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Fully tested with Divi and Extra (including V3.01+) so you can inject your saved layouts throughout your website. Take a look at this great review on Elegant Themes and see what you can do with this very powerful plugin. 


**********Fully Compatible with Visual Builder**********

In short, the original Divi layout Injector lets you use your library layouts at a variety of points on your website (top, bottom, widget etc..) on a global scale. It’s theEssential page builder everywhere for your site!

This game-changing plugin allows you to place saved layouts onto ANY page on your site centrally in a variety of positions on the page. We call them injection points but they relate to ‘pre-header’, ‘post-menu’, ‘pre-content’, ‘post content’ and ‘pre footer’ areas. Creating the layout ONCE only and then using a simple and central admin system to add the new layouts to the site in different “injection points”.

There’s also a default 404 Layout Injector which allows you to customize your 404 pages optionally based on a page (redirect) or just by overriding the 404 layouts directly as well as a great little WYSIWYG footer editor too.

In addition to all of that, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now use the Divi builder to power Widgets. Simply create a layout and then add the widget to any sidebar and choose your layout to use. Bringing the power of the Divi Builder to sidebars as well!

Each injection point (described above) can be overridden on a per post/page/CPT basis.. eg if you have a map in your pre-footer layout but want to feature a different layout on the contact page with the map elsewhere then this plugin allows you to easily do that! You can even override layouts based on the language of the page!! (Using the Polylang/WPML plugin)

All in one plugin – Incredible!, no coding, no importing of XML files, no conflicts, tested with DIVI 3.01+ And Extra with all the usual plugins and it works like a charm. Watch the video to see how it works. (old video, new functionality added and a better settings page added).

For any support issues, please visit this link http://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk/

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Billed once per year until cancelled


  1. Michael Chidzey

    Support doesn’t appear to be working.

  2. Russ Michaels

    I would also like to know this.
    can this plugin be used to inject modules inside other modules as PBE does?

  3. Russ Michaels

    the intro video is not working, also the link from the developer’s website is also broken, it just dgoes to the main page and I then had to search for the plugin.

    • Sean Barton

      Thanks for letting me know. I am in the process of moving the site to a new host. It should be up again soon.


  4. Martin

    Hmm it says licence not active anymore…
    What to do?

  5. nebaon

    Hello Sean,

    a presales question: Can I replace the normal footer with the plugin? I only see pre- and post-footer options.

    I want to make it a revealing footer afterwards, but that wont be a problem I guess.


    • Sean Barton

      At the moment we can’t completely remove it but it’s easy enough using CSS and I’ll add it in a future version also..


  6. Mark

    I want post navigation after every post, but don’t want to have to add the divi post-navigation module individually to every post. Does layout injector solve that?

  7. Jon

    When will this be fixed so that the pre-header works properly on Extra archive pages built with the category builder? At the moment, the pre-header layout is displayed differently on category builder pages – additional/incorrect padding, row/column layout not working (flex issues), font sizes/styles not being applied correctly (login module), etc. Using the latest version (3.1).

    Many thanks

  8. Hakan Soderbom

    Can this plugin take a Divi layout (full width header) and place it on an Extra category layout? And/or can it take an Extra layout (posts carousel) and place it in a Divi layout? It seems it can, but I don’t see it spelled out anywhere.

  9. Eduardo Marquez

    I get a License NOT Active and I can’t download anymore.

  10. François Delattre

    Like Pierre-Yves Castaing and Andy Mason (above threads) my Extra pre-header doesn’t work. I tried anything i could think of. But pre-header and pre-footer layout do not work for me with Extra . Here is a page with all five injects activated : http://extra.xarax.be/2017/10/13/bonjour-tout-le-monde/
    No problem with other injects.
    No problem with Divi for all injects…
    Anyone has a solution ?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Sean

      Hi Francois, This has now been rectified in V2.8. Grab the latest version and it should now be fine. Do let me know if you come across any more issues.


  11. George Afentakis

    In my dash board the license Expired and i cannot download it any more. When i use a download file i already have and try to activate with the key i already have say License NOT Active. Can i use it with no problem?

  12. Ashraf Ali


    I use Wordfence and it has detected the following,


    * The Plugin “” needs an upgrade ( -> 2.7).


    * The Plugin “” needs an upgrade ( -> 2.4).


    Now in word press it doesn’t show any upgrade,

    So How do we go about upgrading the plugin,

    Please Advice.

    • Andrew Palmer

      There was a licensing issue. Please log in to your account as we have renewed your lifetime license. You may have to download the latest versions and reinstall. They will auto update from now.

  13. Vikramaditya

    I am not able to add a video above the header. It’s not letting me to add a video on my Homepage before the header. Just got inspiration from ” http://www.wheelhousebranding.com ” . Kindly assist me with this as I have already bought the Plugin

    • Andrew Palmer

      Either connect with http://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk/ for help or set up a divi library item like a full width header or text module with your video link or code and inject into the header. PLease note, embedded video will not play on mobile where a youtube or vimeo iframe code will.

