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Have you ever wanted to bring attention to something on your webpage?

One of the best ways to grab attention is to use a popup, and this plugin will do exactly that for pretty much ANY content.

  • Have a visitor click on a video thumbnail and show the video full screen…
  • Have a discount coupon “appear magically” just as a visitor is about to leave your page…
  • Interruption Marketing is easy when a visitor simply scrolls down your page…
  • Show popups to people who visit your page with a special link, but not to everyone else…

There are so many different possibilities with this plugin, if you can design it, you can display it whenever you want.

Your popups can display any of the following content:

Video – YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Text Content – using the standard editor
iFrame – content from any other website
Layout – any Divi layout from the library

Any of these types of popup content can be displayed using any of the following triggers:

On Page Load (with optional delay in seconds)
Exit Intent – when a user goes to close the browser
Scroll Delay – when the user gets to a certain % down the page
On Blur – when a user clicks out of an input field
CSS Class / ID – using any class or ID from any other page module #

There are 6 different pre-defined popup styles, and each popup on your site can use a different style if you wanted.


Layouts are subject to responsive rules and may look slightly different in terms of widths and spacing on occasion. Width and Height settings are provided but I suggest you test the popup and tune the output using the advanced design settings before releasing pages to the public.

This plugin is based on the wildly popular Colorbox jQuery plugin.

For any support issues, please visit this link https://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk/docs/overview-popup/

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Billed once per year until cancelled


  1. Elise

    Hi, Andrew & Sean,
    Is this Divi 4 compatible yet? If not, do you have an ETA when it will be?

  2. Tim Rautenberg

    unfortunately no longer compatible …
    Divi 4.07 🙁

  3. Péter Divéki

    Hi! This plugin NOT compatible Divi 4.x. Some function does not work. When arrive the compatible version?


  4. Rami M

    Can I use it with Divi Builder (plugin) on other themes?

  5. roddyck

    The license is for lifetime?

  6. Samuel Clarke

    Hi was looking for an alternative to Divi Overlay which keeps breaking for no reason even with no updates ran. Seems though from reading some comments this plugin suffers from similar issues. I am willing to try it but it is concerning that there has been no activity on here for 3 months. Can anyone confirm if this product is regularly updated and how support is? Or if the developer is still active?

  7. Matthew McMahon

    Greetings – I put in a support ticket, but they told me to post here. (Ticket: redacted)

    I like the popup modal but there are two problems I’m running into.

    First, I can’t turn off the icon that appears in the button box even though I click “Show Button Icon” and turn it to NO. It still appears in the button no matter what I do.

    Second, the Divi visual builder doesn’t work with the module which makes it extremely cumbersome to use.

    Any help would be appreciated especially on #1.


    • Andrew Palmer

      YOU need to click on the scroll here text at the top of the page to access the support form.

  8. Lisa Missenda

    Hi my site says there is a upgrade but it won’t upgrade . Do I need to buy the plugin again. It is asking that my divi api key be added which it already is. So I’m not sure where the block is happening. I even created a new api key just for this site. Thanks for any help.

    • Andrew Palmer

      Go to your account and download from there and reinstall by deleting the Old plug-in you won’t lose any data but it’s always best to make it back up before making any changes to a WordPress install

      • Lisa Missenda

        thanks, I’ll give it a try

        • Lisa Missenda

          it seems to have updated now thanks

  9. Melody Scott

    Love it, works perfectly, but as a feature request it would be great if you could name each module. They just are called Popup Builder, so I have to go into each one to see what the content is. If I could name it, “Swordfish video” for example, that would be a huge help.

    • Sean Barton

      You can do this. There is an admin label option in the settings. Just change that. unless I removed it accident 🙂

  10. Joseph

    Hi. I’d like to use the plugin to show a popup after a Divi contact form has successfully been submitted. ie – I’d like the success message to show up in a popup. Is this possible?

  11. Dnyanraj


    I want the popup to open when the mouse hovers on a particular image. Is it possible with Divi Popup Module?

