have it active if need be. 🙂

      • Jos van de Pas

        Hi, Please make it possible to customize the trigger itself, I want the trigger to contain an image and custom fonts


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* * V1.1 * - Initial Version * * V1.2 - 25/11/17 * - Added licensing/auto update * - Removed HTML5 colour pickers in exchange for a javascript equivalient * - Ability to show on specific pages added to visibility settings * - Added top and bottom slide ins * - Ability to change the trigger wording on open and close * - Added Responsive settings * * V1.3 - 29/11/17 * - Added Visual Builder - for some reason * - Added Divi Library layouts to divi builder * - Fixed colour picker functionality * - Fixed misnamed CSS file declaration *

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