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Custom Post Layout Injector

**********Fully Compatible with the Visual Builder & Gutenberg**********

Watch the video for an explanation of what the plugin does and what can be achieved. Think of this as a must have Divi Layout/Template Manager for blog posts, pages and other custom post types. This plugin is a MUST HAVE for any site.

The CPT Layout Injector plugin is designed to allow you to set up centralised and custom layouts for any Custom Post Type within WordPress, basically, make a template for each of your post types – including straight up WordPress posts. Much like the popular Woo Layout Injector plugin, you can use the Divi Library to set up different layouts. Making use of many new custom Divi Builder Modules designed for this plugin you can set up archives (featuring a new List layout along with Grid and Full width, much like the standard ‘blog’ module) and single page templates in minutes without the need to do any coding at all. You can even have a layout per category that your posts belong to if you like so one layout for those posts in category 1 but another for category 2 etc. It’s INCREDIBLY VERSATILE!

Although this is designed for Custom Post Types, I often use it for blog pages and blog archives using the inbuilt ‘posts’ Post Type. Although the Divi Builder can be used for posts I don’t feel that it’s generally necessary to do so. A lot of sites demand consistency across blogs and news pages and so, using this plugin, you can easily configure the standard layout of your posts, pages and CPT. You can see this in action on elegantmarketplace.com whereby this plugin is used on the blog archive page and also individual blog posts.

NOTE: For post types where the Divi Builder is active, the CPT Injector layout will only be used for posts where the builder has not been used. This gives you the flexibility to have a nice consistent and stylish looking blog/news page but with the builder used on some pieces of content where necessary… great eh!!


  • Install and Activate the plugin
  • Visit the ‘Divi Library’ page on the back end of your website
  • Click add new (towards the top of the page) and choose ‘layout’ from the little popup (NOT Global). Give it a memorable name (this is for reference only and is never used elsewhere)
  • Use the page builder to create your layout using the modules provided and save it
  • Visit the settings page for the plugin and simply choose the new layout from the dropdown for the appropriate Custom Post Type
  • Repeat steps 2-5 for the archive page (the page where you see more than one item together)

That’s it!

Each time you want to make a change to the layout just visit the Divi Library page and edit your layout as before. No need to relink or anything else. This really is a set and forget plugin!


  • Title. Adds the name of the post type item along with any meta information such as author, comment count, categories and the post date.
  • Content. Shows the content from the post type item
  • Featured Image. Self explanatory.
  • Post Nav. This shows the next/prev navigation to move between your post type items where required
  • CPT Archive. This is much like the ‘blog’ module that comes with Divi/Extra but with a couple of neat additions. Post type selection, a List style layout and image size selection
  • CPT Loop Archive. This is a special module designed to use a layout within a layout. You simply create an archive layout and a loop item layout. The loop item can contain any other modules or layouts as you see fit and will be repeated for each item forming a neat archive page in any layout you like. As seen on my popular Woo Layout Injector plugin. Works brilliantly with my ACF plugin to show detailed information about your content.
  • Taxonomy. This will allow you to show a list of taxonomy items attached.. (eg.. a list of categories or tags for instance)
  • Author Bio. Introducing the author bio module.. this contains biographical information, the avatar, social media and website address as well as a selection of styling options to make this feature really sing!

All modules feature styling controls via the Advanced Design Settings page within the Divi Builder

For any support issues, please visit this link http://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk/

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  1. yas1906

    Hi !
    I’m writing you from France, so my english is not so good 😉
    I had create a website with Divi builder?
    I would like my colleague to make text or image modifications without accessing the page template (layout).
    Can you tell me if CPT Layout Injector is compatible with Divi Builder?

  2. Shea Small

    Any plan to add the Dynamic Fields to the builder? Divi has it available for Background images, but I haven’t seen it in this plugin when building a layout.

  3. pbraun


    Great plugin !
    is there a way to display ALL CPT using CTP Loop archive module in one page ? I don’t want pagination on my archive list, I’d like users to be able to scroll down and see and the CPT.