  12. Diana

    I’ve read through the comments and have seen the question regarding adding a corner radius (and icon) come up a few times, but haven’t seen an answer I can use yet. I need to make this happen so my modal trigger button matches the rest of the buttons on my site. It seems the only way to make this happen is through CSS styling. I’m not familiar with how to do this or what code to use. Could you please provide some specific instructions and the specific code needed to make this happen? Better yet, it would be really great if this feature was included as part of the normal setup and customization controls.

  13. Jen

    Hello. The plugin was working 2 days ago and now when the button is clicked nothing pops up..Not sure why?


  14. mikus

    I also have one more question, is there an easy way of getting the link direct to a popup window? So lets say I type in in my browser http://www.example.com/#popup1 and instead of homepage I go straight to the popup window? I tried anchoring by assigning an ID to the header of the content but either content/editor and layout source won’t work. Thanks for any help.

    • mikus

      Any chance to get some help with that? Thanks!

  15. mikus


    I have a grid of 16(4×4) blurbs with popup triggered using a class. The popups source is layout, now the problem is the page is taking longer than expected to load. Usually about 15-20s. At first it loads normally, once all the content is visible the page freezes for about 15s than all is back to normal. I tried with content/editor as a source and there are no issues. Noted also that the issue is handled better in Chrome, there is no delay, although I can see/hear higher CPU usage. The layouts aren’t heavy on content, simple header image and few blurbs. I can’t find anything suspiscious on the browser console either. The question is can you confirm I can safely use 16 layout based popups on one page without any issues?

  16. Jose

    Hi, After the divi update the button will not align to the center. Is there a solution to this issue ?


  17. A


    I want to popup a page from within the website which I am able to do using iframe but it shows the site header within the popup page and this will confuse the visitors which I want to hide, how do i do that ? and also the “x” close mark I want to show on top right instead of the bottom.

    Can you please let me know how to do this, thanks in advance for your help.


  18. Jenny

    Hi! Thank you for your module.
    Just came across a problem – modal content turns into text of HTML if the containing page had visual builder enabled.
    Is this a known issue?

  19. Shelley

    Will this work on a PDF?

  20. Christophe Lepretre

    Hi there

    Just to let you know I can’t see any difference between the 4 styles. Am I missing something ?

  21. Debbie Lonergan

    I just purchased and installed Divi Popup Module, and the setup of my first popup was easy. However, the content does not show on my pop up. It pops up, but then the status circle just spins and spins. The only content I wanted in the pop up is text, which I put in the Text Editor in the module. What could be wrong? https://www.screencast.com/t/T10xkVTz

    • Debbie Lonergan

      Never mind. I just had the wrong type of content chosen. (sorry.)

  22. Isla

    Hi there, a few pre-purchase questions:
    1. Do the pop ups work in mobile environments? The Vimeo example wouldn’t play on Android.
    2. Could I use the Divi pop up modal module to display (and play) Instagram content, or Twitter content, or Facebook content?
    3. The main thing for me is that the popups display and play responsively in mobile views.
    Thanks, Isla

  23. Jasper Van Braekel

    For a website i’m working on, the image popup is not working. He is putting my whole site into the popup instead of the image i’ve chosen. Please help…

  24. Chris

    Hello all!
    is it posible to freeze the page background (not being scrollable) when pop up is opened?


  25. Electronic Staff

    Here is an issue I found with this plugin and may help/save someone time in finding and fixing it.

    I was using this on my site and notice that my menu drop down arrow and my back to the top arrow changed to numbers. 3 in the menu and 2 for the back to the top. The Divi guys over at ET was telling me to add stuff to the .htaccess file and a few other things to try to fix this.

    none of those options worked… but I did figure out what the problem was.
    if you use the plugin DIVI POPUP MODAL MODULE

    and add style2, it inserts a custom field box with the name:
    and includes a link to:

    if you disable the plug, this box will stay there and won’t be removed. creating a false positive that it is not the plugin causing this problem.

