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Hey there, Divi users! Need to display events in Divi modules?

If you use the popular free “The Events Calendar” plugin and want to show the events feed or calendar within Divi, then this Divi Events Calendar plugin is right for you!

Two New Custom Divi Modules – Event Feed and Calendar View

Displaying and customizing an events feed in Divi is very difficult, but not anymore! With these two new custom Divi modules, you can easily display and style The Events Calendar feed or calendar anywhere in your Divi layout! You get to choose what to display and how to style it, just by turning toggles and using the same Divi design options you know and love! This is the perfect companion plugin for The Events Calendar in Divi!

Includes Over 44 Custom Content and Style Features!

Content Features

Multiple Content Layouts

  • 1 Column – Image Left, Details Right
  • 1 Column – Image Right, Details Left
  • 1 Column – Image Top, Details Bottom
  • 1 Column – Image Top Center, Details Bottom
  • 2 Columns – Image Left, Details Right
  • 2 Columns – Image Right, Details Left
  • 2 Columns – Image Top, Details Bottom
  • 2 Columns –  Image Top Center, Details Bottom
  • 3 Columns
  • 4 Columns
  • Option To Stack Event Items On their Own Line

Hide or Show Anything

  • Featured Image
  • Organizer
  • Price
  • Website URL
  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Location
  • Excerpt
  • “More Info” Button
  • Future Or Past Events
  • Prepositions/Dividers

Content Display Features

  • Events for Current Page (for Theme Builder templates)
  • Events Count
  • Categories
  • Date Format
  • Excerpt Length
  • Offset Number

Full Divi Text Styles

  • Title Text (H1-H6)
  • Details Text
  • Excerpt Text

Featured Image Control

  • Border
  • Image Margin
  • Image Padding
  • Custom Image Width

Customizable Button

  • Custom Button Text
  • Button Styles
  • Button Icon Settings

Individual Event Styles

  • Event Margin
  • Event Padding
  • Event Background Color/Image
  • Event Border Settings
  • Event Box Shadow Styles

Default Divi Options

Includes all the standard settings you find in normal Divi modules

NOTE: This plugin is not developed by or affiliated with The Events Calendar or Modern Tribe in any way. It is a third party addon that provides an events feed module and a calendar view module in Divi, allowing you to display, customize, and style events with the Divi Visual Builder.

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=1.4.2 June 18, 2020
FEED: Fixed date format to use start time only when the same start and end time is entered
FEED: Reversed the order of events when “Only Show Past Events” is used
FEED: Fixed issue with the Event Margin not working properly for individual event spacing

=1.4.1 May 21, 2020
FEED: Fixed/new date and time format
FEED: Fixed button icon size
FEED: Visual Builder improvements

=1.4 May 13th, 2020
CALENDAR: Changed name of the module to "Events Calendar"
CALENDAR: Added new Days of the Week Text Style settings
CALENDAR: Added new Month Text Style settings
CALENDAR: Removed unnecessary Link toggle from the Content tab
CALENDAR: Fixed some events not showing
CALENDAR: Added language translation support
FEED: Changed name of the module to "Events Feed"
FEED: Changed event category selection to checkboxes
FEED: Added option for the current dynamic category for Theme Builder templates
FEED: Increased the featured image thumbnail size
FEED: Added new layout option with Image Right, Details Left
FEED: Added new layout option with Image Top Center, Details Bottom
FEED: Added event title heading selection (H1-H6)
FEED: Added option to stack event detail items on their own line
FEED: Added option to show or hide dividers and prepositions
FEED: Added option to align buttons to the bottom
FEED: Added all button icon settings
FEED: Added button margin and padding settings
FEED: Fixed to the layout affecting users with the (annoying) Safari browser.
FEED: Fixed the button icon which was not showing on hover for some users.
FEED: Added some more space between the excerpt and the button
FEED: Fixed the "read more" button alignment issue affecting other feed modules on the same page.
FEED: Fixed the column width issue for single event cards for some layouts that were being set to 66.66% instead of 100% FEED: Fixed the Detail Text alignment which was not working
FEED: Reversed the order of events when "Show Past Events" is used Fix the blank module tooltip on hover over Divi settings bug Updated the plugin description

Fixed default columns issue.
Fixed excerpt length issue.
Fixed the columns layout height issue for safari browser.

Added a new module for displaying a calendar month view.
Added new layout options for image on top, details on bottom for 1 and 2 columns.
Added new event offset feature.
Added new background color settings for the events.
Added new border settings for featured images.
Changed default font to Open Sans.

Fixed href links color issues who faced by some users.

Fixed spacing and layout issues for some users.

Made "Show Past Events" toggle off by default
Removed event author
Added Event Price with on/off toggle
Added Event Organizer with on/off toggle
Added Event Website with on/off toggle
Made category items linked to the event category pages
Fixed empty space when 1 column is used with Featured Image turned off
Fixed button link underline

Added compatibility for Extra Theme

Bug Fixes

Initial Release

Checkout the documentation first and if you still need help open a support ticket.

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1. The PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the General Public
License (GPL). You will find a copy of the GPL in the same directory as this
license file.

2. All other parts, including but not limited to the CSS code, images and design are
copyrighted by the vendor concerned and are NOT licensed under GPL.

This license allows the item to be used in projects for either personal or commercial use by you or on behalf of a client. The item cannot be offered for resale either on its own, in part, or as part of a larger project including that being part of a hosting offer. Distribution of source files is not permitted.


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