    Thanks !

  4. Melissa Doyle

    Why would all my CPT be getting displayed with a sidebar? I prefer a fullwidth page, but not sure if I missed a step?

    • Sean Barton

      Yes it should do. It reads in CPTs from any plugin although some more advanced plugins (large ones such as the events calendar) may not work 100%. I expect it’ll be fine for the single item pages and 50/50 for the archive pages depending on how the plugin works. I don’t mean to scare you off though, it most likely will work and if it doesn’t then let me know and I’ll get it sorted out for you.


  5. mike0051

    Does this plugin create the Custom Post Type that shows on the left sidebar in the WP dashboard? if not do you recommend a plugin that does before I purchase CPT layout injector.


    • Sean Barton

      Hi there, the plugin is designed for styling the custom post types rather than creating them. Creating can either be done using about ten lines of copy/paste code or you can use a plugin like CPT UI which I find really useful (and free). This will also pick up post types created by other plugins (such as testimonials and products etc…).


  6. Paul Burrows

    hi Love the CPT plugin – is it possible to add the featured image behind the title and except to make something visually like the posts slider?

    • Sean Barton

      I’ll take a look into this. Maybe I’ll create a header module or something. Watch this space!

  7. Scott Carchedi

    Posting this in case someone else runs into this problem. So the CPT content module wasn’t pulling in the same HTML styles as the standard blog posts / pages which was causing td, ol, ul, h tags to not display correctly. I added “entry-content” to the class ID of the of the CPT content module and it cleared it up.

    • Sean Barton

      This has since been added to the plugin so you don’t need to do it any more 🙂

  8. Gary Robinson

    I want to also add that this problem does not go away by disabling static css and minification. I also have a ticket open and have set up a bare bones website with only the Divi Theme and this one plugin. The problem still exists. The plugin is generating extra paragraph tags around comments which breaks the layout. You can load exactly the same layout to a static page and there is no problem. The Layout Injector is adding the extra p tags.

    Maybe this helps. The problem doesn’t seem to occur with a single template, only an archive template.

    As it stands now, this plugin is almost useless. I wish Tortoise would at least acknowledge that there is a problem and that they are working on it.

    • Sean

      Hi Gary, this has been sorted out in the latest version (3.6). Apologies for that problem and the delay in response.


      • Gary Robinson

        Sean, It now works as advertised. Thank You!

  9. Keviin Cosmos

    Hi Sean 🙂
    – Thanks for these plugins you’re creating!

    I’ve added an extra div to your list view so i can use some flexbox for my styling.
    I’m not great with php, so can you add this or tell me if i’ve done this correct?

    And is the a way to sort by the date i’m entering in the custom fields?


  10. matt

    Is anyone else having multiple column layouts breaking so all columns are stacked in one column?

    • Andrew Palmer

      This is likely to do with static css and minification settings in Divi,. Turn them off and see if they revert back to what you require after clearing your cache as well. If not please start a support ticket at https://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk

      • Herre

        I’m afraid it has nothing to do with Static CSS.

        I’ve already opened a support ticket at tortoise-it and hope it will be solved soon.

        I found out that a work around for some layout is to enable equalise columns. That will position the columns back again… but there are more issues, such as unwanted tags etc.

        • Kerry Page

          I also have the same issue across three injector modules I have, Search, Taxonomy and this one. I have also raised a support ticket. Fingers crossed this can be resolved soon!

          • Sean

            Hi all. This was fixed in the latest version. It was because I was running the content filters on the output twice and it for some reason added more P tags. This was rectified by removing the double filter. Are those people experiencing this using V3.6 or newer as that’s where they were fixed.

            Apologies for the inconvenience with this!


  11. godvsgodvs


    I’m not sure who handles this, but I purchased CPT Layout Injector before you started using licence keys. Is it possible to obtain a key now so I can check updates easily and if so who do I contact?