    To fix this I just change 2 to 3 and the problem was resolved.

    Overall this is an awesome plugin and well worth the cost!

  26. unocoma

    Hello @Jai, @jeremy, @Jourdain, and everyone…

    Sean thanks a million for your amazing plugins!

    I’ve install this one and i’ve also wanted to show a Divi Layout as a popup, adding a padding around. This is the code i’ve paste into my CSS and it works:

    #cboxLoadedContent {
    width: auto!important;
    overflow: auto!important;
    height: 100%!important;
    padding:5% 10% 5% 5%!important;


  27. Kristoff

    Hi there, this plug-in looks like it’s exactly what I need.
    Will it work on a WordPress network (multi site) as well?

    • Kristoff

      Any chance in getting a reply from the developer(s)?

  28. Kevin Appleby


    Just bought the plugin and it is excellent. But, on one of my sites (the main one I want to use the plugin on) I’m using Extra and not Divi and everything is driven by categories and not pages. While the popup module appears in the list of modules available to put in a page it doesn’t appear in the list for a category. Is there any way it is possible to make it display using a category layout?

  29. Thomas

    Hi there, is it possible to trigger the popup when scrolling down to a selected section?

  30. Jaap


    I’m missing the option to hide the module on desktop / tablet / mobile. Can this be added?


  31. Sam Sebastian


    Where can I see demo.
    Will this be blocked if the visitor has enabled “Popup blocker”


    • Sean

      No it won’t be blocked because only popup windows can be blocked by systems like adblocker. Whereas this is a modal window/lightbox so it acts as part of the site 🙂

  32. Jaap


    I’m struggling with centering the button. When I keep it default it does center but when I add a border the border is full width. Giving the button a width works but then the button is aligned left. Giving it the et_pb_button class also makes it align left. Please help, this is driving me nuts 😉


  33. Christian

    How can I set a maximum width for the popup and a dynamic height depending on the length of the text?

    So on a smartphone it should be 80% width but not on a FullHD laptop…

  34. Jeremy Crossman

    Hi, this plugin was great to begin with; however, I have now come across an issue with the margin/padding within the popup. In short, the settings provided within the ‘Advanced Design Settings’ do nothing when it comes to adjusting margins or padding when using a Layout as the popup source. This causes my popup content to be squashed up against the edges of the popup, which looks terrible. Is this a known issue?

  35. Robert Skinner

    I built my wordpress website using a temporary URL provided by my webhost “”. After the site was completed I switched out the URL to “https://www.xtremegraphix.ink”. I am having 1 issue with the Divi Pop Up Builder. One of the .css files is holding onto the temporary URL.

    If you go to the home page you can see this error in the console: “Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://www.xtremegraphix.ink/’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet ‘’. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.”

    I have deactivated and reactivated the plugin and I have deleted and re uploaded the plugin. I have also contact bluehost and they were unable to resolve the issue. Do you have any ideas why this is happening?

    • Sean

      Yep this is because the CSS file that is called is set by the module. Simply edit the page and resave it. It should then recalculate. If not then change the popup style, save, refresh twice and then change back. Silly I know but normally when moving a site you’d probably change the references to the old url in the DB


      • Robert Skinner

        Thanks for the reply Sean. I have went in and refreshed the modal however it is still holding onto the url. Any ideas?

  36. Electronic Staff

    Hi I paid for your plugin twice, is there a way I can get one of the payment refunded?


    • Andrew Palmer

      Yes, we don’t want you paying twice for the same thing – refund on its way 🙂

      • Electronic Staff


        btw. This plugin is AWESOME

  37. pacificviewmarketing

    Will The pop up builder pop up a “contact form” modul?

  38. Gustavo Muñoz

    I inserted a youtube iframe with the autoplay and its not working¿? why is this ?
    can we not insert youtube iframes??