  14. Dewey

    I have Divi and used it to design my new webpage. However, I also have another plugin for something else i need, but when I make a page with that plugin Divi is not available. I was hoping to make this page look more like the others. Will this editor allow me to add the Divi Layouts I have saved onto this page?

    • Andrew Palmer

      It looks as though the plugin you are using does not allow the divi builder to load on it. Please refer to that plugins support or documentation.

  15. Jon

    Can anyone (including Sean) mention how this compares to the Page Builder Everywhere plugin? Are both similar? Does one have more features?

  16. Cathal

    Great plugin, solves a lot problems.
    Do we get automattic updates ?

  17. Eduardo Marquez

    The pre-header is not working for me, it shows after the header (main menu) and it suppose to go over the menu.

  18. Andy Mason

    Hi, I am building a website on localhost using layout injector and would appreciate understanding how to transfer the layouts to the live site.
    Normally I would upload the entire site and database but in this case I just need the layouts to be transferred.
    Thank you!

  19. Andy Mason

    Presales question.
    If I want to replace the header and footer in Extra theme then this will do it? I normally use Divi with blank page template but sometimes extra is better.

  20. Felicia Westerlund

    Can I use this on other ET themes like Foxy with the Divi Builder plugin?

  21. Pierre-Yves Castaing

    Hi there,

    I bought this plugin and also the bundle with all the injectors.
    It is working well on my divi-powered websites. However I have a website I use Extra for and the pre-footer just won’t show up.
    Could you please help me troubleshoot the issue through email?

    • Sean

      Hi Pierre, This has now been rectified in V2.8. Grab the latest version and it should now be fine. Do let me know if you come across any more issues.


    • Andrew Palmer

      Hi Pascal, the header insertion will not work if Fixed menu is enabled. So, please go to dvi>options and disable the fixed header and all will be good.

  22. Carmelo

    Pre-Purchase question:
    I´m working on the EXTRA Theme. THis theme includes Category Builder which offers NEW and GREAT modules with the ones you can create Category Layouts.

    However, this layouts can NOT directly been applied to Pages. You have to build a layout in the Category Builder and then, somehow, apply to Homepage but it´s not very flexible : ( since I would like to be able to use these extra modules, mainly: Blog Feed Masonry, Featured Posts Slider, freely on any page.

    So my question are:
    1. with this Injector Plugin, could I build a Layout in this Extra Category Builder and SAVE it to LOAD it and USE it on any page?
    2. Is there a way to use all those extra modules right on the main Divi Builder wiithin any page?

    Thanks a lot,

  23. Tina

    I install this plugin on every site. It allows me to easily do creative layouts (especially headers/menus) and is infinitely versatile and easy to use. What a time saver! Love it!

  24. Martin

    Can you please confirm that this plugin has updates for life as in my dash board the new license expires in 6 months but on this page it says “Updates are for the life of the product.”

    Thank You very much.

  25. Michael Augsten

    Hi, when the Plugin is activated, menu and footer disappear. Is there a setting, I have overseen, to turn them back on?

    I tried with a support ticket, but as I didn’t get any notification mail for registration neither for ticket submission, I guess I will never see the answer there.

    So am trying here.

    Hi Michael, please do try to get support from the developer on this aspect on docs.tortoise-it.co.uk

  26. Josh Kennedy

    Sorry for posting again but my comment is getting deleted. when I added a layout above and below the nav bar there is random space displaying. Can someone please assist me with this issue as I have filled out 3 support ticks and have commented on here 5 times and still do not have an answer. Thanks

    • Melissa Breau

      Hey Josh – I finally figured out a workaround for my site with this problem. If I “injected” a layout it caused extra white space. Instead, I saved the section I wanted to inject as a module and used that instead and it eliminated the extra white space.

  27. francois

    Hi. The plugin is very cool, but each time I use it to insert a footer in all my pages, each time I resave the layout line breaks are stripped.

    I got this problem on each site I’m using the plugin. I always have to ask a dev to find a fix in theme and of course, I have to pay each time so plugin is becoming rather expensive to use.

    Is there a real solution for this?

    • Andrew Palmer

      This may be associated with Divi or WordPress more than the plugin. Try installing tinymce advanced as that can help avoid line breaks in text modules.

  28. Josh Kennedy

    I just purchased and have activated but does not seem to work on search page and there is a gap in the top of screen now. thanks

    • Sean

      Hey there. This certainly isn’t normal. Can you open a ticket passing a wp login to me at Sean-barton.co.uk/support please. Thanks! S

      • Josh Kennedy

        Just created a ticket. Thanks

  29. Josh Kennedy

    Hi, will this plugin work on woocommerce product page and search results page? Thanks

  30. Sidian

    Having same issue as others with post-content layouts not showing up. I’ll message you.

  31. Juan Pablo

    Hello, custom header is not showing on category pages. Is that right????

