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Just a little plugin to give you nice image swap on a Divi Image module – It inserts its own version in the divi builder and if you want the effect all you have to do is place two images in the module and it swaps (with a nice little fade) in to the other one – it can be a similar image or a completely different image – make sure both are the same size or it won’t look as good as it could. It now also suports URLs, so you can link to a URL from your image overlay. This plugin will only work with the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes

Because of how the overlay image is positioned, the ability to align the image as you would a normal image module does not work (and has been removed from recent versions of the plugin). However by adding a custom CSS class to the module itself and a little CSS you can still achieve the positioning you require. See the example below as well as the CSS used to achieve it.

.centered-image-overlay {
margin: 0 auto;
.centered-image-overlay .overlay {
margin-left: 25%;

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  1. Mark Greenway

    I just purchased and installed the plugin but can’t see the image overlay in my page builder modules. Any advice?

  2. Keith Shackleton

    Nice work,. Simple, works well.

  3. Jonathan Bossenger

    Hi Elaine

    To your first question, I keep a WordPress site with all my plugins installed and do my best to update them if ever a Divi update breaks them.

    To your second question, I do not personally know of any module that can acheive an overlay on featured images, but I’d be happy to discuss options with you. Please feel free to contact me via email at jonathanbossenger@gmail.com.


    • Elaine T

      Great! just emailed you

  4. Elaine

    Hi Jonathan!

    Just a quick one before I buy it, will this still work when Divi has its theme / builder updates?

    It’s not the cost of it (it’s a real steal!), I’m a little paranoid only because this will be deployed for a pretty extensive page of images (over 300!) so I don’t want to run the risk of everything breaking down with some not so Elegant updates in future….


    • Elaine T

      Hi Jonathan, I have since purchased the module and tested it, works like a charm.

      Thing is, I did this as a quick fix to Divi’s portfolio module’s overlay not being able to do image overlays with its featured image.

      Which means I have to manually create 300 image overlay modules and link these to the 300 posts.

      So my question is:

      Would you happen to know if there is any magical module / WP plugin that can achieve image overlay featured images?

      OR… would you be willing to try writing this custom module / plugin for a fee?

      Look forward to your reply either here or email (can’t post site URL here sorry)

  5. Jonathan Bossenger

    Hi Timothy

    At this time all third party plugin developers who build modules are waiting for Elegant Marketplace to release their ‘developer’ documentation. Until such time all plugins that add modules will work in the Divi Builder but not the Visual Builder.

    Kind regards

  6. Timothy Clark

    Just installed and activated. At first I couldn’t see it on the list of plugins, but then I realized it is visible on the ‘edit page’ part of the builder (not the visual). I was able to get it working in there, but whenever I have the visual builder active, it refuses to see the module or even preview it…any fix coming in the future?

    • Timothy Clark

      An update: I had to remove it, as at random times it was causing my page to render almost entirely incorrectly.

  7. Louis

    I bought the plugin, it works great but…the “Open a URL:” does not work, the link keeps active. Please Help!!!

    • Jonathan Bossenger

      Hi Louis

      Do you perhaps have a url where I can see the problem you have described?

  8. Brice Mercer

    I just downloaded, installed, and activated the Divi Image Module Overlay plugin. I’m not seeing it in the list of modules. Can someone help me please?

    • Jonathan Bossenger

      Hi Brice, I responded to the email you sent me about 4 hours ago.


      • alex rajak

        Hi there I have just installed the plugin and cannot see it on my modules tab. Please help. thank you !

        • Michael Setek

          I’ve just bought this but can’t see it in the modules tab – please help.


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