  39. Gustavo Muñoz

    I have the same question but I dont see any answers.
    Is it posible to autoplay youtube videos?
    If there are n o answers does that mean NO?

  40. JOURDAIN Charlotte

    I bought your module but I can’t see any new module called Divi Popup Builder in the modules’ list when I’m on the page builder…
    I installed it, activated it and nothing.
    If this doesn’t work, I surely want a refund.

    Thank you

  41. Blaine

    Small thing. Can you move the admin label from “Custom CSS” tab to the bottom of “General Settings”, to match the Divi theme default. Went to look for that setting and it wasn’t where expected. This setting doesn’t really make sense under Custom “CSS” heading.

    • Steve

      I agree. Just went to label today and saw this.

      otherwise, great plugin

  42. Alejandro

    Hello, what I would like to know is if I can use the plugin to use the videos hosted on my pc, dropbox, one drive or drive, (files mp4).

    At the moment I will not use videos hosted on youtube or vimeo. Greetings.

  43. Jaap


    It seems the plugin breaks the background image of the section. When I insert a modal button in a section which has a background image the image suddenly is presented very large.

    Can this be fixed?


  44. Alejandro

    Hello, I would like to know if you only reproduce the links of youtube and vimeo, or if I can reproduce other type of links. Greetings.

  45. Sean

    Hi Sue,

    This isn’t the place to ask for support really hence the comments not being published. It’s mainly for pre-sales questions and the odd comment on how to achieve something. Support is provided at http://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk


  46. Jonas Hernstig

    Is there a way to achieve a image hover effect on the trigger images? This is all i need!

    • Sean

      Yes there is a simple enough way. Make a module.. any module for the trigger. A image with the hover effect you want or something. Give it a class name. Then in my plugin just use the Class/ID trigger option and type in the class name for it to work. That should get what you want

      • Jonas

        Thanks for the quick reply. I think I might need a step-by-step instruction here. First of all, should the trigger module be on the same page as the modal-module?
        I have created a code module and given it a class of “test”. The module shows the effect fine. I then create a modal module and set the trigger to class/ID and type in .test.
        On the page nothing is displayed…. What am I missing?

      • pacificviewmarketing

        Sean looking at buying but need to know, Will The pop up builder pop up a “contact form” modul?

          • meanitadmin

            Hi Sean, just purchased this plugin but don’t see an option to have the contact form as a source, can you explain the steps how this is possible?

  47. Sue Jenkins


    I designed a page and want that page to appear inside the popup, however the popup is stripping most of my CSS. Can you provide a workaround that so my page appears as I designed it?

    Here’s how the page inside the popup should look: http://kushnermoving.com/dev/video-estimate-popup/
    However, if you go here http://kushnermoving.com/dev/ and click the VIDEO ESTIMATE button you’ll see how the popup is messing up the design

    Looking forward to your suggestions!

    • Sue Jenkins

      Never mind. Changing the Popup Source to iFrame solved my issue.

    • Sean

      Hi Sue,

      This isn’t the place to ask for support really. It’s mainly for pre-sales questions and the odd comment on how to achieve something. Support is provided at http://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk

      As an answer to your question, it’s not normal for this to happen. Please get in touch via a support ticket and I’ll have a look for you.


  48. dana

    Why no directions to the iFrame option? I am struggling to figure out how to include google map pop-up. Any suggestions?

    • Sean

      Hey there. Documentation is improving but I agree there is none for this. I didn’t include it because I assumed people would know how to do it. The content option is best for a google map. Just use the Google embed code from google itself and paste that into the html/text view of the content editor in the popup module. This will show your map.

      Alternatively you could use the layout option and use the Divi Google Map module with the popup.


    • Sean

      Hi there, the class and ID don’t show when the module is in Class/ID or page load format. Everything else should be ok. Note that the class and ID are on the trigger and not the modal itself.


    • Sean

      Yes I presume so as long as you use the iFrame option. It should work well.

