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Divi Mega Menu by QuadMenu is the best plugin to easily integrate a Mega Menu into your themes.

This plugin has been designed for both regular users and developers. The menu has a simple and intuitive interface, integrated into the Divi customizer dashboard, allowing you to create and customize an unlimited amount of mega menus and tabs menus without any programming skills.

For developers who want to fully customize the plugin, QuadMenu offers additional tools to integrate the menu into your theme, like advanced configuration options and hooks or custom CSS field.

Div Customize

QuadMenu has been designed to integrate seamlessly Divi. This Divi Mega Menu menu includes a native support for the Divi customizer dashboard, allowing you to customize the menu style from the native Divi settings.

You can give it a try to the mega menu customize settings. Once you open the link, go to Header & Navigation > Primary Menu Bar.

Here you’ll find a new setting called “Activate QuadMenu“. If you select this checkbox the Divi menu will be replaced with the Divi Mega Menu and a lot of new settings will be included at the bottom of the customizer panel.

Drag & Drop

Divi Mega Menu by QuadMenu has been integrated in a way that you will hardly notice that you are coming out of the native WordPress operation.

From the native menu administration panel, you can manage all the content of your megamenu, add new elements, create columns and add widgets or any other type of element available in metaboxes.


  • Load divi default options
  • Customizer fully integrated
  • Create unlimited themes
  • Support for default, centered and slide in headers
  • Drag and drop mega menu builder
  • Include widgets in your menu
  • Support for child themes
  • Click or use the hoverIntent plugin to open links
  • Font icons support
  • Mega Menu
  • Tabs Menu
  • Carousel Menu
  • Social Menu
  • Login Menu
  • WooCommerce Cart

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  1. Raymond Jones

    A very useful module. Have used on a number of sites with great effect.

    Any news on when a compatible version for the latest Divi update will be available?

  2. Jairo Gantiva

    Hi, How can I add a shortcode menu?
    I mean, how can embed shortcode into the menu primary or secondary menu?, that’s is for a play button.


  3. Jairo Gantiva

    Hi, my current version is 1.3.8 – in my download page is 1.3.3 and I didn’t find automatic updates in WP.
    I really need to update my plugin to the last version because you fix something there.

    How o where can I get the last version?

    • Jairo Gantiva

      Hi I already solve this problem, but I continue whit the error, I’II write a new comment and I hope you help me

  4. Carlos Virreira

    I am having issues with implementing this into my divi site, each time I save the menu I lose all the options to edit the menu. This seems like a bug, where can I get support for this plugin? Thanks in advance

  5. Don

    Is it possible to use this Mega Menu in the Full Width Menu Module in the Divi Builder?

  6. servicioexpreso

    Licensing is empty.
    – Is it lifetime update or not?
    – Support is how long?

    • Andrew Palmer

      The licensing is for lifetime updates and 6 months support that does not include theme customization.,

      • servicioexpreso

        Sorry, but it not work as you claim. Current version is 1.3.2 – in my download page is 1.2.4 and automatic updates do not exists for this plugin (developer claim – soon….).

        • servicioexpreso

          Why you don’t approve and/or answer on my reply? In meantime I opened and closed topic in Quadmenu support where they basically confirmed that they ignoring EMP customers. Something like, “It will be fixed when we will apply automatic updates.”. And until than???? It looks that EMP is just interested for commission and do not care at all for customers.

          • Andrew Palmer

            EMP have not received any communication from you that I am aware of, feel free to send in a support request to support@elegantmarketplace.com and we will do our best to help you. We care deeply for our customers but we do expect a certain amount of professional courtesy, as I am sure you do. Please ensure you tell us exactly what your query is and we can address any issues you have towards this plugin.

