I do love trends and “best of” round ups and what better time for reflection than at the end of the year?  I thought I would share with you the most downloaded layouts from the Divi Cloud Plugin over the past 8 months.

Before we get to the list, statically this is 100% not a clean data report.  As you may (or may not) know, we add 20 new layouts each month into the Divi Cloud plugin.  Some of you only have the plugin (and at $15 you are insane not to own it), which gives you access to one brand new layout each month created by the Divi United team + all of the layouts that Elegant Theme shares with the community, plus some other layouts from generous contributors.  Others have more layouts because they could be on a monthly or annual subscription to the Freelance level which means 10 new layouts a month accessed through the Cloud plugin  and still more of you have our Agency package which of course is the all access, unrestricted pass to all the downloads we can possibly upload.

Phew. So the different levels of membership is one data skewer (not sure that is a mathematical term).  The other skewer is the fact that 20 layouts are added each month by the Divi Cloud team – so some layouts have been around since we launched the plugin, others are pretty new.

All that aside, let’s look at the most downloaded layouts.

Pinnacle Layout by Michelle Nunan for Divi Cloud Plugin
1.  Our numero uno layout is Pinnacle and was contributed by Michelle Nunan of Divi Soup.  This layout is incredible and incorporates so many features it is not at all surprising we all are using it for projects (or to learn). With this layout you will find:

  • Hero sliders with the Ken Burns effect, a logo overlay and icons that gently float onto the page.
  • A Meet the Team section with rollover effects.
  • Bar counters
  • A super stylized blog section.
  • A slier with testimonials
  • Tabs
  • email option
  • Image Gallery
  • Scrolling icons (use these for brands or companies represented)
  • Contact Form
  • Social Media Icons

Honestly, there is so much packed into this one page layout you will be delighted.  The hero image section with the icons are created through Font Awesome, so customize them (along with everything else) to your particular project.

Note: Pinnacle is included with the Plugin, you do not need a monthly subscription in order to download this layout.Construction Layout for Divi Cloud

2.  Our second most downloaded layout is Construction. The actual layout is much longer than what you see in the image to the right, but I wanted to trim it down so you could get a decent view and I didn’t want you scrolling all day.

I am confident that this has been downloaded so many times because there are so many features that can be used for any type of business.

I love the yellow, but that can easily be changed to suit your clients color scheme.

The two buttons on the hero image are excellent calls to action which allows the visitor to “create their own adventure” if you will. The icon section which you see the circles and the yellow, have a little bit of animation when you hover over them.  It’s not too flashy, but adds a bit of the unexpected which clients (and site visitors) appreciate.

I appreciate websites that list the main features of a business on the homepage and illustrate those through images and text.  The read more is a great call to action which will pull visitors (and search engines) deeper into your website. There is an image gallery – I adore image galleries and really can’t stand creating them from scratch, it is so much easier to just swap out the images.

A testimonial section. I am always encouraging clients to get testimonials.  I know people don’t like asking for them, but honestly, can you imagine buying a book on Amazon, seeing a movie or taking a trip without reading reviews?  Critical for all businesses. There is a contact form and a robust footer.  All and all this is an excellent layout.

Note: Construction is included with the Plugin, you do not need a monthly subscription in order to download this layout.

Consulting Home Layout for Divi Cloud

3. Number 3 on our downloads list is the Home page of the Consulting set.

Consulting has many features that people love, but what is really appealing is that it is part of a set, which means it is more like a child theme than a layout. If you like the homepage, you can also download the Services page, the About page and the Contact page.  Very quickly you will be able to assemble a complete website.

This layout uses the Tab module very creatively by putting the content into columns. There is also a nice use of the blurb modules, full width sliders, an accordion module and scrolling logos. Personally I think the logos are often underused by businesses.  It is interesting (and often impressive) to see who each business is conducting business with.  If you (or your client) doesn’t have many clients yet, that’s okay, consider using icons of services here, or repeat logos or even feature brands that you use.  The only limitation here is your imagination.

Note: Consulting is included with the Agency membership level, you do need a monthly subscription in order to download this layout.

Web Design Layout for Divi Cloud4.  Coming in 4th on the Most Dowloaded List is the Web Design Portfolio.

This gave me a laugh, because I always say it is impossible to design for yourself, and I reckon most of you web designers agree.  Honestly, I am a burden to myself when it comes to my site.  But NOT if you download the Web Design Layout.

It is a million times cooler than I am and has lots of impressive features.

Before I forget, if you are just starting and wondering what to put in your portfolio (or have been at it for a long time and wondering what to put in your portfolio) each month in the Cloud you will find a layout called A La Carte, which has all of that month’s layouts on display.  Add those to your portfolio page!

Now you can’t tell from the image to the right, but that rocket actually looks like it is blasting off. The tabs allow you to put your featured designs into different categories and sort projects by genre. There is a nice slider with testimonials along with a call to action box at the bottom of the page.

Note: Web Design Portfolio is included with the Freelance membership level, you do need a monthly subscription in order to download this layout.

Footer 2 | Divi Cloud

5.  Coming in number five on the list is actually a section, Footer 2.

This footer is great because it includes so many important elements: Social Media follow icons, your nav bar, your location (which is so important for local businesses, but clients and for Google), your email address and phone number.

Note: Footer 2 is included with the Plugin, you do not need a monthly subscription in order to download this layout.

Which is your favorite?  Have you found yourself downloading one more than others?  Please share, and feel free to add links to the sites you have built!  Good for us to see and good for your SEO.

The Divi Cloud releases it’s new layouts on the first of each month, we are excited to bring you a total of 20 new layouts in just a few days.

EIleen Lonergan
Eileen Lonergan was an integral part of this company. Unfortunately, Eileen Passed away on the 31st of October 2018 after a short battle with Cancer. She leaves behind the legacy of the Divi Theme Users Group and hundreds of people that she helped through coaching, building outstanding websites and just being - accessible. We miss her every day!
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