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Divi Awesome Woo Products

Since Elegant Themes now provides its own WooCommerce modules, the further development of DAWP no longer makes sense. Therefore we decided to stop selling DAWP.

Of course, we offer further support for a transitional period. However, it is recommended to switch all products to the modules that Elegant Themes now offers.

To avoid problems, products in Divi itself should be turned off while DAWP is still in use. Go to the Divi Options on the “Builder” tab. Then you can disable products under “Post Type Integration”.

If you find that a product has duplicate content, make sure that “Product Content” is set to “Default” and save the product again.

After Divi 4.0 is released, you should follow the following procedure to convert your products: design a new product layout in a test installation and import it into your production sites. Then use the new theme builder to assign it to all products first. Then decide on individual product pages if you want to make individual adjustments.

If you have purchased the module in the last few days, please contact Elegant Marketplace support. Since the module is now unfortunately discontinued, a refund is a matter of course.

We thank everyone who supported us and wish you a great time. We ourselves think it’s fantastic that Elegant Themes now offers these functions themselves, which is why they are better implemented in the system and will remain available for the future.

If you also want to customize your WooCommerce Shop, Categories and Tag Pages with the Pagebuilder, check out “Divi – Filterable Blog Module“.

Please note that at least PHP 5.6+ ( better is PHP 7.0++ ) must be installed on your server. You also need the Divi- or Extra-Theme and WooCommerce. Photo Credits

If you use product extensions, please test only with a test product if “Divi – Awesome Woo Products” works with your extension. If you find any errors, please contact me via the support form. I try to ensure compatibility can be established. You can find a list of the extensions that should work properly when you click the following link Compatible plugins.

Indikator Design Minimum PHP 5.6

Bruno Bouyajdad from Indikator Design

Author: Bruno Bouyajdad » Indikator Design

You don’t know exactly how to start or you run into issues? Here is a link to the documentation. Doesn’t help? Then just contact me via the Support Form.

For pre-purchase questions use the comments below or just ask me on Facebook.


— 1.0.12 —

  • Fixes an issue where the Divi Builder assigns classes wrong before the body tag

— 1.0.11 —

  • Fixes some issues with new divi selectors

— 1.0.10 —

  • Changed updater to the EMP EDD updater class
  • Fixed an issue with WooCommerce order/purchase emails
  • Fixed a CSS issue with the add to cart module based on new et selectors
  • Fixed an issue with fullwidth special sections
  • Fixed an issue with the preview mode

— —

IMPORTANT NOTE: EXECUTE THIS UPDATE ONLY IF YOU HAVE Divi 3.0.91 installed! This update integrates the new filter methods for images etc. but Divi 3.0.91 is absolutely necessary!

  • Fixes an issue with the update button on the cart page with WooCommerce 3.3.0

— —

  • Fixes a problem that causes variations to display incorrectly when using modules for Related Products, Upsell Products or the Standard Divi Shop module in the product layout because they call additional hooks that do not normally appear on product pages

— —

  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error in some development environments by a wrong class call

— —

  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error in some development environments by a wrong class call

— —

  • Added the new filter methods to the different elements
  • Fixed an issue with positioning affiliate link buttons
  • The maximum width settings for – Gallery, Related Products, Upsell Products, Tabs – have been changed to the new default settings of Divi. If you have used them before, you will need to check your products to reassign the new settings

— —

  • The rating position was changed to CSS Flexbox
  • Change of Sale Flash Border Radius control with the native module function
  • Implementation of the Singleton Pattern function DAWP()
  • An error has been fixed when using the standard shop module instead of the related products module
  • An error has been fixed for the center positioning of the breadcrumbs
  • Removed the position center option for the “add to cart” button (it’s always centered with CSS Flexbox)

— —

  • Fixes a bug in WooCommerce that prevents emails from being sent when a note is added

— —

  • Fixes a bug in WooCommerce that prevents emails from being sent when the order status changes

— —

  • Shortcodes are now executable in the Description tab
  • Change of CSS properties for the Add to cart button to FlexBox Model
  • Tab-Height-Sync can be disabled by setting the filter “dawp_sync-tabs” to false
  • Ability to disable the DAWP quantity buttons in the add-to-cart module and for the shopping cart by setting the filter “dawp_hide_qtb_cart” to true
  • Added support for the “Iconic-WooThumbs” plugin
  • The scrolling problem has been fixed by clicking on the rating stars
  • An error with the display width for the extra theme has been fixed.
  • The update script has been updated
  • The autoloader has been updated

— —

Performance modifications for the cache rebuilder. Now only DAWP module templates will be renewed.