  49. Jai

    Hi Andrew,
    So far I’ve been able to figure out how to appropriately use this plugin.
    I had used the contact layout that came with Divi and I couldn’t get the map to display in the pop up (so I just deleted the map, all is well).
    But the padding is very squishy at the top of the pop up window. If I adjust in the advanced settings it adjusts the display of the main section and NOT the pop up.
    There must be CSS or something to adjust this? Can you advise?
    thanks so much

  50. robvanholten

    I have placed a mp4 file on my server. In the popup-builder I am pointing to this file. But no luck.
    Does it only work with youtube or vimeo or something like that?
    I am trying to get a “clean” video without all kinds of (youtube) controls.

    • Sean

      Yep the video option is designed for youtube etc but if you contact me directly I could see about testing with your MP4 file and making the solution work for you

      • Maria

        Hi Sean

        I’m also very interested in placing a mp4 video in the module. I hope it will be possible to do that soon.


  51. Developer

    I have used the Divi pop-builder in my website, It was working fine on Hostagator hosted website. But when I hosted website in windows server 2008, the pop-ups are all mixed up. I tried creating new pop-ups as well. But its still the same.
    Strange is that, It is working fine on my server’s browser but on any other PC browser the when click on image it is showing mixed up pop-ups e.g details of image 1 is showing in all 3 images pop-ups.
    Please let me know what is the issue.
    I have updated the plugin to latest version and I am using this plugin in AC-Shortcodes and then put the shortcode in Image Carousel using plugin ET Slick Carousel Module

  52. Mike


    The modal always pops under the DIVI main header/menu bar (and scrolls under it). Any way to force the modal over the menu?

    Also anyway to prevent the parent browser page from scrolling when then modal is displayed?


    • Hosea Baker

      You need to set the z-index to be a higher number (ex: 999999) on the lightbox in CSS. To prevent the form from scrolling with the background, you can also use CSS on the lightbox – set its position to fixed.

  53. Michael Swindell


    What is the best way for the trigger button to gain the same appearance/behavior as the Divi Buttons in my theme? ie outline/font/animation etc.

    Related: can I trigger the modal from a regular Divi button?


    • Sean

      Using the class/id trigger option you can use any element from anywhere. The inbuilt triggers are basic and I’m working on styling options but the most flexible options are to use an external module and link using the class/id


  54. Sue Jenkins

    Hi! I just bought the plugin, thanks! However, I’m having trouble making the popups use the selected style. I have one row with three buttons that launch popups and I want each button to show a different style. However, despite choosing style 1, style 2, and style 4, all three popups are showing style 4. How can I fix this?

    • Sean

      Hi Sue,

      I see what you mean. The plugin is designed to allow one per page I’m afraid. A limitation I’ll try and get sorted asap.


  55. kimemedia

    Hi Andrew –

    We’re noticing that the page jumps back up to the top when closing a pop up. Is there a way we can stop this from happening? Thanks in advance.

  56. Julie Melfi

    Hi Andrew-

    I want to do something very simple: I have a text link “view contest rules” and I would like the rules to be in a popup – but I don’t see the option of selecting a text link – even though your sales copy says: “A trigger is what causes the popup to show. These can be as simple as a text link, image or button”

    Can you tell me how I use a text link?


    • Sean

      Hi Julie,

      No problem. There are a couple of ways to do it.. firstly the button trigger by default has no styling and therefore presents as a text link. If you need something inline then make a normal text link and give it a class (class=””) and then choose the class trigger for the popup.


  57. Sue Jenkins

    Just got this plugin and I have a question. I want to show someone the four overlay style options when using the button + Content/Layout, however, despite selecting style1, 2, 3, and 4 for each button, they’re all displaying style1 overlays. Is this normal behavior or is there any CSS I can use to force the style I want on each button?

    • Sean

      It takes a refresh to do it. On setting the style it defines the stylesheet to be used and does take exactly 1 page refresh to take effect.

