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**********Fully Compatible with Visual Builder**********

A common request for Divi users is a menu module. Elegant Themes provide an excellent Full Width menu module but sadly it doesn’t work in ‘normal’ width sections. This is the answer to that need. A nice little module that has the same options as the ET full width version including burger menu in responsive and advanced design settings for styling. See screenshots for more information.


Simply add the plugin, activate it and then visit a Divi Builder powered page to see a new module cunningly named ‘Menu’. You can use the Advanced Design Settings tab within the module in order to style it to your needs.

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  1. gille golle

    Hi, there is a bug -> when activated -> the backend WP menu section -> the menu is split in 2 columns. When desactivated, it’s normal again.

    • Sean

      Hi, this has now been rectified for version 1.4. Please download it from your EMP dashboard and things will be fine 🙂

  2. Thomas

    Hello, we have had a request for our plugin “Divi Mobile Menu” to work in conjunction with your plugin. Do you mind contacting us so that we can see if this is possible?

    • Sean

      Yep sure. [email protected] if you’re free.. we can sort something out 😉


* V1.0 * - Initial Version * * V1.1 * - Made surrounding row optional * * V1.2 * - Added better support for the Divi Mega Menu * * V1.3 * - Fixed responsive text size/line height issues * * V1.4 * - Used correct action on enqueueing stylesheets * * V1.5 * - Added a basic vertical mode * * V1.6 * - Moved from init to builder ready * - Added CSS to fix the mobile menu and stop it from sitting behind other sections * * V1.7 * - Added z-index normaliser css to fix burger overlay * * V1.8 - 24/4/19 * - Visual Builder Ready! *

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