    • Sean

      No problem. Please contact EMP via live chat or a support ticket who can generate one for you 🙂

  12. Kris Hoja

    latest update (3.0.74) is not compatible with your plugin (and all other plugins with custom modules too).
    When adding module to the builder it can’t open options screen.

    Any fix for this?

    • Sean

      Hey there Kris,

      This is a Divi issue and is currently effecting a lot of custom modules. I believe that tomorrow 3.0.76 is coming out which promises to fix the issues. Otherwise just open a support ticket with ET who may be able to help.


      • godvsgodvs


        I’ve been dealing with Divi support and all the problems the latest updates have caused. I agree that there is not much to do until ET gets their act together. It may be of interest to you that one big problem seems to be related to browser local storage and Divi filling it with garbage. If you clear the local storage, a lot of problems disappear. With out a doubt, this has been the buggiest Divi update I’ve dealt with and I’ve been with Divi since it’s beginning.


  13. Carlos J Montalvo

    Great plugin guys!

    However, not sure if you’re aware, Divi’s most recent update (3.0.66) somehow broke the column layout in the archive module(s). I suspect it has to do with the minification of CSS/JS files.

    Can’t update till this bug gets resolved.


    • Dave Hahn

      Hey – same here – the recent update broke the column layout in the archive modules. Can we get an update or a fix?

      • Sean

        Hi Dave, I need to be able to recreate the issue in order to fix. I’ve not been able to recreate it locally but will keep looking. Drop me a ticket at http://sean-barton.co.uk/support and we can work through it together.

    • Sean

      I don’t get the same issues. I’d suggest turning off those settings in Divi and pressing the clear button to clear the cache. If you have any caching plugins also clear their caches then finally do a hard refresh. If problems persist please get in touch with me at sean-barton.co.uk/support and I’ll give you a hand directly to get it sorted.

    • Sean

      Hi, the ACF module is a module only which works with advanced custom fields to show extra information in a Divi friendly way. CPT injector is entirely different and allows you to design layouts to be used for your post types and post type archives.

  14. sebus

    I’ve made an archive and sing pages from ACF custom posrt type, and DIVI with CPTLayout injector.
    How can i make link from this archive page to his single page ?

    • Sean

      It’s built in. Images will link through and adding the CPT content module will also give you the option to add a read more button. Titles also link through automatically

  15. laura

    Hi does it also work with CPT created by third party plugins? Such as event or search filter plugins?

    • Sean

      Yep 🙂 But it takes on the archive pages and single item pages for these CPTs optionally

  16. Mike Saalwaechter

    With this plugin do you still need to copy the single.php and rename it to “$cpt-slug” . “single.php”?

  17. Michael


    Is it possible to build a layout to display a list of posts that have been assigned to a particular term? Essentially, the layout will act as a taxonomy archive page.

    I am struggling to figure out how to achieve this using the plugin and I suspect this has to be done direct in the code rather than using divi.

    Any help or guidance is much appreciated.

  18. swiesman

    I’ve noticed if I put a list with bullets in a WYSIWYG editor, the format doesn’t pull over in the CPT Content module. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or something I can do so the bullets will show in the CPT Layout?

  19. morten44

    Hi. Looks interesting. in My Page i use DIVI builder to create the full layout, so disabling default template. Does this plugin use default template at all or can i still disabled it and use a combo of Divi builder (for logon/menu etc) and the Injector below this. Hope you understand the question. on Screenshot I see default template so just wanted to make sure i have the option 🙂

  20. Matt

    Is there an offset option?

    Meaning… if I’m creating a blog page and want to create a featured section with a hero are including a larger image and headline at the top. Let’s say this is the most recent post.

    And… Below that I want to create a grid of the most recent posts, but exclude the latest recent post, so it is not duplicated in this section.

    I don’t see this option but it would be very useful to create content landing pages. Home, blog, and shop pages.

    Your plugin would be that much more powerful giving the ability to create better content landing pages.