— —

Improvements for content output

— —

Fixed a typo in “dawp-admin-min.js”

— 1.0.9 —

Removed empty p-tags surrounded the output content

— 1.0.8 —

Layouts build in the layout section are now available in products
Stability improvements for the automatic refresher in the layout area
Fixed an error that caused an infinite loop for variable products with WooCommerce 3.0.2++

— 1.0.7 —

Added support for the WooSwipe Gallery Plugin
Removed the global $dawpInstanceObj
Added trait dawpTraitGlobal and static DAWP()
A problem has been fixed with the auto cache refresh functionality
A problem has been fixed with empty modules in the layout area
Different performance improvements
Small Fixes for WooCommerce 3.0
Rewritten code basis

— 1.0.6 —

Fixed an issue with the add to cart button on safari

— 1.0.5 —

Improvements for rebuilding the cache in the layout area

— 1.0.4 —

Added the possibility to force fullwidth layouts on product pages
Small improvements

— 1.0.3 —

3 shortcodes were added to display only the content of the standard tabs (description, additional info, review)

— 1.0.2 —

Improvements for automatic error detection in localStorage
Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error with preview
Now all text strings are escaped
Different code improvements

— 1.0.1 —

The preview can now also be used within the layout editor
Improvements for rebuilding the local cache
Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error in the backend on product and layout pages when SEO plugins were used
Fixed a bug that caused updates to fail

— 1.0.0 —

Initial Release


  1. Şahin Aytaç

    Hi. Is this work with latest Divi?

    I want to buy this plugin. When i go checkout page post this message “your cart is empty.”

  2. chucks

    Hi! Can I use this plugin to edit the product archive pages?
    Chuck S.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Sorry, the email notification for new comments seems to be disabled. Unfortunately I only saw it now.


  3. Roomi Kh

    presale question, I already have a running store with 400 products and wanted to use your awesome plugin to soup up my pages. Can i make a template and have all of the items migrate over?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Roomi,

      not in the current version. I plan to implement this in the future, but I can’t tell you what eta is. At the moment you have to create product by product.

      • alyscrog

        Hi Bruno,
        Have you managed to update to allow templates to be used on imported products. I have already imported 200 products and was looking for a way to design the product pages without having to do 1 at a time…

        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          Sorry, the email notification for new comments seems to be disabled. Unfortunately I only saw it now.

          I’m not sure that makes much sense right now. As far as I know, ET will soon implement its own modules for WooCommerce. Depending on what exactly is offered, you have to check if the further development of DAWP makes sense at all. Or you can do it differently and support the modules of ET itself.

  4. alexandrochavez@gmail.com

    I have a pre-sales question. For what I’ve found, this plugin works only with Divi Theme and Extra. I want to know if it would work if I have Storefront theme as active theme. Your product looks great and I’m very interested.

    Best regards.


    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      As already answered in the email, this plugin works exclusively with the Divi and the Extra Theme.

  5. ALAIN

    Is your plugin WPML ready? thanks

  6. Fabrizio Menardi

    Awesome Woo products for Divi is a great plugin !
    I had a little problem and Bruno reply me too soon and resolve the problem.
    Little money for fantastic plugin and fantastic support !!!!!

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Fabrizio,

      thanks for your kind words and glad you like it 🙂

      All the best, Bruno

  7. Jon Witterick

    Hi, I’m using Divi Extra. Do I use the or the Many thanks

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Jon,

      I’m so sorry for the late response. I didn’t receive any emails and just saw your question in the Vendor Dashboard.