  58. Mike

    Can modals be launched from Divi modules like from the button in call_to_action or the button in pricing_table?


    • Sean

      Yes it can indeed. Using their class/Id you can launch from any element you like 🙂

  59. rico


    I would like to use or edit this module to make it into a custom post type so it becomes a filterable / searchable module.
    Would this be possible in any kind of way?

    Or to make the searching part for rows / columns possible?
    Any help would be much appreciated, any if not possible..

    Please contact me if custom development is needed, since we really need this functionality in any kind of form.

    email = [email protected]

    Thank you!

  60. Katherine

    I just bought this plug-in. It is a great option, however I am having an issue with the pop-up video (on page load) being partially under the navigation/header. Is it possible to fix this. I am also using the divi layout injector just below the navigation. Not sure if this is causing an issue or not. I tried to add padding to the top but it didn’t seem to fix it. Would appreciate some help. https://endlessmountainsfilmfest.com/

  61. Francois Wessels

    Hi there,

    Will this work with a shortcode inserted from something like Contact Form 7 / Gravity Forms to display a form in the pop-up?

    Kind regards
    Francois Wessels

    • Andrew Palmer

      If the shortcode is in a code module or text module yes it should do. You may have to play around with padding and margins though.

      • Lauren Perfors

        I am trying to get it to work with a Gravity Form right now. I’m all set except that when the “submit” button is clicked, the modal automatically closes. That means the user gets no confirmation that their message was sent. Even if they missed a field, the modal closes. There is some sort of close trigger built into the modal that’s overlapping with something on the submit button, and I haven’t figured it out yet.

        • Justin Pierce

          Was there an answer to Lauren Perfors question. I am having the same issue as well.

  62. Gérald Monbel


    It’s a good module for Divi. But, I need to use it in a nav menu (I would like to launch a form to connect or register in a popup). I didn’t find how to do.

    Thank you

  63. Seh

    How would you get this popup to trigger on posts and pages automatically?

  64. Bec

    Is there any way to customise the button with round corners, an icon, a rollover effect etc? Currently the button looks really clunky against the other, customised divi buttons on the site.

    • Andrew Palmer

      You shoudl be able to customise the button like any other button as it is using the divi button – try going into the advanced mode of the button when you create it and adjusting the parameters.

      • Jaap

        Hi Andrew,

        Can you explain this somewhat more? I don’t see a lot of options to style the button. For example to add an icon to it which shows when hovering. I also noticed the padding of the button disappears on mobile devices.

        Cheers, Jaap

        • Jaap

          Hi, can you explain how to add an icon to the button when hovering? Just like the Divi button? The option is not there.

          • Sean

            Just add a divi button module and style however you want then use the class/ID option in the popup accordingly

  65. Meade

    I’m having a problem with the text on buttons on mobile, the text on the button looks great on the computer but on smaller screens it overlaps it’s self. Making it unreadable.

    • Andrew Palmer

      If you go into the advanced settings and reset the mobile text to a reasonable size as there is a small bug in divi that set the mobile font to 51px

      • Meade

        I don’t see an option for changing the mobile text size, there is a text size option for “Trigger Button Font Size” but it is set to 0, so I’m not sure what to change.

        • Kevin

          Did this get solved? I am having the same issue.

  66. Kimberly LaGrow

    I am having trouble setting padding so the content doesn’t run up to the edges of the popup box. I’ve used Divi a ton, so I understand how to set padding and margins, but although everything looks good in the layout I’m creating for the popup, it hits the very edge of the popup box when triggered. Any suggestions?

    The ‘businesses’ circular image is the only one I’ve done so far.

    Thanks so much for your assistance. I’m still plugging away at this!

    • Sean

      It depends on the type of content really. Layouts go up to the edge whereas the entered content leaves a gap I think. Also there are different styles which have different visual effects so do try those or contact me for support


  67. Jon Berry

    Second issue, sorry. The button that the module creates looks great on the PC screen, but if I change the size of the browser window to simulate the responsive properties, the button text goes wild! Very large, and letters on top of themselves. Can this be controlled, or should I switch to an image trigger?