  21. Matt

    How do I output comments and the comment form?

    Also, I agree with others. I’d rather see all the injectors combined into one and I’d pay for it.

    • Andrew Palmer

      Its a simple fact that not all injectors are needed in all installations. Therefore, to offer better value, they are sold separately. Of course, we are looking at bundling a few together so that users may save on initial purchase. Each Injector has unique properties and to make than all as one could cause some issues on loading and ‘bloating an already ‘heavy’ theme.

      • Matt

        How do I output comments and the comment form when using the CPT Injector for single post pages?

        • Andrew Palmer

          HI Mat, sorry for the delay. Simply use the normal comments module that comes with Divi 🙂

  22. Inigma Ltda.

    Where can i find a guide to implement this features for my home made by the Category Builder of EXTRA?


    • Inigma Ltda.

      Sorry my mistake, this questions is regarding the Advanced Custom Fields Module 😛

  23. Scott Wiesman


    Brilliant work! Can I use the CPT injector to set the default single post layout for another theme (listify) if I have the divi builder installed? I’ve watched the video above, and I’ve set Single Template for the Posts layout for the layout template I created, but it’s not pulling the new layout and staying with the default theme payout for posts. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or it won’t override other themes settings.

    • Andrew Palmer

      It hooks into Divi directly but actually should work with the page builder – unless as you say – the them has different hooks. Sean will be back at work tomorrow (3rd) So can confirm or deny.

  24. Karrie

    I know this probably is so easy, but how do I get the featured image to show up on the custom post type backend interface so I can display it in the archives?

    • Karrie

      Figured it out – miracle! Just for folks who are wondering:

      I used the CPT UI plugin by Pluginize (WebDevStudios) and to make the featured image appear you make sure you add support for the featured image – at the very bottom of the screen when you are adding or editing a post type.

      PS – I’m not really a dummy, it’s just that I’m trying to wrap my head around four plugins (three in the video with Sean Barton for his plugin – Advanced Custom Fields Module, as well as Barton’s ACF layout injector) – and it’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s!

  25. Jeff

    Watched the video on the CPT layout injector. However, how do I customize the archive list items? The only options in the video show the text, the featured image and the title. If I wanted to edit the layout and css and add the other fields into the list? How does that get accomplished?

    • Sean

      Hey Jeff, it’s all possible.. and very easily. The video is rather old I’m afraid.. the plugin has come on a lot since then. The written instructions are probable the best way to find out about it but if you do purchase it and can’t suss it then let me know and I’ll help however I can.


  26. Michael


    I am trying to use the plugin to display a list of taxonomies from my CPT which I have built using the ‘CPT UI’ plugin.

    The taxonomy box in the divi builder is displaying no results so I wanted to ask if this plugin will work alongside the CPT UI or will I have to declare my post types in the theme’s functions.php instead?

    Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    • Sean

      Hi Michael,

      I have just fixed this issue in the latest version (2.6). If you’d please try that and let me know if there are further issues then I can assist further.


      • Karrie

        Where do I get the update to the 2.6 version of CPT Layout Injector?

        • Eileen Lonergan

          Hi Kerrie, if you sign into your Elegant Marketplace account you can download the latest version of 2.6. Thanks for using it and being part of the EMP community.

  27. Sean

    Hi all.. Please note that all known issues with the plugin have been resolved and I have added extensive styling options across the range. Please do download the latest version from your Elegant Marketplace account and give it a try. I’ve love to hear any feedback/suggestions 🙂

