We are probably similar in that we love visuals: photography, color, websites, etc.  As much as I appreciate a beautiful photograph, I don’t have the skill set to look at it and know how to transform that into a color palette for a website.  I’ve recently been having fun with Canva’s Color Palette Generator and wanted to share it with you in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Before I share with you some examples of palette’s I generated let me tell you what I like about the tool:

  • You can either upload an inspiration photo (or logo) from your files or you can use the Canva library to randomly generate color schemes for you.
  • It is crazy simple to use.
  • The color palette generated gives you five different color options with Hex #’s and color names.
  • The presentation is clean and simple.  You could easily take a screen shot of the page and present it to a client and it would look very professional.

Let me share a few examples.

Color Palette Generator Tool Cake

Color Palette Generator cupcakes

I don’t even eat sugar, but I must be hungry 🙂 Photo Credit for the two images used above: Brooke Lark

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

ocean color scheme

Photo Credit: Ameen Fahmy


One limitation (for me) that I see with the Canva tool, is that if you don’t like one (or more) of the colors in the generated palette you do not have the ability to try another color or adjust the shades.  For this level of customization I would take the colors generated using the Canva tool over to Coolors.co input the hex codes I do want to use, then simply hit the space bar a few times to find a color that compliments the scheme or use their editing tools to lighten or darken to a particular shade that you like.

I did this with the cupcake photo.  To my eye, the cupcakes are really playful and I don’t love the Burley Wood & Peru colors (of course this is all subjective and how they will actually transfer onto a color scheme for a website may be perfection), but stick with me here for demo purposes.  I took the hex codes, put them into Coolors, then with a few tweaks, this is what I came up with.  This is much more my style.  Actually, I am wearing pink pants and a denim shirt, so maybe I could just look in a mirror and get a color scheme 🙂

color scheme from coolors.co

Do you have a favorite tool that you use for color schemes? I would love to hear what you use, please leave me a comment.



EIleen Lonergan
Eileen Lonergan was an integral part of this company. Unfortunately, Eileen Passed away on the 31st of October 2018 after a short battle with Cancer. She leaves behind the legacy of the Divi Theme Users Group and hundreds of people that she helped through coaching, building outstanding websites and just being - accessible. We miss her every day!
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