    • Andrew Palmer

      Go into advanced settings and reset the text to what ever size you want it. It may have defaulted to 51px which is a bug with divi and third party modules.

      • Jon Berry

        Thanks. It did default to 51px. After fixing that, it still did not look great when scaled down, so I opted for an image which I can control with more precision. Do you have any advice for the modal showing up below the header? Here is an example URL. Any help with z-index and placement on the page when scrolled down will be greatly appreciated. http://www.springibexpo.com/workshops. Click on the “About the Instructor” link to see the modal.

        • Jon Berry

          I added the following CSS which fixed the z-index. I think I’m good now. Thanks.

          #colorbox { z-index: 99999; }

  68. Jon

    Hi, great plugin. I have a static header, with a centered logo, so it’s taller than default, and the top of the modal windows (70%) are going behind the header. Is there a place or a CSS class to set a higher z-index than the header in Divi? The modals are IFRAME and the trigger is a button. Thanks!

  69. Mark

    Hi, great plugin, thank you!
    I have one problem with it though…

    The slider module in Divi sets its size based on the slide with the most content. But when I use a Divi slider layout for the popup, the slides change in size as you click through them.

    So for example, a slide with one line of text will be smaller than the next slide with 2 lines of text. This causes the slides to jump in an ugly manner as you move from one to the next.

    Am I missing a setting? If not what can I do to fix this?
    Hope you can help, many thanks,

    • Andrew Palmer

      It was designed to work with the divi builder. Give it a try and if there are any issues – we’ll look at you kindly 🙂

      • test

        I have used the Divi pop-builder in my website, It was working fine on Hostagator hosted website. But when I hosted website in windows server 2008, the pop-ups are all mixed up. I tried creating new pop-ups as well. But its still the same.
        Strange is that, It is working fine on my server’s browser but on any other PC browser the when click on image it is showing mixed up pop-ups e.g details of image 1 is showing in all 3 images pop-ups.
        Please let me know what is the issue.
        I have updated the plugin to latest version and I am using this plugin in AC-Shortcodes and then put the shortcode in Image Carousel using plugin ET Slick Carousel Module

    • Sean-Barton

      Yep it should be fine. No problem at all

  70. sharpejames

    Hi, is there a way to autoplay the videos? I inserted a Youtube link with an autoplay parameter and it doesn’t work. Many thanks

    • Gustavo Muñoz

      I have the same question.
      I need videos to autoplay but cant figure it out..
      Please help.

    • John Carlo Malto

      Was this problem resolved? How? I am also having issues with autoplay.. such a simple thing

  71. Sean

    Thanks.. No documentation yet although essentially you assign a class or ID to any element on the page. Either another module within the Divi builder or just add it to a normal text module trigger popup then add .clickme to the modal module. That’s all it needs 🙂

  72. Robert

    Great stuff.
    I like the trigger by class or ID.
    But i can´t make it work….
    Do i put just .clickme in the modal module´s main element css?

  73. Robert

    Just made it.
    the trigger needs to be put in without the
    before the class
    (in my case “triggerpopup” as suggested)
    Absouletly greta plugin.
    Thanx Sean.

  74. Andrew Palmer

    We’re sorry you are having issues with this plugin. In testing we managed to adjust the padding and margins on all tested modules including the video module – can we offer any advice or assistance. In the meantime – please see your inbox for a message from us 🙂

  75. unocoma

    Hello @Jai, @jeremy, @Jourdain, and everyone…

    Sean, Andrew! thanks a million for your amazing plugins!

    I’ve install this one and i’ve also wanted to show a Divi Layout as a popup, adding a padding around. This is the code i’ve paste into my CSS and it works:

    #cboxLoadedContent {
    width: auto!important;
    overflow: auto!important;
    height: 100%!important;
    padding:5% 10% 5% 5%!important;


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