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*** NOTE: As of Divi version 3.0.83 you no longer need this plugin as font functionality is built in. However, if you have an older verison of Divi then this is still valid ***

**********Fully Compatible with Classic Builder**********

This plugin does a very simple job… it extends the number of Google Fonts offered by Divi significantly. There’s no setup process.. simply activate the plugin and when you customise the site via the ‘Divi theme customizer’, Theme options panel or any Divi Builder font selection list you’ll see not 50 fonts there but over 800!

Heading fonts in Divi normally are all the same as we only get one selector in the customizer. Now there are individual dropdowns for Heading 1 to Heading 6. Simply open the customizer and visit General > Typography and scroll to the bottom.

Since this plugin was released there have been a lot of requests from users who wanted to show ONLY a small number of selected fonts on their site. Good news! As of version 1.2 this is now a feature! You can easily configure via the settings page which fonts you’d like to see.

As of V1.4 you can now sync with our servers to ensure that you always have EVERY Google Font at ALL times. When this plugin was written there were around 700, now there are well over 800. A simple press of a button will update your local font database allowing you to use any currently available Google Font.

  • Not Currently compatible with The Extra Theme from Elegant Themes

For any support issues, please visit this link http://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk/

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Billed once per year until cancelled


  1. Sheri

    Can I see a list of what fonts are available with this plugin?

  2. Sean

    Hey Erik,

    This is a new feature actually.. the selection of the fonts you want to use around the site. Removal of the core Divi fonts is intentional because the font dropdowns will then only show the fonts you want the client to see. I see your point though so will make it an option to keep the originals. Until yesterday when this update came out there would be a font dropdown showing 700+ fonts. Some people wanted the ability to reduce the number of fonts provided in the list. The checkboxes do that so my suggestion to you would be in this case to simply leave the checkboxes unchecked and it will work as it always has done 🙂


  3. Greg Ledger

    Howdy, is there anyway to just load the google fonts you want rather than all 732. We only need Merriweather and Titillium Web. It’s kind of weird that DIVI would tell you which 50 google fonts to use. We’d rather not also have a dropdown comprised of 732 fonts, as that will scare the customer.

    • Sean

      You’re in luck Greg! As of V1.2 this is now possible. Please see the screenshots on this product page for an idea of the interface.

  4. Richard Ginn

    Font weight Subsets…

    Any chance we can have an easy way to deal with them through this plugin?

  5. Emilio Gagliardi

    Hi there, I’m wondering how this plugin affects page loads? Google notes that loading multiple font families starts to eat up bandwidth. How does this plugin address that?

    Thanks kindly,

    • Sean

      The plugin only includes those fonts you actually use and therefore there is no more bandwidth used here than there would be if you had of included them manually.

  6. Mario

    If I buy the license after 6 months I have to pay every 6 months to be able to use it again?


    • Andrew Palmer

      The license to upload onto any and all sites you make or own is unlimited. Support is limited to 6 months.

  7. Johannes

    Will this display the font names (in the lists that you choose the fonts from) in “preview mode”, i.e. using that particular font?

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* * V1.1 * - Initial Release * * V1.2 - 15/3/17 * - Added ability to select the number of fonts used on the site via the new settings page * * V1.3 - 16/3/17 * - Added ability to select fonts using the customizer for H2-H6 individually * * V1.4 - 15/6/17 * - Added 'sync' with server function to keep the fonts as up to date as possible. * - Moved from a stylesheet and a .txt file to a DB option for added speed * * V1.5 - 13/9/17 * - Removed call to et_get_one_font_languages which wasn't used but caused an error on some installs. * - Added class_exists call to prevent occasional error on some installs * * V1.6 - 20/9/17 * - Fixed function call error around the licensing page. *

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