  32. Syed Mahmud

    Can I use a layout section above footer only for posts?

    • Sean

      Hi Syed, yes you can indeed. There is a filter in the settings allowing just that.


  33. Jaap


    I’ve just bought this plugin and am testing some of the functions. When adding a pre-footer layout it breaks the footer. Can this be fixed please?
    (tested on WP 4.6 and 4.7 with Divi version 3.023)

  34. Guido Barbacci

    I try to insert a layout pre footer in extra (standard homepage) but it’s showing wrong (full width)… if I insert in post content don’t show layout…

    • Sean

      Hi Guido,

      Thanks for letting us know. If you please drop me an email with a login to your site I’ll confirm your settings and get some feedback your way.

      many thanks

  35. Guido Barbacci

    Hi, I try to insert a custom layout after content but nothing show, I use extra theme…

  36. Chris


    I’m trying to use the plugin with the Post-Content option. But it does not show the assigned Divi Layout. Works fine with every other option like Pre Content.

    Any explanation?



    • Sean

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for this. Can you please drop me an email with a login to your site and I’ll check it out for you.


  37. Glenn Freeman

    This is a fantastic easy to use plugin. I had a query and contacted Sean who responded back within the hour with a solution and fix. I would definitely recommend this plugin for its functionality first class customer service from the developer.

    • Sean

      Thanks Glenn, It was a pleasure dealing with you. Any feature requests do let me know 🙂


  38. Adel


    I would like to know if by using this plugin, I would be able to use my pages template as for my posts.
    I would like to get rid of Divi default header as it cannot be customized for posts. Is this possible?


    • Andrew Palmer

      Yes, you can use a separate header for posts using this plugin. There are also various settings for choosing the page location of the header. I.E home page etc.

  39. Carlo Grassi

    Hi, i am trying create a menu similar to this with divi divi: http://demo.kaliumtheme.com/freelancer/
    i found your plugin and i wanted to ask if it is possible to show the top bar only when a button is clicked.


    • Sean

      Yep this is possible. Not without any coding of course but simply put you can create the top section and use CSS to hide it. Then create another section below containing your logo and the burger icon. Then add some jQuery to your theme along the lines of the following:

      jQuery(‘.button’).click(function() {

      That will give you a very similar result with next to no coding at all 🙂


  40. Stefan Swoboda

    Hi Sean,

    I just got your layout injector. However I run into problems when trying to set a layout for custom taxonomies layouts in a child theme based on Extra. I defined an Extra layout, set it as default for the specific custom taxonomy and basically it is working. However I found no way to tell it I want to have the sidebar displayed plus the standard Tax:Term header is missing. Am I doing something wrong here?

    thanks for your reply,

    • Sean

      Hi Stefan,

      Just wondering if you are commenting on the right product page or if this is unrelated. Divi Layout Injector allows you to, as it’s most basic level, top and tail pages with layouts you create. These layouts aren’t subject to any Divi or Extra based sidebar settings are they sit above or below them. If you bought Taxonomy Injector which is designed for taxonomy pages then this may help if you’re looking to override the entire page.


      • Stefan Swoboda

        oops – you’re right. see you over there 🙂

  41. Jane Clark

    Hi – I purchased layout injector.
    Can I use layout injector to create 3 custom headers – one for desktop, one for tablets and one for phone?
    If so, how do I reference them in my CSS?


    • Andrew Palmer

      I am pretty sure tht you can choose whether to apply the layouts in there own section on mobile, tablet and desktop. If that does not work, you may need to use specific id’s in your code to display each relevant section.

  42. Adrian

    Hello! We bought the Plugin, yet we are experiencing some Performance Problems as well as a CSS Problem when using woocommerce. Is there a way to get Support?

  43. Carly

    Hi!! wondering if the layout injector will solve my problems 🙂 im THE least tech – able pwrson i know. divi’s nav menu hamburgers on mobile, and I asked et support how to stop this and they said “you can’t”. I’m wondering if I could build a menu with image modules and links, and inject it -it should appear on category pages also yes? If I can’t get a full menu on my site above the posts on mobile I’m going to have to leave divi which is breaking my heart a little.

    • Sean

      Burger menus are pretty normal these days. The easiest way to make a menu without though would be to use the layout injector, build a custom header to replace the one that’s there and use the custom menu widget or something to show the menu at the top.

  44. Andrew Palmer

    This plugin will add your header module globally, as with all software – the returns policy is such that if it really does not work on your installation a refund will be offered.

  45. Sean

    Hi Tevya,

    We’re working on auto updates. Should be around within the next month as we are renewing the infrastructure. This will take place across all EMP products including this one.


  46. Sean

    Hey Fatima, to get pre-header to work you need to disabled the fixed navigation in the divi settings. It should work fine then.


  47. Andrew Palmer

    We are surprised by this as the injector is a very light plugin. Could you tell us which version you are on and we can take a look at this for you. As with all plugins, there may be a slight conflict with something you are running on your particular installation.


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