Divi Module Development With react.js


Or, How to build a Divi Module that is totally Divi Visual Builder Compatible.

In this Divi module development course you will learn the basics of creating a Divi module all the way to creating simple or complex modules for yourself. We will learn how to set up our modules php configurations going over the code line by line. We will also be doing a short dive into Reactjs and learn the basics of React as well as how to implement our modules in the Divi’s visual builder using React and the elegant themes API. This course is for you if you wish to have a deeper understanding of how to create Divi modules whether you want to sell them online or create specific modules for your own and your clients’ benefit.

Special introductory pricing of just $125.00 – $62.50 until 07/16/2018


Here’s what you get:


  • The Development Environment
  • Setting up our PHP
  • PHP side
  • CSS Grid
  • Field Visibility
  • Child Elements and Render
  • Child Grid Elements
  • The React Side
  • React Primer
  • Building Out the React Side
  • Adding Content on the React and PHP Sides
  • Adding Buttons and using a jQuery plugin
  • Finalizing our product
  • Building and Zipping our Final Product

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  1. Andrew Palmer

    As the course is line by line, you should be able to follow along. The skills would be in developing modules for yourself and your clients and maybe even for resale.

  2. Aleksandra Rogala-Jacek

    What skills do you have to have to benefit from it? I can see you wrote there will be a lesson about using a jQuery plugin – do I have to know jQuery to begin with?

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