The first of the month is a very exciting day for the Divi United team, publishers of the Divi Cloud plugin.

Backup, tell me about the Divi Cloud plugin

The Divi Cloud plugin is to be used with the Divi Theme for WordPress.  It is a library, stored in the cloud full of layouts, sections & modules.  The plugin is available for $30 and gives you two major pieces of functionality:

  • It allows you to pull pre-designed layouts, sections & modules  from the constantly growing library from professional designers down from the cloud, and into your web design project.  You access the cloud through the Divi Page Builder and you can see the Cloud Tab right next to the Divi Pre Designed Layouts.  You have the ability to sort and like, and of course download.  The first of each month is delivery day for new layouts.  Those who own the plugin will find one new layout in their cloud account, Freelancers ($10 a month) will receive a total of 10 and Agency members ($20 a month) will have 20 new layouts.  Yes, I know you already did the math, a buck a layout 🙂  You can see the full gallery of all 110 layouts here.
  • Then, with the cloud storage, you have the ability to upload the designs you create into the cloud to be saved.  This is amazing because when you are working on future sites, you could potentially have access to every page you have built for every other client.  With a couple of clicks, there you go, downloaded.  Think about it, you love the contact page you built for your lawyer client – bam, use it for your chiropractic clinic!  Just swap out images, and contact details and  page built.

The benefits to the Cloud are pretty apparent, but my favorites are: time saving, professional designs & the CSS is all done & tested for mobile responsiveness.  I built my business on custom CSS, and I am just over it – Divi has so many nuances, I don’t want to spend my time tweaking mobile responsive breakpoints.

Where does the design inspiration come from?

I get this question in my inbox quite a lot.  The answer is pretty much everywhere:

  • The Facebook Group.  A while back I asked “for which types of clients are you designing”.  When you ask 22K+ people this question you get a good bit of input.  From that list I tallied up the most frequent client categories and we are making sure you have plenty of options for those categories (hey there Lawyer & Personal Trainer designers).
  • Pinterest.  Hello, my name is Eileen and I love Pinterest.  I roll through all the beautiful designs and have a private inspiration board for anything that I think would be good for Divi & our clients. Check out my Divi Board
  • YOU!  We love feedback and love to be your resource.  Last month we had a specific request for a Contractor design – it’s outstanding.  If there is something you are on the hunt for, please let us know and we will do our best.

Let me give you a sneak peek at three layouts from this months collection.  The first is for everyone, so even if you simply own the $30 plugin you will have access to this Interior Design layout.

interior design for divi cloud plugin june

Next is one I selected from the Freelancer level, I selected this one to share with you because I know many of you are integrating Woo Commerce, and this layout tee’s you right up for success.

boost | divi cloud freelancer june | woo commerce

Agency level has this lovely layout for your non-profit sites.

philanthropy | june agency level for divi cloud

Let us know which Layouts (or sections or modules) is your favorite!  You can see the full library over at Divi United.  We would love to see examples of the sites you have launched.  If you have any requests let us know (layout packs are coming!!!!).



EIleen Lonergan
Eileen Lonergan was an integral part of this company. Unfortunately, Eileen Passed away on the 31st of October 2018 after a short battle with Cancer. She leaves behind the legacy of the Divi Theme Users Group and hundreds of people that she helped through coaching, building outstanding websites and just being - accessible. We miss her every day!

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