      If you are using a version of Extra that already supports the new filter functions (Sepia etc.), you can always use the latest version of DAWP. Otherwise, version

      Please use the following form for additional support requests: https://support.indikator-design.com/

      All the best, Bruno

  8. M F


    Die neue Version hat meine Webseite kaputt gemacht. Ich sehe jetzt nur Folgendes, ,,Fatal error: Class ‘dfbmPluginInitialize’ not foundd in /home/elegan75/public_html/wp-content/plugins/divi-awesome-woo-products/includes/trait/constants.php on line 32”

    Bitte Bescheid geben, wie wir dieses Problem lösen.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello MF,

      in this case, weirdly enough, in some development environments an error has been caused by a wrong class call. Although it seems to work for most of them. I placed the call of the corresponding class on another hook and published an update to v. Please load this, then it should work.

      Please note that you must have Divi 3.0.91 installed. Since the last update, DAWP supports the new filter functions, Divi 3.0.91 is required.

      All the best, Bruno

      • M F

        Es geht nicht.

        Jetzt steht geschrieben:

        “Fatal error: Class ‘dfbmPluginInitialize’ not found in /home/fairbank/home/elegan75/public_html/www/wp-content/plugins/divi-awesome-woo-products/includes/trait/constants.php on line 132”

        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          Hm, das sollte nicht der Fall sein. Es arbeitet sauber in der Demo und wohl auch für andere Nutzer. Bist so freundlich und nutzt das Support-Formular? Dann können wir dem Problem per Mail auf den Grund gehen. Gerne kannst du mir dort auch einen temporären Zugang zukommen lassen: https://support.indikator-design.com/

          Vielen Dank und viele Grüße, Bruno

  9. Giulio Benati

    Awesome Woo Products for Divi is an absolutely amazing plugin.
    You can finally edit those boring, standard WooCommerce products page with the stylish power of Divi. Easily.
    It’s just amazing guys!

    Bruno, the developer, is amazing too. He helped me to solve a compatibility issue with efficiency, in a metter of hours.
    I recommend this plugin without any reservation.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Thank you Giulio 🙂 I’m glad it works well for you.

      All the best, Bruno

  10. Manuel

    I forgot to mention this is what I have in line 71:

    spl_autoload_register( [ $this, ‘getFile’ ], true );

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Please check the plugin requirements again. You are using PHP 5.3 or lower. It is not possible to use the plugin with such a version. PHP 5.5++ is required. You need to upgrade PHP, then these errors are automatically gone.

      But it is highly recommended to use PHP 7++. On the one hand, the performance is significantly better and on the other hand, you have improved security.

      All the best, Bruno

  11. Magogo

    Hi Bruno,

    I have just downloaded and installed the plugin.

    I tried activating the plugin and I got the following message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘, expecting ‘)’ in /var/home/elegan75/public_html/vhosts/server.taxsl.com/promagicstore.com/wp-content/plugins/divi-awesome-woo-products/includes/controller/autoloader.php on line 71

    Can you help me to install it?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Please check the plugin requirements again. You are using PHP 5.3 or lower. It is not possible to use the plugin with such a version. PHP 5.5++ is required. You need to upgrade PHP, then these errors are automatically gone.

      But it is highly recommended to use PHP 7++. On the one hand, the performance is significantly better and on the other hand, you have improved security.

      All the best, Bruno

  12. Jose

    Hi, I would like to know a few t hing about this plugin:

    1 – Is it compatible with other woocommerce extensions?
    2 – Is it compatible with rocket cache?

    Many thanks!

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      1. It has been tested with some well known WooCommerce extensions and works very well with them because it uses the standard WooCommerce elements. However, it is not possible to test all of them. Try and let me know if there are any problems.

      2. Check the demo: https://dawp.indikator-design.com/ – Here I use W3TC in combination with Redis for the page cache. It should also work well with Rocket. As mentioned in point 1, this plugin uses the standard WooCommerce elements. This means that if your default product page supports rocket, it should work.

