Happy April!  Thanks to college basketball and a series of power outages the month seemed to pass quickly for me, and for those in the Northern Hemisphere our days are getting longer and warmer and we are beginning to get minor moments of Spring, which is lovely.

Layouts Cloud is celebrating it’s first year of business.  I read on the inter-webs a comment that we are missing deadlines.  Honestly I can’t be bothered to figured out who or why the comment was made, we have never missed a deadline, and you may have noticed that I published this months layouts early 🙂  I know many of you noticed, because there are already over 100 downloads of the April layouts and while I write this it’s still March!

I published early because part of me didn’t want to work on Sunday (the 1st) and another part of me, just wanted you to have access, I always think that there are wonderful choices, but this month, I am really delighted with the designers, and couldn’t wait to hit publish.

You will find:

  • The free (plugin level of membership) layout was designed with the theme Summer Camp.  It is adorable and practical.
  • Freelancer includes layouts for: beauty salon, one using the harlequin pattern (which was a huge hit on the blog, so we decided to put that section into fully developed layout for you), window washer (you can use this for any type of service business), website design (2 options), health clinic, creative agency and Pet Care (which was a special request from the live Q & A and is adorable, it even has a section with products, so if you are an e-commerce business you may use this layout and simply replace the dog food options with your products.)
  • Agency has a knock out set – which I LOVE and apparently so do you, as we already have about 40 downloads of the 6 pages.  The theme of the set is Life Coach, but as with all the themes, swap in your images and content and the uses are pretty broad.  The Life Coach set includes: Home, About, Media (perfect for YouTube videos & or podcasts), Contact, Programs (if you are selling something) and Testimonials.  The Agency members will also find layout themes for SEO, a Landing Page, a Marketing Agency and then one for those of you using LMS (Learning Management System).

Here is a screen shot of the layouts, and you can view them all over on Layouts Cloud.

April 2018 layouts for the Divi Cloud plugin for WordPress

Other Layouts Cloud news:

  • We are THISCLOSE to releasing our next update, which I KNOW you are excited about because my inbox is full of “just wondering when” notes 🙂  Promise, we are on IT like a bonnet.  If you missed the sneak peek video, you can watch it here.

A La Carte Changes

  • A La Carte (which you can read about here) wasn’t working the same for all people across all browsers.  It was working perfectly for me and our awesome VA, but a few of you were kind enough to let us know that indeed, there were flaws in certain instances.  So we have decided that each month we will offer the full month as one A La Carte download (until now we broke all the layouts into four different A La Carte downloads, which we did so there would be consolidation, but this was part of figuring out the origin of the issues).  Anyway, we will be working backwards, beginning with April 2018, then March 2018, etc.  Please be patient, as this takes a bit of time.  I will let you know when these are ready for you.

Finally, I love a little data and thought I would share with you the most popular layouts of all time.  As you know, this is totally a biased sample, as some layouts have been available for a year (!!!!!) and some are brand new, but I still find it interesting to see what is popular.

  • Over the past year there have been 72,401 total downloads.
  • Pinnacle, designed and contributed by Michelle Nunan (Divi Soup) has been downloaded 838 times.
  • Construction, Footer 2, Web Design Portfolio, and Consulting make up the other most downloaded layouts in the top 5.
  • There is a total of 580 published layouts (not all are from the Layouts Cloud Design team).
  • The layout with the least downloads, only 3 so far, is Web Design (published Friday evening, I reckon that number will grow quickly).  I love it that 0 of the layouts have 0 downloads.

Enough of my yammering away, off you go, happy designing!

WHAT? You don’t have the Layouts Cloud plugin yet?  You can solve that right now by clicking here and spending $15.

PS – thank you to those who are uploading their layouts into the Community Cloud.  I love seeing what you are sharing and have downloaded a few of these for myself!

EIleen Lonergan
Eileen Lonergan was an integral part of this company. Unfortunately, Eileen Passed away on the 31st of October 2018 after a short battle with Cancer. She leaves behind the legacy of the Divi Theme Users Group and hundreds of people that she helped through coaching, building outstanding websites and just being - accessible. We miss her every day!
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