Yesterday I was shopping at Costco (which brings me great joy) and I nearly spit my pumpkin spiced latte all over my cart when I saw the aisle full of holiday’s wreaths and 5′ tall snowmen.

Okay kidding, I don’t do the whole pumpkin spice thing, but I did gasp as I am no where near ready for the holiday’s BUT it did occur to me, that my clients probably aren’t either and a little nudge from me to them serves a few purposes and helps avoid the #000 Friday Eve panic:

  • It is a great opportunity to reach out and let clients know you are thinking about their business.
  • It will help you plan your time and set revenue expectations for 4Q.

For you to do:

What has worked for me in the past is one communication sent via a platform that allows you to track opens (I use either MailChimp or MailerLIte).  I like to be able to see who opens the email and which links the clients have clicked.  I know writing is a challenge for some of you, so here is a little guide:

Dear Clients:

While we are enjoying the warm days, the cool evenings are a nod to the inevitable holiday madness.  While some of you are already thinking of your Black Friday specials, holiday hours or social media strategies, some just can’t bear to shift into holiday mode.  In order to avoid some of the last minute panic I would like to remind you of how I can help you get your website ready and plan with other digital marketing efforts.  Below is a list of how I can help take the stress out of your season:  

Then just bullet out the services that you can offer (or outsource) to help them get ready.

What are the services you could offer?  Glad you asked:

Holiday Headers – my buddy Thomas used to create holiday headers for his clients and send them out, for free, as a gift. We all love free stuff, and this often resulted in business from those clients who wanted even more graphics or other holiday related stuff.  I love Canva for these types of projects.  They have loads of icons and images, many that are free, and if you do pay for something it’s only $1, so even with a limited budget you will be able to produce some very high quality headers.  These don’t need to be complicated, clients logo with snow, add glittery lights, put the logo on a red and white striped background, do as much or as little as your creativity permits.  Suggest the client put the header on their website, or use a festive logo in their email signature.

eBlasts – ask your clients if they would like to send a holiday newsletter to their clients.  The newsletter could contain information on their holiday hours of operation, specials they may be offering, sales, coupon codes, etc.  One year I put together a holiday newsletter for an insurance agency client.  We included a mocktail recipe with the message of responsible drinking and driving.  Honestly, that client got noodles of positive feedback from that unexpected bit of sharing and communication.

Social Media – if you have retail clients they may want to pump up their social media posts. Instagram is beyond HUGE for brands right now.  It’s all about engagement.  If your client has a hashtag they use or follow (or maybe they will after you tell them they should), then perhaps they need someone to not only post for them, but to respond and interact with their fans.

Technology – is the site updated and can the hosting handle any traffic surges?  Is it running at optimal speed?  If the client wants to sell products do you have an SSL certificate installed? You know why Amazon sells 426 items a SECOND during the ‘season’?  Because they are FAST!  We aren’t building one click checkout websites, so you have some stiff competition, your sites need to be fast. Do the pages that are selling things look amazing and work perfectly on the phone?  If not, the client needs you to get that sorted sooner rather than later.

SEO – are the sites optimized for the search engines.  If not, now’s the time!  Review their Local Listing with Google, is it up to date with hours, contact details and services?

Testimonials / Reviews – anything new to add to the site?

Remember, it is always easier to get business with existing clients than finding new ones.  A few hours of project work reminds clients that you are not just a web designer, but a valuable resource and asset to their team.

Parting notes:

  • I love Unsplash and have curated a collection of holiday images which you may enjoy reviewing or using in your designs, you can find that here.
  • Plugins that may help you:

getting clients ready for the holiday's

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

What is your strategy for approaching clients about the holiday’s?

EIleen Lonergan
Eileen Lonergan was an integral part of this company. Unfortunately, Eileen Passed away on the 31st of October 2018 after a short battle with Cancer. She leaves behind the legacy of the Divi Theme Users Group and hundreds of people that she helped through coaching, building outstanding websites and just being - accessible. We miss her every day!
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