      All the best, Bruno

  13. Manuel Garcia

    Hi Andrew, thank for your response. I have only 2 more questions.

    1 – Can I customise product category pages with this plugin?
    2 – How long does plugin support last everytime you renew it, 6 months?


  14. Manuel

    Hi, I wanted to know several things about this plugin before purchasing it:

    1 – I have read that support only lasts for 6 months. Will I get regular updates for only 6 months ?
    2 – What’s the price to renew licence and how long does this last for?
    2 – Can I customise the checkout page oand other Woocommerce pages with this plugin or only product pages?


    • Andrew Palmer

      1 Support is for six months, but you get lifetime updates
      2 You will be charged 50% of the original price to renew for support purposes
      3 Checkout page cannot currently be customised with this product.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Michael, you have already created a ticket in the support area. Surely, we get it solved together there. All the best, Bruno

  15. Lazlo

    I am currently using Woo Injector but I am having some compatibility issues with a plugin that is essential to my shop. Can you please tell me what your return policy is? Alternatively, I can send you the plugin to test for compatibility.

    Can I insert your modules from the Divi front-end builder?

    This is the plugin that I need compatibility with:
    WooThumbs: https://goo.gl/QspZCr

      • onlinepurchase@aproposstudio.com

        Hi Bruno,

        Sorry, I never received a notification that you replied so I did not see your answer until today. I installed the new version of WooCommerce and the new default image features may make the WooThumbs plugin unnecessary for us to use moving forward.


        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          If you need an extended solution, you can use the free WooSwipe plugin from the WP repository. DAWP checks for its main class, and when it is available, it uses the output from that plugin instead.

  16. Stratos Geroulis


    I am building a product page and use a pricing table from the Divi theme. I want the button action to be adding to the cart a certain variation to the product. Is this possible?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Stratos. I’m sorry for the late response. Unfortunately, only a few minutes ago I received the message that you asked a question. However, we have your questions already clarified in the support area. If you need further help, please let me know.

  17. Klaus

    can this plugin also be used to edit cart and checkout pages ?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hi Klaus,

      not at the moment, but I will add it step by step in the next versions. This time it just changes the “quantity buttons” for the cart.

      Thank you and best regards, Bruno

  18. Shelley Tomich

    Thanks for your previous reply! Awesome support! Next question –

    On the original tab, I just pasted a youtube video and it automatically embeds it. However in the new tab description created by this plugin, it no longer embeds. How can we embed a video (or picture) in the product description?


    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Shelley, please can you open a ticket in the support area? I’m not inn the office today (birthday).. I’ll back to you tomorrow… 🙂

      Best regards, Bruno

  19. espressivo

    Is there a module or shortcode for the short description?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello espressivo,

      module: no. It is only available inside the tab module, but it is not self-contained..

      Shortcode: yes, sure. You can insert it into a textfield, or tab etc. by hitting the DAWP-Shortcode-Button. The shortcode you want is this one: “Tab – Description”.

      Does this work for you?

      Thank you and best regards, Bruno

  20. Bruno Bouyajdad

    Hi Sonny, thanks for your kind words. I wish you great success!

  21. Bruno Bouyajdad

    Hello Sonny,

    sorry, but now I’m a little bit confused.. You opened a ticket, I answered and you were happy for the quick reply..

    So please tell me what exactly do not work for you 🙂

  22. Joshua mileham

    so i use dive with a child theme for a woo t shirt store. the divi product builder is only working in layout mode not live view. second when i have the module woo image its blowing it up and not auto croping

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Joshua, I’ve send you your support-credentials twice. Please check your inbox and also your spam-folder, then open a ticket in the support-area.

      Thank you and best regards, Bruno

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      .. and the image isn’t blowing up. It seems that you’re using your minifying plugin (bwp-minify) the wrong way. The js-console throws an error, that jQuery is not defined. WooCommerce don’t work the right way without jQuery..