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Changelog: V2.3 - Added taxonomy module for the Divi Builder V2.4 - Added postnav module for next/prev navigation on post type items V2.5 - Added meta, author, comment and category settings to the CPT Post Title module for greater ease of use and flexibility V2.6 - Fixed taxonomy module issues - Reversed options in title module for usability V2.7 - Added author bio module V2.8 - Added support for the 'Events Manager' plugin in the loop archive module V2.9 - Added better support for the 'page' post type V3.0 - 3/2/17 - Added text colour and alignment options to title and content modules - added licensing and automatic updates - improved settings page by adding helpful links when no layouts are present - improved settings page by removing prebuilt layouts from the various layout dropdowns - Loop Archive module, hide grid columns option when list mode selected V3.1 - 15/2/17 - Added Meta Query options to Loop Archive Module V3.2 - 22/2/17 - Added option to hide module if no results in loop archive - Added more meta query options to loop archive - Added title option to loop archive V3.3 - 5/6/17 - Fixed default date in title module - Fixed compatibility with 'subtitles' plugin. Disallowed superfluous html in the featured image within the archive module V3.4 - 17/8/17 - Updated single function output for supporting third party plugins (adding the 'the_content' filter on output) V3.5 - 13/9/17 - Updated modules to use the new toggle layouts. This means that the background selection won't be the first field you see. - Removed ET prefix from CPT modules for clarity - Added sort/order options to the loop archive module for added flexibility - Added support for the WP 'posts page' functionaliy meaning that widgets such as 'recent posts' and 'calendar' will work and point to the correct page - Fixed notice related to 'show_categories' - Fixed a few layout issues with the "CPT Archive" module. Added more options for grid columns etc also V 3.6 - 22/9/17 - Fixed issue with additional P tags being added superfluously V 3.7 - 01/11/17 - Fixed issue with auto update V 3.8 - 06/11/17 - Added ability to edit the HTML title tag for CPT archives V 3.9 - 19/11/17 - Fixed bullet point CSS - Added better recognition of post types using get_query_var and not get_post_type which seems wrong at times V 4.0 - 20/12/17 - Added handy click to edit links on the settings page for selected layouts - Added order by settings to the CPT Archive module - Added menu_order to order by settings in the CPT Loop Archive module - Fixed false positive when on taxonomy archive pages which caused some issues! - Added custom css options to CPT Title module. Renamed text in design settings to meta for clarity - Moved to builder_ready for custom modules V 4.1 - 09/02/18 - Added prefix and suffix to the taxonomy module along with styling options - Added class="entry-content" to the main container to maintain styling of the page V 4.2 - 21/02/18 - Added meta operator field to the loop archive module and archive module - Added multiple taxonomy filtering to the archive module (previously only supported one at a time) - Added plugin page action links for support, settings etc.. - Reordered the settings page a bit to make some of the settings more clear and added a link to the Divi Builder Settings plugin (free) to control the Divi Builder per post type V 4.3 - 26/02/18 - Fixed Taxonomy Filtering in the archive module - Added new major feature! You can template single CPT items by the taxonomy they belong to. So instead of having one template for all single items you can have one for category 1 and another for category 2 etc..\ V 4.4 - 29/02/18 - Fixed PHP Notice - Added new Read More module for when you want to show a read more button but without any excerpt or content - Removed some of the CPT modules from the main Divi Builder so now they show ONLY when adding a layout, section, row etc in the Divi Library V 4.5 - 20/04/18 - Added fix for toolset shortcodes - Added ability to place a shortcode anywhere in a divi module and it be parsed V 4.6 - 06/08/18 - Added fix for certain templates not being picked up with the latest WP/Divi V 4.7 - 08/10/18 - Renamed module functions for latest Divi version - Fixed possible memory leak within the content module V 4.8 - 03/04/19 - Added support for CPTonomies plugin - Fixed post type selection giving incorrect templates - Various snags fixed from suppor requests V 4.9 - 17/04/19 - Visual Builder Support (yay!) V4.9.1 - 11/07/19 - Bug fix version. Missing style.css V6.0.0 - 17/06/21 - Added visual builder for Loop Archive Module - Fixed styling options of Loop Archive Module - Fixed visual builder and styling options for Taxonomy Module - Fixed icon in visual builder of Author Bio Module - Added styling option for read more button in Read More Module

Checkout the documentation first and if you still need help open a support ticket.

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