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I hear from web designers all the time that they “fell into” web design and owning their own business.  While the thrill of setting your work schedule with clients you choose from any location on the planet is a huge draw, along with that comes the very real struggles of finding clients, sending proposals, estimating time / costs, taxes, securing contracts, invoicing and then keeping track of your earnings, basically, the business of business bogs us down.

I have shared 17hats with you before, the platform that incorporates all the Apps a small business person needs and automates your processes.  I myself signed up for the service and have been very happy with it’s many features.

One hurdle for me was creating Workflows, which are the triggers and automations which make 17hats so special.  Workflows can be created for anything, for web designers they may include:

  • Creating a new client onboarding process.
  • Having clients sign contracts and completing payments.
  • Email
  • A touchstone email series to gently touch base and keep your name top of mind.

This is a huge benefit to 17hats, and I knew it would help my sanity and my business, yet carving out the time to get this infrastructure established was always shelved.  I had been asking my pal Laura Heuer, you know her as the Productivity Pro, to give me her Workflows.  Laura and I have been working alongside / together for nearly a decade, whatever her process was would be similar to mine and I knew that I could tweak as appropriate.

17hats until recently was unable to allow Laura to export her Workflows and me to import them into my account.  Anyone who has used the Layouts Cloud or Divi Library even once knows that once you have the ability to save / share it changes your life and you don’t want to work any other way.

The great news for all of us is that 17hats has set up a Marketplace, and in there you will find four of Laura’s Workflows which are specifically designed for website designers:

  • Client Connection Workflow – you love and appreciate your clients, yet keeping in contact with them is nearly impossible. Not anymore! With this workflow you can easily keep up with each and every one of your clients and look brilliant while doing so. This workflow will automatically send monthly tips to your clients to help them utilize and optimize their new WordPress website all the while staying connected to you for more projects. This workflow will keep you and your client connected for a year – simply, easily, smartly, and quickly. To maximize your productivity we recommend using all of Laura’s tools. Purchase the bundle to save time and money. (This is the post launch series)
  • WordPress Web Design Workflow New Lead – This workflow will be a time-saver for you and your web design business. Laura has taken all of her experience and processes to composed a Lead workflow for today’s busy web designers. This workflow will allow you to effectively send a proposal, a contract, and invoice (in five minutes)! To maximize your productivity we recommend using all of Laura’s tools. Purchase the bundle to save time and money.
  • WordPress Web Design Workflow New Client – You have a new client – great! Now what? What is the next step? Instead of panicking, use this step-by-step process that will keep you on target, streamlined, efficient, and professional – effortlessly! Laura has created a process tat can be used over and over again to keep all your projects in check and on schedule. To maximize your productivity we recommend using all of Laura’s tools. Purchase the bundle to save time and money.

To get you started and to make things more affordable and easier for you Laura is offering bonus materials to her Productivity Course. a special – buy her course and you will get:

  • a coupon code for the new Lead Workflow FOR FREE
  • plus a video taking you through step by step on setting this up.
  • plus a live webinar where you can ask her questions
  • Plus access to all the other lessons which are perfect for any web designer’s business.

What you will find in the Workflow:

  • Contract – Website Lead Workflow Simple Contract
  • Email – Website Lead Workflow Introduction and Quote Email
  • Workflow – WordPress Website Design Workflow New Lead

To get the coupon code, please head over to the Productivity Course, you will find the Bonus Lesson under the 17Hats section and within that there will be directions and the code to download your FREE Workflow.  We will send you details of the live Q & A which is currently scheduled for Tuesday, March 20th at 10am.

PS if you don’t yet have 17hats use this link for 10% off and apply this code: dvnhztbhnt AND YES, you will get access to the full Productivity Course, and if you already bought it, well this bonus is a bonus, so you just need to login to see the lesson and grab your code.

A little about the author, Eileen Lonergan

Eileen Lonergan is a WordPress website designer and internet marketing specialist. She is the founder and Community Manager of the Divi Theme User Group on Facebook. Eileen's focus is on web design, content marketing and search engine optimization.


  1. Tony Aponte

    This is great…I purchased 17Hats last year and have been using it for my quotes and invoicing but Workflows have kicked my ass. This couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks!!

  2. Jack Johnson

    Sounds worth checking out, but the 17hats link doesn’t seem to take me to any sort of discount – at least, the pricing shown is the same as when I visit the 17hats site on a different machine…

    • Andrew Palmer

      The discount coupon is in the course Productivity – so you have to buy the course or have it already to get the discount. The link to the 10% discount is applied after your free trial. 🙂

    • Eileen Lonergan

      Actually Jack, try this discount code if you are buying 17hats: dvnhztbhnt I thought the link was enough, but maybe not.

      • Jack Johnson

        Cool, thanks! I’m not sure how to interpret this bit, though:
        “AND YES, you will get access to the full Productivity Course, and if you already bought it, well this bonus is a bonus, so you just need to login to see the lesson and grab your code.”

        Is the Productivity Course included somehow if we use that discount code?

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