  23. Matt

    Doesn’t work since update.
    Product pages are blank.
    Please fix asap.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Matt.

      You’re the only one with such issues. Perhaps it is a conflict with your child-theme or another plugin you use. To get support, please fill out the form and open a ticket in the support area: https://dawp.indikator-design.de/support/

      Thank you and best regards, Bruno

  24. Daniel

    Hello again, I wanted to re-comment my case, at the end woo layout injector has not worked with the yith plugins and I am looking for alternatives, I would like to know if your plugin really serves the same thing as woo layout injector

    • info141

      Hi Daniel.

      I’m not a woo layout injector expert, so I can’t say anything about that. I never used it till now.

      You can use DAWP to activate the page builder on product pages, and all elements of WooCommerce can then be contained with shortcodes or as a module. For this, DAWP is the most flexible solution on the market, and this is what DAWP can do for you. Sure I will add some features in the future, but I haven’t an ETA for that..

      If you wanna see what you can do with DAWP, just use the demo-credentials and see it in action: https://dawp.indikator-design.de/support/

      Please read the content of the box directly below the login button.

      Thank you and best regards, Bruno

      • Daniel

        Perfect Bruno, as I commented I need to be compatible with the plugins of yith, if you confirm that if they were not, and a solution could not be obtained we could make a refund, I buy it right now.

        • info141

          Hi Daniel.

          I confirmed it above and I confirm it again. I want satisfied users and if it does not work and can not be fixxed, then you get your money back.

          Thank you and best regards, Bruno

  25. Daniel

    Hello again, the problem is that I already bought the plugin “woo layout injector”, and it is not compatible with many of the yith plugin, I am trying to get it fixed, but from yith tell me that they are doing everything possible but the Problem is in “woo layout injector” I have requested support but have not yet been answered. I’m looking for an alternative, as you understand I do not want to pay for your plugin, until I’m sure that it works with yith and the same thing happens to me.

    • info141

      Hello Daniel,

      I understand you. But I can’t tell it to you until you tried it. If you run in any issues then, you can contact me via my support-desk. If the errors then can not be fixed ( and only then ) we can talk about a refund..

      But as mentioned above. If Yith follow best practices, it should work.

      Thank you and best regards, Bruno

  26. Daniel

    Hello, I would like to know if this plugin is compatible with all the premium plugins of Yith (Developers of plugins for woocommerce)

    • info141

      Hi Daniel,

      thank you for your interest in “Divi – Awesome Woo Products”. If these premium plugins follow best practices, then they should be compatible.

      Since there are a lot of premium plugins for WooCommerce, I can not test all in advance. Just get your copy of “Divi – Awesome Woo Products” and test it. If there are any problems, please let me know in the support area.

      Thank you and best regards, Bruno

  27. Carlos Peraza

    Hello, I’m trying to make the price text a little bigger and bolder. What CSS snippet can I insert to make this happen? Thank you.

    • info141

      Hello Carlos,

      I have opened a ticket for you in our support area. There you will find your answer.

      Thank you and best regards, Bruno

  28. Andrew Ang

    Hi, I just purchased this plugin and am trying to edit my first product.

    When I create a page, it uses the theme default template which means it has a header and footer.

    However, the website I am creating is on a blank template.

    How can I create a blank template with this plugin on woocommerce page?

    • info141

      Hello Andrew,

      I have already e-mailed you and sent you a solution. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

      Thank you and best regards,


  29. richard ginn

    I was looking at the video you have for this plugin which so far look great, but I did not see this option though:

    Shortcodes for description, additional information, and reviews.

    DIVI has a tabs module includes and the shortcodes would be perfect for that module and then we can create custom tabs without the need for more plugins.

    Just a sugestion.

    • info141

      Hello Richard,

      many thanks for your kind words and your very good suggestion.

      Today I implemented 3 new shortcodes (no modules).

      Now the contents of the description tab, the content of the additional info tab and the contents of the review tab can be inserted in accordions, toggles, etc.

      Here you can see how it looks as a final result: http://imgur.com/a/uVvQ3

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