    • quadlayers

      hello, yes license is lifetime

    • quadlayers

      hello, yes license is lifetime

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== Changelog == = 1.6.4 = * New. font awesome 5 = 1.6.3 = * Fixed. quadmenu pro override = 1.6.2 = * Fixed. offcanvas menu logo url = 1.6.1 = * New. option logo link * Fixed. Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0 = 1.6.0 = * Fixed. elementor undefined variable in frontend * Fixed. divi quadmenu module height * Improvement. translations files updated = 1.5.9 = * New. elementor module * New. beaver builder module = 1.5.8 = * Fixed. login and cart text margin * Fixed. load menu height issues * Fixed. login alerts css * Fixed. widget loading on ajax changes * Fixed. slidebar animation issues * Improvement. rebuild quadmenu on ajax events =1.5.7= Tabs height fixed! = 1.5.2 = * Fixed. Astra google fonts issue * Fixed. Slidebar current item position * Fixed. divi fixed menu link colors * Fixed. logout link when dropdown is empty * Fixed. login validations for user and password * Fixed. login mask background = 1.5.1 = * Fixed. customizer page change * Fixed. sticky menu animation * Fixed. post type text position * Fixed. default menu settings * Fixed. menu item badge position * Fixed. menu item padding hidden carets * Improvement. customizer animations * Improvement. slidebar animation * Improvement. force customizer selective refreshed = 1.5.0 = * Fixed. search form divider css * Fixed. logged in hover background css * Fixed. background hover css without link * Fixed. slidebar position js * Fixed. fixed [] short array PHP 5.4 * New. animation options * Improvement. offcanvas animation on horizontal menu * Improvement. cache setup items * Improvement. cache children nav menu items * Improvement. speed general admin settings = 1.4.9 = * Fixed. post type menu item class = 1.4.8 = * Fixed. quadmenu divi module menu height * Fixed. divi fullwidth module quadmenu * Improvement. CSS field added to customizer * Improvement. polylang support * Improvement. responsive template system = 1.4.7 = * Fixed. Undefined quadmenu_template * New. search placeholder * New. search post types = 1.4.6 = * New. quadmenu module for divi = 1.4.5 = * New. option for mobile menu links * Improvement. css improvements * Improvement. overflow hidden offcanvas layout = 1.4.4 = * Fixed. undefined theme name * Fixed. Divi menu height in full menu module * Fixed. Polylang integration = 1.4.3 = * Fixed. post type hidden badges * Fixed. post type archives loop * Fixed. instance missing on license update = 1.4.2 = * Fixed. post type archive and categories in first level menu * Fixed. compatibility issues with microsoft edge * Fixed. compatibility issues with total theme * Fixed. tab menu style issues with extra * Fixed. license undefined object * Improvement. license manager system * Improvement. woocommerce cart improvements = 1.4.1 = * Fixed. display block in dropdown menu link * Fixed. hide account links from login item when user is logged out = 1.4.0 = * Fixed. menu locations * Fixed. cart and login menu hoverintent * Fixed. remove woocommerce from cart event * Fixed. fixed widgets removed issue * New. option account menu for logoin item * New. option cart item bottom text * New. option mobile layout padding * Improvement. new sticky navbar * Improvement. new logoin style * Improvement. new cart style = 1.3.9 = * Fixed. issue with hoverintent = 1.3.8 = * Improvement. PHP 7.2.x compatibility * Improvement. new archive types metabox = 1.3.7 = * Fixed. pot files for languages * Fixed. depth level on some themes * New. new option align center menu items = 1.3.6 = * Fixed. windows update long folders * Fixed. widgets in sidebar on first load = 1.3.5 = * Fixed. menu post type icons badge not showing * Fixed. menu dashicons alignment * Improvement. redux framework updated to 3.6.9 = 1.3.4 = * Fixed. Porto compatibility issues * Improvement. css menu icons * Improvement. css to IE 11 compatibility * Improvement. owl carousel updated = 1.3.3 = * New. embed layout to fit everywhere * Fixed. divi menu search width in center header * Fixed. ajax 400 bad request * Fixed. widget checkbox unchecked not saving * Fixed. removed save action on widgets * Improvement. normalize display block = 1.3.2 = * Fixed. removed title menu column when language is Spanish * Fixed. removed off classes from admin and frontend * Fixed. removed menu title attr slashes * Fixed. menu title not saving when description is not defined * Fixed. admin CSS large screen columns added * Fixed. admin columns add and remove = 1.3.1 = * Improvement. menu items badge removed on sticky menu = 1.3.0 = * New. woocommerce mega menu products in pro version * New. woocommerce mega menu categories in pro version = 1.2.6 = * Fixed. added to cart bubble trigger event * Fixed. false and empty default attributes = 1.2.5 = * Fixed. undefined parent obj type * Fixed. change menu item title removes entire item * Improvement. missing target option in menu items * Improvement. clean item content tags = 1.2.4 = * Fixed. default attributes in top level menu items * Fixed. exception for JavaScript non human events * Fixed. removed unused dropdown menu and float inside columns * Fixed. save checkbox unchecked in admin panel * Fixed. removed quadmenu sections in customize after refresh = 1.2.3 = * Fixed. removed customize sections when is not url param * Fixed. perfectscrollbar in carousel items * Improvement. deprecated functions * Improvement. javascript load * Improvement. custom menuitems function moved to object = 1.2.2 = * Fixed. undefined @themes in less files = 1.2.1 = * Improvement. filter for remove children nav menu items in admin = 1.2.0 = * New. customizer integration in pro * Improvement. option and customizer icons = 1.1.9 = * New. wordpress mobile menu shadow option * Fixed. featured image option hidden in post inside menu columns * Fixed. stylesheets not loading on https * Fixed. tab menu not close on first click * Fixed. menu caret background on second level items * Fixed. wordpress tabs menu title change on admin * Fixed. default menu items values in frontend * Fixed. woocommerce cart menu button background * Fixed. navbar caret icon line height * Fixed. hidden badges on post type items * Improvement. added login form pscrollbar and dropdown max height events = 1.1.8 = * New. custom password and register account links in login menu * Fixed. undefined variable _wp_registered_nav_menus in system * Fixed. stretch dropdown menu background * Fixed. wordpress mobile menu height * Fixed. admin widget text not open * Fixed. admin widget off saving event on settings change * Fixed. force menu width * Improvement. manual integration new option to activate menu editor * Improvement. manual integration menu location & theme update on php code * Improvement. check system less files download = 1.1.7 = * New. option dropdown menu background opacity * Fixed. placeholder colors in responsive menu * Fixed. placeholder colors in dropdown menu * Fixed. duplicated events in admin menu ajax * Improvement. change title on wordpress mega menu admin = 1.1.6 = * Fixed. undefined QuadMenu_Customizer in divi customizer * Fixed. divi & quadmenu customizer switch * Fixed. hidden width settings on menu columns = 1.1.5 = * Fixed. scape attr in link * Fixed. mega menu locations created by polylang * Fixed. invalid argument supplied for foreach() class.redux_helpers.php * Fixed. removed tooltips when title attr is empty * Improvement. wordpress mega menu plugin action link for settings = 1.1.4 = * Fixed. megamenu columns disappear = 1.1.3 = * Fixed. allowed memory size theme locations * Fixed. empty sections in admin panel * Fixed. file not found filetime locations & widget * Fixed. missing styles on theme change and network new site * Fixed. missing registered nav menus on init * Fixed. customizer removed columns widgets and child items * Fixed. customizer add item in preview * Removed. quadmenu-admin-core.js * Improvement. customizer stuff for divi mega menu * Improvement. customizer native support for divi mega menu = 1.1.2 = * New. option for dropdown menu tabs background * Fixed. force menu width to screen size * Fixed. dropdown background missing on dropdown menu max height * Improvement. new rgba color picker * Improvement. new offcanvas menu and vertical menu = 1.1.1 = * Fixed. undefined $_wp_registered_nav_menus * Fixed. closed menu items on mobile menu * Fixed. offcanvas not open * Improvement. clean shortcodes from content in post types * Improvement. alert for themes that doesn't natively support menus = 1.1.0 = * Fixed. undefined required field * Fixed. click on social menu icons hoverintent * Fixed. menu font validation * Fixed. normalize transform and opacity unset * Fixed. undefined index in required fields on developer options * Fixed. expired nonce alert * Fixed. hardcoded cart title * Fixed. hide unnecessary fields in admin according to item depth * Fixed. badges background in dropdown menus * New. option letter spacing * New. option dropdown menu stretch (custom,boxed,stretch dropdown menu and stretch content) * New. option background origin to fit strech dropdown menu * New. option border top left right bottom for dropdown menu * New. option border radius top left right bottom for dropdown menu * New. option max height on dropdown menu * Improvement. drop areas in admin panel highlighted * Improvement. number in new tabs and panels menu in backend * Improvement. version and timestamp to prevent css cache on change settings * Improvement. included error report on development mode = 1.0.9 = * Fix unsaved content in columns = 1.0.8 = * Fixed. name of options in adminbar menu * Fixed. login form dropdown menu empty on logged in * Fixed. removed scrollbar on offcanvas horizontal menu * Fixed. menu social icons open / close * Fixed. fatal error on edit_nav_menu_walker * Removed. quadmenu-core.js file * Improvement. Fallback function included = 1.0.7 = * Fixed. hooks order on init * Fixed. margin on dropdown submenus * Fixed. menu icons width * Fixed. defaults on first load = 1.0.6 = * Fixed admin menu position * Fixed admin menu social icons * Fixed admin default filter for specific menu location and theme * New. option to show/hide dropdown menu shadow = 1.0.5 = * Fixed. add to menu column button * Fixed. unchecked menu items in navmenu metaboxes * Fixed. sticky menu for more than one instance * Fixed. layout behaviour: menu sticky disabled on scroll top * Fixed. mobile mega menu behaviour: closedropdownall disabled * Fixed. mobile mega menu behaviour: disable close sliblings on open dropdown * Fixed. visual composer shortcode * Fixed. invalid menu items posttype = 1.0.4 = * Fixed. cache wp rocket * Fixed. add to menu column button * Fixed. system report cache plugnis = 1.0.3 = * New. option force full menu width * New. carousel megamenu in premium version * Fixed. issues with php7 * Fixed. issues in xs menu columns * Fixed. save menu widget issues * Fixed. undeleted menu items = 1.0.2 = * New. added backward compatibility with lmm mega menu columns * New. menu theme location option to remove conflicts * Fixed. sharp menu item default option * Fixed. Undefined url = 1.0.1 = * Fixed. Removed menu caret from item icon * Fixed. dropdown mega menu max height = 1.0 = * Wordpress Mega Menu initial menu version == Upgrade Notice ==

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